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  1. Games Industry Dead Pool

    I've got to read that. How many companies come up with a next big thing and single-handedly clone it into irrelevance?
  2. PUBG Mobile

    By the time you're down to the last 10 or so it seems to be almost all humans anyway. I've had some really tense end-games. Don't jump out of fast-moving vehicles FYI.
  3. Discuss the future of game graphics

    So how does the gap close between the computational expense of using ray-tracing, and the programmer effort you have to put in when you fake it? 1) Start using ray-tracing for situations that are difficult to fake convincingly (water, glass, fire) 2) ??? 3) Cheaper to ray-trace everything than use special techniques to fake each individual case 2 would be something like, the expectation for the quality of the fake goes up, or the number of things that have to be faked goes up, something like that?
  4. Batman: Arkham Knight

    Really enjoyed this, especially... The tank combat mostly worked really well too, with a similar need for patience, observation, and steady rhythm to the combat. It's odd but it works. My main issue is that the way the difficulty's balanced in the main story and lack of padding in the same really feels like you were meant to go off and do the side stories, which I couldn't be bothered with. As a result the last few vehicle and hand to hand sections were a bit overwhelming due to lack of practice as much as a lack of upgrades.
  5. 2 years of CGI later: “Alden Egrenreich has always been the star of these movies.”
  6. PUBG Mobile

    So, what’s the story with setting up “crews” on this? Are there no permanent team setups like Clans? And what the heck is Prone Lock? Had a pretty good game with three very normal human players, just driving around mopping up (presumably bot) enemies.
  7. I think that part of the trouble is that the genre of films it's riffing on has history with both ancient mysticism and fighting some sort of Foreign Goons, and the pulp films that had flying saucers in them had entirely different kinds of heroes and genre tropes. There's a way to make those make sense literally but it's not a great aesthetic match.
  8. Rick and Morty

    Precisely. In response to a Tweet from one of the idiot fanboys denouncing him for doing something other than work on season 4:
  9. I think there’s a poignancy to the ending that makes any superficial resemblance to that cliche irrelevant.
  10. I imagine filming on a limited number of sets helped a lot. I feel for whoever had to go out and glue Technicolor fungus on a cricket pitch sized bit of jungle for the early bits of Annihilation, and it keeps moving to new (outdoor!) locations because of the nature of the story.
  11. Avengers: Infinity War - April 2018

    Maybe Alan Moore just shows up and deconstructs everything.
  12. Avengers: Infinity War - April 2018

    Have we ever seen Thanos and Hawkeye in the same place at the same time? Makes you think.

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