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  1. I can’t believe Lallana wound up with 14 at Brighton by chance
  2. I always buy the ladies cut, which is only the £70 one. Due to arrive today evidently
  3. I feel like Albon might just be In a bad patch. It’s true that a more mature experienced driver wouldn’t be suffering as he is, but if he pulls himself out of this lull then we will have that brighter Albon back again and all should be well...
  4. Hmmmmm.... leaked Liverpool away? I really liked the turquoise training kit the lads had last year so I hope this is true.
  5. I can’t find the FFXII thread but it’s currently half price on the Nintendo eShop so £22.49.
  6. K, I’m on board
  7. Anyone know how many games BT sport generally air or will air when the new season starts? I got a free trial for 3 months on the app for the restart of the Premier League, and seems I’ll catch any Stanley Cup action as well. And the app is great quality on Apple TV. Ive got NHL TV but interested if BT gets a good volume of games...?
  8. Yeah the green/teal bits are growing on me. It's basically the colours of the actual logo.
  9. I actually like Adrian, but I'm soft as anything. He has such spirit, he loves being at Liverpool. He's made a few mistakes I know but his heart is Liverpool
  10. Hmm, it looks good on the boys in the unboxing video. Still, bought it. From nike.com because the LFC site has an hour queue.
  11. sprite

    Pokemon Go

    glad it wasn’t just me ive been sucked in again after hanging with my Pokémon playing friends. Nice way to pass a relaxing weekend but I didn’t get a single shiny, one of my friends got TWENTY FIVE. Gonna have to walk more tomorrow.
  12. I feel like 23 should’ve been Carragher’s. He named his charity the 23 foundation. Instead it wound up on Shaqiri’s back which is all kinds of weird
  13. The new Jamie Webster song. Great video.
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