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  1. Alex W.

    Gaming tropes that need to go away

    Dead Space Extraction managed to make an exception of this. Its sewers are a technicolour wonderland and I think it gave the cast the boke.
  2. Not usually, no. The player density is really, really low at the start of the game. The game is mostly about figuring out where people are likely to be, efficiently looting while maintaining awareness of your surroundings etc. until you’re forced in to combat. And it’s not like COD when bullets do start firing, there’s a lot of back and forth and regrouping. Apex Legends has a healer class, put it that way. It doesn’t play like a death match game.
  3. Very large player numbers and play areas, limited and random resources, no or extremely limited respawning, and the safe play area constantly shrinks. Edit - And the air-drop opening. I think it is safe to call them “PUBG clones”, they’re not out of the umbrella of that game yet in terms of directly lifting specific details.
  4. Metroidvania. Everyone starts with one random ability and drops it when they die. Abilities are unique. The rules of everything from combat to traversal change constantly as the game progresses. By the endgame it’s like watching Superman vs Superman.
  5. Alex W.

    Nintendo Switch

    Platinum have prior for rebooting a long delayed and cancelled project, although it was someone else’s in the case of Metal Gear (Solid) Rising.
  6. I would up soloing because one player's connection dropped out at character selection, and the other player then quit. How did that go? This isn't especially intrinsically interesting except for spotting unforced errors (e.g. forgetting the controls). There's a weird jump part way through where for some reason the PS4 must have stopped recording?
  7. Alex W.

    Gaming tropes that need to go away

    RPGs where playing through at a normal pace leaves you inadequately levelled, in general. You either have to remember to go and grind as you progress, with no idea what target to aim for, or have this lurching bad-good-bad level progession as you do it at need. Bless them, they tried it with FF8, even the bosses somewhat normalised their difficulty to your level. Apparently it was controversial as it made levelling up “pointless” but that just shows how brainwashed people are about grinding, IMO.
  8. Alex W.

    Gender Diversity / Politics in games (was Tropes Vs. Women)

    Apropos of my comment in the what-developers-know-from-achievements, Tecmo probably have some really weird metrics about how people use the cameras in the DOA games. I realise that’s part of the point of the product and of course it’d be logical for them to try to get deep insights in to their players, and appropriately tune their future games, but I’d still be fascinated* to know exactly what information they gather. *Morbidly?
  9. Alex W.

    Gaming tropes that need to go away

    That’s just good advice in general.
  10. Alex W.

    Gaming tropes that need to go away

    Thinking about Half-Life, and especially Half-Life 2, you have a game world where many of the non player story characters are scientists from Black Mesa, including the antagonist and the leader of the resistance, and yet the fact that your player character comes from exactly the same background has no real impact. I was actually a bit surprised when Breen went off on his “he’s just a fucking postdoc” rant at his troops because I’d forgotten who Gordon was, really. I agree that it’s a really tricky thing to pull off if a game has storytelling aspirations.
  11. The “tropes that need to go away” thread got me thinking about the rare exceptions that do some awful concept well, or at least tolerable. Escort missions. Vehicle bits in games with no vehicles. Mini-games. For example, the way RE4 handled its escort missions, letting you fight towards safe hiding spots and tell your charge to take cover in them, inching across the map, was a breath of fresh air that nobody seems to have bothered copying. It reduced annoyance and actually made you feel like you were escorting someone rather than defending a slow miniature train.
  12. And it makes for so many good moments where you survive to disengage and regroup and second guess what the other team is going to do: heal or rush you. Encounters aren’t one and done as in PUBG. Well, the way I play they usually are, I’m atrocious.
  13. The business where one clip will usually only kill an enemy if you perfectly land every shot is genius - you have got to fight as a team. Mass Effect 3 did the same thing (albeit in PvE) and it made a huge difference to making you fight like and feel like a unit.
  14. While there’s room for improvement, the ping system is the big idea that’s going to be copied by everyone else, right?

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