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  1. Presumably for everyone who converts a bunch of subs in to one Readly, there are a lot more people looking at the mags that otherwise wouldn’t, and Future can tell that to advertisers.
  2. Alex W.

    Dishonored 2

    Noclip are doing a documentary on the design of Dishonored and Dishonored 2, available next week. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0fDG3byEcMtbOqPMymDNbw/community?lb=Ugw-m9a9Ojs7WBgszE14AaABCQ
  3. As a promo, they're giving a way an 88-track trilogy soundtrack, and art books and comics from the old ME2 and ME3 deluxe editions. https://www.ea.com/games/mass-effect/mass-effect-legendary-edition/mass-effect-bonus-content-download Hurry, apparently they might run out of downloads and have to stop giving it away. (For the UK, is there a Steelbook edition of this or any sort of preorder bonus? If I'm going to buy the same games again I want some trash with it.)
  4. That’s undermined a bit when everything has a single specific literal explanation later though. Twin Peaks was a haven of warm, familiar humanity perched on a void of preternatural infinity, I think the MCU is going to always be more comfortable with the inverse. Which is a valid choice! But it’s a very different kind of film-making.
  5. Worth checking your local library as well, mine has the last three issues of most of Future’s output via apps. Handy if I want to skim something and not feel guilty about paying £5 to ignore 90% of a mag.
  6. Yep, Discord is currently valued at about $6Bn. Given that the whole series H funding round Sony participated in was only $100m, Sony almost certainly owns less than 2% of the company. This is them showing a bit of confidence in a firm they’re partnering with, not a takeover.
  7. Remember when Future turned Games Radar in to a one-stop smorgasbord of games writing, both bespoke news articles and reviews and editorials curated from their print portfolio? That seemed like a great way of hedging against the disadvantages of print media. Did they trash that to Pivot To Video or was it just not successful?
  8. All flash memory "leaks" over time and will gradually revert to being blank over a long enough time scale. I would've expected a very long time scale from whatever they chose for game cards but apparently not. Didn't Nintendo say at their announcement that the original DS's game cards were flash-derived, and therefore cheaper to manufacture? I'm surprised to find out they were still just old-fashioned ROM.
  9. Maybe they get more buzz overall by having it launch as a Big AAA game in one part of the year, then get a second wave of attention around Halloween as a must-have horror game for a broader audience?
  10. Adrenaline doesn’t necessarily help with that does it? If you just want to bypass the compatibility blacklist, you can do that with ordinary Vita home brew.
  11. I don’t think any of this is terribly shocking? Sony did some projections and concluded Cross Play would cost them money, and told Epic that they’d have to foot the bill. The “failing to put a price on good will” aspect is eyebrow raising but more or less what I’d have expected from Sony recently. Corporations aren’t your friends.
  12. I think this will be a quiet one. Lots of updates on announced games, maybe a little GoW or Halo Infinite info, but mostly Sony and MS will be making great hay out of their huge sales, and third parties will have the big surprises. We won’t even get any info on new OS features or services I bet - those will get their own online events much closer to their launches. BotW 2 seems plausible but I wouldn’t be surprised if Nintendo did that at their own pace. If it’s announced it will probably land game of the show by default.
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