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  1. Making Pizzas

    Sorry for the delay replying. This is a recipe for making the dough. I'm on thr train so can't edit it properly but for pizza I basically just made little balls instead of the splitting up bit. It assumes you already have a healthy starter on the go Spoilered for length
  2. Making Pizzas

    I'm having great success with the stove top method. Been making sourdough bread regularly for a few weeks now so I tried using the dough. Sourdough felt easier to stretch, and tasted amazing so despite the long time to make dough it's much better. The real trick though has been blow torching the top rather than grilling. More direct heat and you can easily get that nice char that you would from a fire oven. It also just made the crusts rise and puff up amazingly in a way I couldn't get from the grill. Really happy with how these come out. Woo!
  3. vinyl lovers

    Thanks - got Dummy and Debut on vinyl. £22 delivered to the UK is pretty good. I've raided my dad's vinyl which sadly is worse for wear. Some of the records are a bit scratched from use, but mostly they're just really dirty from years and years boxed in an attic. But for nostalgia and to give them a go, I want to try sorting them out and seeing how they sound. I'm not sure I want to spend £90 on a spinning cleaner thing, but perhaps I could just get some fluid and microfibre cloths and give them a good cleaning? What fluid is good? I read that alcohol based ones are actually bad, and strip away the coating, no idea if that's bollocks or what. Also, if a record is scratched, dirty, etc, what kind of damage does it do to the stylus, what kind of damage does that in turn pass on to other records? I don't mind ruining a stylus if all I have to do is buy a new one, but I'm not sure how to tell when a stylus might damage our other, otherwise new and pristine records. Feels like a bit of a minefield.
  4. The Baking Thread

    I feel like I've just given birth, having been in labour since Friday evening when I started this sourdough. After lots of prep feeding a starter for a week or two it's finally here and I feel like a proud dad, but also tired and worn out. I'm joking obviously it was way more fun than labour. Anyway I have no idea how it tastes. I'm scared to cut it.
  5. vinyl lovers

    Not yet... But I can see the appeal of borrowing /stealing my dad's records or grabbing a charity shop find. Actually on that note. Girlfriend's dad said there was a danger to buying old records as they might fuck up your player. I guess the worst that can happen is it fucking up the stylus, which is replaceable? Anyway thanks for the advice, that's good to get me started.
  6. vinyl lovers

    Hey folks, I've finally pulled the trigger on the equipment, so it should hopefully all arrive / get picked up Sunday. We've got 3 unopened records to play on it so far! But that's going to spiral out of control soon enough. Anyway - cleaning...Someone mentioned this earlier: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VINYL-CLEANING-FLUID-RECORD-CLEANER-withTriton-X-100-NEW-100ml-SPRAY-/261076304749?epid=1104720403&hash=item3cc95c436d:g:fS0AAOSwpDdVXQD6 With a fluid like that, any microfibre cloth is fine? I actually have a multipack of large microfibre cloths on its way to me for my glasses, so I could just spare a couple of those for it? Or do you need something else? Also people talked about cartridge cleaner - I'm concerned about buying any old stuff and it ruining the kit, and I don't necessarily want to go on what someone at Richer sounds tells me to buy. But I'd like to be prepared to keep everything nice from the off. Went for an AT-LP5 if that makes any difference.
  7. vinyl lovers

    Hi all, my girlfriend and I are considering a record player as a joint Christmas Present to ourselves. Both of us want to get back into the ceremony of owning an album, admiring the artwork, and putting one on to listen to in full. Get away from that stop-start-shuffle of the Spotify age. We've got a middle room that doesn't have the TV in, we play board games in, eat, she uses to WFH - so it'll be a nice addition. Looking above and someone posted this link, so one of these is a solid choice? Anything else I should consider? https://www.whathifi.com/features/audio-technica-lp5-vs-sony-ps-hx500-which-best-usb-turntable For me, it's about sound and build quality first. For her, it's a little bit about style, she looked at some hipster ones that go on the wall and are Bluetooth and I managed to convince her that playing Vinyl through Bluetooth speakers was a ridiculous idea, but she put it on me to find some options. I actually prefer the Sony in the link above, I love that it's just a very simple flat panel. But I don't know anything. I like the idea of one day DJing on it, but I'm guessing the LP5 / HX500 just can't be DJ'd with at all? Just don't work for that sort of thing? I think the jump in cost is quite prohibitive to me such that I'd probably be better off just buying one of those mixer-and-wheels things for my Macbook, right?
  8. Oxygen Not Included

    Hmm, that sucks, I have to hope that they'll balance it out. After an initial enthusiasm I actually haven't touched this nor paid attention to the forums / updates in quite a while so it's nice to see so much added since I last played. I'm concerned about diseases because I don't really enjoy micromanaging things going wrong, I prefer to games like this to just reward good planning and good play rather than just keep putting out fires, but we'll see. It's useful that it's working on OSX, I'm more likely to get some play time in if I can play on my laptop.
  9. Dark Souls 3

    I've just started playing this, not getting much time to play and only getting the odd short session. Which is sort of limiting because you come away realising you've literally not progressed because you just died a lot and lost your souls without picking them up. But anyway, I still like it, I'm going to like it when I get more time to put into it. I have a question: Is it worth 'grinding'? It's possible to do a little loop of that bit with the dragon breathing fire, and get back to the save point thing over and over, then travel back with enough souls for an upgrade. I'm just not sure if it is one of those things where everything else is scaling or it's diminishing returns or what? I feel like my stamina is really low, I'm a Knight I think. I say this because I get a couple of blocks before I've run out, and then I don't have time to dodge or attack so I get twatted. A few enemies it feels like if I could take one or two more blocks, I could position for an attack when they pause. Grinding was sort of relaxing, and a nice way to take a break from getting my nuts handed to me in the bits I haven't done yet, as well as practice timing of attacks, so I want to do it - but just wanted to see if it was 'right'.
  10. GLOW

    I could imagine that when we're in season 5 of GLOW when they run out of wrestling storylines they just start going on backstories of different characters. That actually made OITNB feel a bit tiresome to me sometimes - like nothing was ever really moving forward, but I didn't really get past S2, and I hear it's a good show after that still.
  11. GLOW

    egg on my face, sorry!
  12. GLOW

    I liked it, but I don't think it's great. Lulled a bit but we found it quite easy to keep watching episodes. I think it could get good as it develops the characters a bit. I did struggle with Alison Brie's character. We just hated her, but maybe that's interesting: it appears she's going to be the protagonist but she's just repeatedly annoying and naive in various situations, and is indeed a homewrecker. It's a really shitty thing she did, but what I struggle with is I feel like the writers want us to like and forgive her, and I just didn't really, at best just occasionally felt pity for her. Marc Maron was great though, and there's enough amusing bits to keep with it but mostly this is because it's quite short and digestible I guess. I'm not sure it quite knows what it wants to be yet, and I was rather hoping it'd be a bit more ridiculous and camp given the subject matter and promo shots on Netflix itself.
  13. GLOW

    Not really, it kind of is a stupid question There'll be similarities sure but ones you could draw from most of the other Netflix dramas out there, nothing particularly unique to those shows. The actual plot is vastly different so I'm not really sure why you're comparing them, other than, you know, women fighting, which is a very shallow comparison because a prison fight is also very different from staged wrestling.
  14. Dirt 4

    I did for a bit. I don't have the time really because I play sporadically, but often and maybe a race at a time. I was also a bit put off by how bad I was compared to some of the "elites" in there and how unforgiving a tournament it is (no retries at all!) but I am better than I was so I should really give it a go. I guess I'm still in the group!
  15. Oxygen Not Included

    Ah of course - there was something silly I was missing - single channels. I guess with vents too. I suppose I just thought that if you have, say, 3 air 'squares' then they would just automatically sort themselves based on gravity but maybe this is something that hasn't properly been resolved with their programming.

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