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  1. Is "Game" finished?

    WH Smith on the high street isn’t doing great and the whole spoof books excuse is bizarre. Their airports and train station store said are doing as well as ever and their distribution side of things continues well so I think we’ll see them continue in the high street. I think they’re pleased with the Post Office tie in, not sure about the Post Office. personally I think WH Smith high street stores are a bit of a disaster and could be made much more appealing
  2. RIP Bob Wakelin

    Great artist and artwork, absolutely defined that era of Ocean. Rest in peace Bob.
  3. Is "Game" finished?

    Just to follow up on this and after a week of the New Year and there is a fair bit of concerning high street news. House of Fraser are asking for a review of some of their rents, which is often the prelude to a CVA. Byron Burger have given notice of their desire to enter a CVA, as part of a buyout. New Look have lost credit insurance to some of their suppliers and there is rumbling that Debenhams have real difficulty (they’ve operated at a high debt ratio for well over a decade, which was seen as a sound policy pre 2008 to fund expansions nd enhancement). Mothercare are reporting numbers that would worry anybody. We learned yesterday that consumer spending had slumped to a five year low before Christmas with “face to face” spending down 2.7%. I’ll wager that very few, if any, high street retailers had factored that into forecasts.
  4. EDGE 315

  5. Is "Game" finished?

    Retail is buzzing with stories of a dreadful December for bricks and mortar retailers with high street “big boys” affected. Word is that Poundland and Maplin have be lost their credit insurance, which is what put Game and HMV into administration previously. I would not be at all surprised to see Game head into difficulty again. Early indications is that the high street had a decent, though not outstanding, Black Friday period and then things took a serious dive with a belief that consumers are holding out for discounts again.
  6. Is "Game" finished?

    To be fair to Game with regard to contactless, I bet the majority of their transactions are over £30 so contactless isn’t applicable. Why bother upgrading all your card readers for a facility you can barely use?
  7. Call of Duty WWII

    Is demolition back?
  8. GAF Meltdown - owner accused

    What the hell has this discussion become?
  9. Gran Turismo Sport -Tuesday nights forum races

    My sportsmanship video keeps buffering. first impressions are really good, the AI seems much improved
  10. Is "Game" finished?

    They are determined to go bust again.
  11. Is "Game" finished?

    Heaven forbid that people be paid a living wage or receive a pension if it means a really shitty games shop may not be viable. What a load of tosh
  12. Is "Game" finished?

    I've got my SNES pre order with them, they'd better last until then! From that report they are still profitable but way below expectation. Their direction of travel is such that they are not an attractive investment right now which is why the shares are tanking. You would expect that the eventual Switch restock and then the Xbox launch will steady the ship for this year but their medium to long term prospects look poor given their performance and that the new Xbox looks to be the only new hardware incoming. There have been some companies mentioned in this thread who've managed the change in retail behaviour really well - Argos (who looked doomed and like a dinosaur for a long time albeit one with huge cash reserves) and DSG. Game seem absolutely determined to repeat all the mistakes from the last time they went bust.
  13. Is "Game" finished?

    Game really do seem determined to repeat all the mistakes that made them go bust last time. staggering really
  14. Is "Game" finished?

    Iirc it was around 9 to 10 years ago that deductions from wages of this kind were stopped by law. Matters like this should only be treated as a performance issue and cannot have a financial cost to the employee. There is a work around that can be introduced contractually but that's for footballers and bankers not a shop worker. I suspect the guy was trying to give you a quid not due to policy but he either couldn't be arsed getting his manager or he didn't want to admit to a till mistake. So ketchup has not only told a guy to his face that he doesn't earn much but has then grassed him up to his boss! Merry Christmas!
  15. Call of Duty Infinite Warfare

    I've got some Xbox beta codes

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