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  1. Although that company also thought that this was a good idea in 2012: https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2012-02-07-alienware-those-who-can-build-the-x51-for-under-700-arent-the-target-audience "It lets you get a PC that can do gaming for only £200 more than a PC that can't do gaming, for people who don't really care that much about games and can't build a system on their own, but I guess don't want to spend the £200 on a console."
  2. I’d say that’s way too late, feel free to explore as soon as you get the itch to find out who that lost cargo belongs to or what’s down that valley, or you’ll miss a lot of self-made fun. I had most of the map ticked off before that suggested exploration stage...
  3. I was going to say, I feel like we’ve had this conversation a few times before here. Even the PC hardware companies get all excited and start inventing the Steam Box and whatever that £200 Alienware was that was a bit faster than an Xbox 360, or some way to use a mouse and keyboard on the couch, or whatever. And every time people just get the new consoles.
  4. It’s weird to me that people - professional critics no less - are struggling with the tone of this given that it’s so consistently and obviously a story told from a child’s perspective. Tonally, emotionally, the way it’s shot, how information is parcelled out or withheld, everything is from the perspective of the two lead children, and usually the boy specifically. Of course a movie about a boy who’s in the Hilter Youth would include an imaginary friend version of Hitler and have him think Jews are telepathic and have horns. That’s how children’s brains process things. That’s what makes it a film about kids who have to live around the Nazis and not a film about the Nazis with kids in it. It’s not like it’s even the first time Waiti has used that POV - Wilderpeople switched between the kid’s and the adult’s outlook to great comedic effect.
  5. No that extra month was just what they needed to fit it all in to one game.
  6. Alex W.

    Google Stadia

    Google seems like the sort of company that’s more excited about developing and launching new products than keeping them running as an ongoing concern. They’ve had an average of one new chat/collaboration platform a year or something, right? Who cares about year ten when you’re focused on can making year one more exciting? Not that for a second I’m suggesting Google will throw in the towel on this only to launch something technologically similar but superficially different a couple of years later.
  7. Love the Big Ovaltine Energy of Nintendo using these to plug last year's big games.
  8. I think to a degree Microsoft wants to move to that sort of environment, though, where there's just "Xbox", and you take the game home and it'll play on whatever box you have, within reason. The iPhone model - every year the iPhone is "just" the iPhone, but lots of people are still willing to pay a month's net pay for the new one. It wouldn't surprise me if - when specific Xbox Series games start arriving - you could put them in your Xbox One and get immediately taken to the streaming version, even if your console doesn't support it locally. They might genuinely not want people to see a clean break here. It's got a great potential for chaos but I think that's a price Microsoft are willing to pay.
  9. I'm sure I've already seen the specialist press refer to it as the "XBox One Series X" rather than "XBox Series X", but I'm sure any temporary nominclative headaches will be worth it in the long run if it makes sense as part of Microsoft's vision of an endless series of mutually-compatible consoles. It's a trade-off but I'm not sure it's a bad one?
  10. I think it’s a bad photoshop of a third party PS4 “pro” pad. Edit - Oh wait, it’s just the unphotoshopped hideousness of the Nacon Revolution Pro.
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