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  1. Patchwork definitely fits the bill I think. It's fairly simple and easy going, you're mostly working on your own thing and there's not a lot of sabotage-style conflict. It's quite satisfying trying to decide on how to arrange your pieces though, so the complexity comes in trying to plan for how to lay out your board. I think the app is pass and play and works well on a large device - it's a little fiddly on a phone but a tablet would be good to give it a try (especially if you have trouble getting deliveries on lockdown)
  2. Oops. So... Uh.. Someone appeared to have picked them all. After I've visited I can mail them right?
  3. My other half is trying to get in for the jonny turnip rush, but in the meantime if anyone has cherries I'd love to nab one for planting? We've got all the others I think in case anyone is missing one! Ta.
  4. Been a little frustrated with how they have figured two people on one Switch. My fiancee doesn't play games normally and this is the first one I've been able to get her into. She's now fully addicted! But because I created the island they've basically stopped her progressing things in a meaningful way. She was playing and I was following and we felt a little stuck. Only eventually realised that only I could donate bugs to Tom Nook to trigger Blathers arriving. Or Tom Nook gave me free tool recipes, she had to buy them. So it's a little limiting - I'm not sure if it's a problem. If we play together at the same time it's not so bad because she can see the things happen but now I feel like I can't just go off and play when she's not around. I kinda understand why they said people can't create multiple islands on one Switch, and maybe why they've done this, but it's like they didn't trust us to play fair...and it's only bloody animal crossing, not e-sports. So...we wondered if she should just buy a switch. I thought she was a little crazy for wanting a switch so suddenly, but now is the best time...and the worst time since Switches seem to be out of stock everywhere.
  5. Well, thanks for telling me about it! As per my earlier thread this was precisely what I was looking for!
  6. So me and my fiancee had honestly been talking about doing this before everything went crazy and football got cancelled: That we should try to dig out some classic matches. I am "new" to football in so far as I used to just occasionally pay attention to a world cup, but otherwise ignore what was going on. But now she got me into it and we were watching quite a lot, quite regularly. And as we were talking we thought it'd be interesting to see some players of yesteryear - the ones who might now be pundits and managers. Especially since there are so many seasons that passed me by. and also she thought it'd be nice for us to watch some games where, for example Newcastle United had Shearer, were fun to watch and not painful like now. Or some really classic matches from the 70s where the footballers ran around with pints of bitter in their hands. There's never been a better time to kick this plan into action, but where to start? I found this channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkF1mHaQFHn1sqmgZmlG9AA which has a load of euros. Wondering if anyone had any suggestions. Something that's a little irritating is a few Youtube matches will have the final scores on the title - but I want to not know who wins to get a bit more of Ideally someone's got an archive of previous a Euros tournament in its entirety, for me it'd be like it never got cancelled...
  7. With the Bournemouth Burnley game, the thing that frustrates me so much is how the VAR people have truly lost sight of why they're using this technology in the first place. At its core it is supposed to make the game more fair. But to disallow goals, to allow the game to play on and then minutes later effectively transfer the goal to the opposite team, I don't think they're appreciating what a psychological headfuck that's going to be for the team. I don't think they're factoring in the psychology of it when they talk about fairness. The offense was (allegedly,) touching the ball accidentally with an arm, the punishment was to create enough stress and disappointment that they probably couldn't bounce back and play their best. That isn't fairness at all. I appreciate why they didn't, but if it was about fair they'd have allowed the goal but still given a penalty. If they can't stop play to analyse the offense, they shouldn't then be allowed to erase that play like it never happened.
  8. Not so much in the second half. Felt like there were constant attacks from Spurs but really showed that we're missing someone like Son or Kane to finish things off. Was frustrating to see attacks mounted only for a rubbish cross or a dribble that just fizzled out over and over again. Doesn't bode well for the rest of the season really. But I enjoyed being there tonight though, despite frustrations I actually enjoyed the match. Its a shame about giving the penalty away as it felt very much like a draw. The Leipzig fans were actually quite fun. When they announced the players at the beginning they'd yell each name in unison, after the announcer, without fail for every player including subs. I liked that.
  9. Here's a valentines day poem Roses are red Leicester is blue Doherty is bleeding VAR is poo.
  10. cowfields

    The Spurs Thread

    Yup - and with all the draws this week (five out of ten games or something?) it was a great three points to be had to boost our position in the table.
  11. cowfields

    The Spurs Thread

    The city shots on goal was something like 14 or so? Spurs had about two or three. I mean it's the ones that went in that count obviously but it does feel like luck to have kept the clean sheet. City often had people trying to take a shot in the box and spurs kept getting it nearish the box and then losing the ball somehow. So I think we were lucky indeed (+ lloris is great) but I guess I was expecting a difficult match and certainly not expecting a win and a clean sheet, so it was a nice feeling afterwards.
  12. Yes don't get me wrong, it was a frustrating match to watch. They were slow when they had the ball and kept getting dispossessed when they should have been able to mount an attack. I've seen better from them for definite. It's not the easiest team to support with Mike Ashley there and it'd be nice if he invested in the club or better yet just sold it to someone who cares. It's not nice going to a match, wanting to enjoy it, but feeling like you're crossing a picket line by giving him money. Ah well. All that said it was sad when Perez, Rondon and Rafa left but things haven't been so bad this season in terms of relegation worry, so maybe Steve Bruce is generally doing a good job. But I would prefer victories to be victories and not last minute accidents like last night or the Chelsea game!
  13. Well as a Newcastle fan, tonight has been interesting.
  14. cowfields

    The Spurs Thread

    Yeah first half was enjoyable to watch. We had a seat near the corner to the right of all the goals scored (goalie's POV) so a great view to see the goals happen and to see, at one point, Mourinho dancing like a crab. Second half got messy, I am not sure what they lost, maybe just got a little bored, complacent, I don't know, and it was a really soft goal and without wanting to take away from Middlesbrough felt like Gazzaniga's mistake rather than a great goal. The sausage rolls at the stadium are still lovely.
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