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  1. I'm back on a reading binge. Finished off "The Egg and Sperm Race", which I got out of a lucky dip at a local charity shop last Christmas and was immediately delighted with. It's about how people gradually figured out how reproduction works back in the 17th century, when the Royal Society had just come in to existence and you could publish an ostensibly scientific text about how a crab with some basil on it will cause scorpions to drop dead. It turned out to be a great philosophy of science book, as well as a history of science one, as the author keeps calling back to how people's strange beliefs and conceptual dead ends were an inevitable consequence of the models they were starting from and the tools available. I also read a very nice graphic novel named "Apollo" about the Apollo 11 landing. It's nowhere near a biography and is more of a technicolour exploration of the personal and social histories around the whole thing, but it's very familiar territory for me so that's an approach I appreciated. Currently working on "The Witches, Salem, 1692, a History" which is another one that gives a lucid insight in to how a group of 16th century people came to hold some not quite right ideas. Then I'll be almost caught up and can go buy a bunch of random trash like the good old days.
  2. Alex W.


    Finished this, at last. It was so nice to play a game that's short, rich and intricate, and completely tolerant of my inability to engage with what it had to offer mechnically I could go back to it, especially as I'd started to figure out some of the tricks, but I know I probably won't.
  3. I felt that season 1-2 Chrisjen radiates an energy of, with every sentence she speaks, having to gather the will-power to lower herself to talking to whoever she's talking to. Like a massive, sarcastic, invisible sigh.
  4. You can now buy things to automate both docking and flight so you can just put your feet up and read or something.
  5. I went that route for completeness and I’ve basically not had to grind at all since. The effort put in to getting Aeris’ limit break has left my characters about 10 levels higher than they should be. It’s actually a nice feeling compared to when I was 15 or whatever, didn’t understand RPGs and was sprinting up the difficulty curve in pursuit of the story.
  6. Alex W.


    More like Epic's Unreal Engine series.
  7. Am I bad for hoping that they blindly enshrine every translation mistake from the original in the new version?
  8. "Set-top console." That's got to be copy from the manufacturer, right? Nobody's described anything as a set-top box in years. You haven't been able to put something on top of your set since about 2006.
  9. IIRC the idea was originally that this would be a sort of "Young Indiana Jones" thing introduced by Idris Elba to bridge the time between movies, or something? Using it as a way to salvage the project seems wise.
  10. I keep saying this but I think the biggest surprise will be how little of the storyline, dialogue and music makes it across in one piece. It’s likely a whole new game telling a story that will only resemble the one we know. Probably it has to be to justify the kind of resources involved in making a modern 3D version of a game most of its casual audience will have met with the thought “I didn’t know they made games this big”. This is me trying to be fair to them but there is no way this will be less than a couple of years between instalments. They will position this as their Star Wars, revamping a beloved saga for a new generation. I won’t be surprised if - assuming the whole project doesn’t crash down around itself - we get spin-offs and anime telling parts of the story for the lull years, and mini-games that exist only as mobile apps.
  11. I used the “Blood n Bullets” game in Amiga SEUCK as the starting point for a flamethrower-based shooter with destructible foliage that you could burn through to progress. The fire sound effect was just the explosion one slowed down. Probably have it on a disk somewhere still...
  12. I think anyone trying to glean insights in to this by referring back to the story and structure of the original game is going to drive them self crazy. You will not be able to intuit anything from what stage of FF7 gave you the first summon materia. I am very confident this will be much closer to a reboot than a straight remake.
  13. I wonder if they had lost significant parts of it that made a simple port impossible, but a ground up remake with new models etc justified the extra work.
  14. I can’t see the later episodes getting any smaller or cheaper to make, unless the entire episodic game is now going from reactor to reactor each episode in Midgar as I assumed when I first started playing the original version. It’s coming for your HDD, your bank account and the mental health of everyone at Squeenix.
  15. I’d only barely got in to modern games with MGS and FF7 when this was released, so I think this was my first encounter with a major franchise going real weird and off-model. It left an impression. I have very warm memories of its particularly late-‘90s atmosphere, quirky soundtrack, and absolutely needless obscurity.
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