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  1. For Sony and MS I’m amazed BC is even a topic for the next gen, I assumed were at the point in console development it’d just be there. The PS2 was BC, the PS3 started the bollocksing up of it all. nintendo will tread their own path regardless
  2. Will the XSX play OG Xbox and 360 discs?
  3. Really hoping I can just rock up on Amazon at 8.00am and preorder one to be honest
  4. I’m liking the big maps for 5 and 6 flag domination i love Modern warfare but ill be ready for something different in November, hope they can polish this up
  5. You can buy them as a Jamma board, can’t you?
  6. Oh Christ, a Sega cabinet with a wheel and I’ll empty my wallet!
  7. Oh they’re going to launch the console in November, otherwise we’d never have known that Halo wouldn’t be ready, we’d have been given a line that the console was Covid impacted and moving back to Q1 2021. the message about compatibility needn’t have been compromised, put it all on a console delay. its a big blow for the XSX launch right when recession is about to strike. Yeesh indeed
  8. I’d delay the console launch if your AAA release isn’t there and there’s not a great deal to pick up the considerable slack
  9. They’re trolling us now edit to add, saw my first tactical nuke last night, when did they become a thing?
  10. Yeah, the breaking up the lobby system doesn’t make a great deal of sense
  11. Sorry, I should've been clearer. Keep it away from the “main game” so that updates can be smaller. I’ve no interest in Warzone. MW is a great COD game but the updates have been painful.
  12. I’m hoping Warzone is a free spin off in the future
  13. The difficulty level of R Type and the Konami Shoot em ups is a bit stiff or maybe I’m just getting old
  14. I’ve had fun with mine today, absolutely delighted with it. I remember reading about the PC Engine at the time, it always looked like a belting console, to have had one back then would have been incredible.
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