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  1. Really love watching someone prick about with CAD software for five minutes after an amazing goal. Just to see if someone's little finger was further than another little finger. Riveting stuff.
  2. We saw Alex Cameron at Green Man last year and became hooked: https://open.spotify.com/embed/album/6y9QkSGMnFRJRbKzh0j91A You have to listen to the lyrics, it's a subtle comedy, but he's playing this sort of deeply flawed character. I won't explain or point out where it's funny, but "True Lies" is the one that had us giggling. But it's also a cracking album.
  3. cowfields

    vinyl lovers

    When the lid is down, just wait an amount of time, and then a cat will be sitting on it. Their soft fur is ideal for picking up and removing dirt. Unfortunately, then you just have cat hair instead of dust, I'm not sure if that's what you were hoping for. GET OFF MY RECORD PLAYER YOU STUPID CAT. YOU DON'T EVEN LIKE ROXY MUSIC. ---- Changing the subject, I'm trying to go Spotify free. So far I could listen to all my vinyl on Spotify, but without that service, having to get the tracks digitally is hard. What.cd would have been good for this moment, as I want to try and go FLAC all the way. I have no problem Yarring music when I bought the vinyl new. Are people here just using Spotify to listen to their music away from their record players? Or do you have a method for syncing your digital library with your analog one? For anything I haven't yet bought - I am going to try Bandcamp for wherever possible. Shipping costs can be awful, but it's nice to instantly get all kinds of file from Bandcamp, stored centrally, while the record label or artist sends you a Vinyl copy themselves. I've found with those download codes, some are expired,(wtf), some only download 320mp3, which is fine but I'd rather have lossless. Most actually don't have a code at all. Not everything is even available to buy digitally, and I've struggled to fine decent quality torrents or whatever. So I'm even considering buying CDs to rip. We've got the USB Audio Technica, so as a last resort I could actually 'rip' the vinyl. Ho hum, it's nice having a proper digital music collection though.
  4. cowfields

    The Spurs Thread

    There are a bunch of buses that will go up that road if you want to cut off a bit of time. Not sure how busy they'll get actually. We're actually going before that to the Inter Milan match, we're looking forward to seeing the new stadium. I imagine we'll get a bus some of the way but we could actually walk it from our house. Also, The High Cross (tiny) is tiny pub that used to be a public toilet, with a lovely chap that runs it and good beers. But you can also get Lucky Chip burgers from The Bluecoats too. Imagine that one will get quite rammed on a match day though. We got Newcastle tickets. the OH is a Newcastle fan first and foremost so it's nice to see both teams play. Though, I imagine it'll be as much a counselling session for my fiancee as a nice day out, all things considered with NUFC. Anyway - The Spurs ticketing experience was terrible though. Can't believe how shit the eticketing site was dealing with the queues.
  5. cowfields

    vinyl lovers

    Those look nice. It's not actually that important to label them, because it takes one glance at a spine to know which letter you're on, and you can do a bit of grouping for letters where there are fewer records. I imagine in practice just scanning down a little bit you can find the letter you're after. Something I'd like, actually, is some kind of "backstop" for Kallax. Just so that Irish people can get to my records more easily Because the boxes are so much deeper than 12" and the records always end up at different levels, it can be difficult trying to keep things neat or getting inbetween a particular couple of records. I guess just a weighty block of wood that I could tack down (maybe with command strips) would do it, but if anyone has a good solution?..
  6. I don't think it was a clear and obvious error. She's half a boot offside. How is she supposed to monitor that. You could actually see White's movement, side stepping. I actually really admire her for trying to keep onside. So no its not the technology but its the interpretation of a rule that feels like it's just ruining the game. How is it making things fairer or better here? Genuine question. We're currently feeling like maybe half the matches we've watched in this tournament have ended with us feeling deflated and disappointed because of some ridiculous judgement.
  7. Pressure king I believe has a non stick Teflon pot. Instant pot is a stainless steel thing. When non stick Teflon things become scratched and no longer non stick they seem to become "very much stick" so for me, that was the deal breaker. Not sure if that's valid but that's why I got an instant pot
  8. You're better off aiming for players arms than the goal
  9. First game in this tournament I've been yelling at the screen. Japan really deserve this...
  10. I suppose you're right about it being all in or not. I am not convinced that the distance she was at, made it particularly unfair as a rule. It's hard to say. I'm fine for var when it comes to fouls because it feels important to check some dirty play. On the other hand, the loss of momentum while the VAR check happens can get boring and frustrating. The psychological torment of it all, purely from an entertainment point of view, is it making the game better? (I dunno lol, just got into football). I am not looking forward to penalty shootouts if we have to waste three minutes between every single penalty checking if it's OK.
  11. Two retaken penalties in the tournament now. It's bullshit. It didn't correct something unfair, it's just ruining the entertainment of a game. We went from cheering an amazing, tense moment to just complaining for about five minutes. Leaves a bad taste. Oh well... I'm glad for England but I enjoyed watching Japan and I'm glad they're both through.
  12. cowfields

    The Spurs Thread

    Well, I just bought a One Hotspur membership... Two, actually... I think it's a bit of a shit that it's not a +1 by default, but I shouldn't be surprised at the money-sink that Premier League football is. But the early access tickets aren't much good to me if I can't buy two so I can go with my GF.
  13. cowfields

    The Spurs Thread

    No...but I was thinking of doing it for this season. We considered it last season but came into it too late for it to be worth it. Think you can't get membership yet but I signed up to the "tell me when" thingy.
  14. This is probably a silly thing to say* but it just made me even more glad that the US generally aren't good at men's soccer, because if this 'MURICA attitude came into the mens sport it'd start to put me right off. Apparently one of the US Women's team celebrated by singing "Born in the USA". Ugh. * It's a silly thing to say because it's not like Ronaldo is a shining example of humility and good sportsmanship.
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