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  1. ontwofronts

    A Lumines Thread

    I’ve got a trip to Orlando coming up in August and this is going to make the flight so much better!
  2. ontwofronts

    A Lumines Thread

    Loving this
  3. ontwofronts

    Halo Infinite

    Im a big Halo fan, looking forward to this game. i read your comments about Halo 2 and smiled, do you remember the fury that accompanied the release of it??? Good times!
  4. I don’t think 2021 sounds that outrageous for a PS5 to be honest. The Pro and X should extend this generation beyond six years or so.
  5. ontwofronts

    The C64 Mini

    The slightly cheap joystick is the only downside for me, it’s should be micro switched. i’m happy With the unit, I’ll be happier when I can load Sanxion, Delta and IK+, along with all the old Ocean and Imagine titles
  6. ontwofronts

    All Grainger Games stores are now closed

    Between digital sales, amazon, Argos and supermarkets, I’m far from convinced there’s any need any at all for a high street games specialist
  7. ontwofronts

    All Grainger Games stores are now closed

    Their financial year end is today. I thought they’d appointed receivers but it doesn’t look like they have yet. They’re accounts for year ending 25th March 2017 are a grim read. They burned through a lot of cash, starting the year with three quarters of a million and ending up with 80k. Amazingly new product sales was actually up nearly 0.5m, but used product sales were down 3 million and I guess that’s the better margin side of the business. from the notes, they knew last year that they were fucked if they lost the support of their bank or their credit insurers.
  8. ontwofronts

    Is "Game" finished?

    Closed within a day of the receivers coming in, they must have been knackered.
  9. ontwofronts

    Is "Game" finished?

    The high street is in turmoil at present and when there is a run on confidence it can drag down businesses before they can address any troubles. Almost unique to the gaming market, and stores like Grainger, is that as digital sales grow in significance then their trade in business loses supply and demand.
  10. WW2 is the best COD in years, I hope BO4 is better again
  11. ontwofronts

    Is "Game" finished?

    ‘Remembered this, which was a response to me posting that word was the high Street was having a tough December and citing Maplins as a rumoured distressed company. its actually worse than thought, Maplin and Toy’s r us into administration, the High street restaurant chains taking an absolute kicking and more rumours that several big chains had to go “time to pay” on the first VAT quarters of the new year. Game, however, isn’t a name I’ve heard mentioned.
  12. ontwofronts

    Is "Game" finished?

    WH Smith on the high street isn’t doing great and the whole spoof books excuse is bizarre. Their airports and train station store said are doing as well as ever and their distribution side of things continues well so I think we’ll see them continue in the high street. I think they’re pleased with the Post Office tie in, not sure about the Post Office. personally I think WH Smith high street stores are a bit of a disaster and could be made much more appealing
  13. ontwofronts

    RIP Bob Wakelin

    Great artist and artwork, absolutely defined that era of Ocean. Rest in peace Bob.
  14. ontwofronts

    Is "Game" finished?

    Just to follow up on this and after a week of the New Year and there is a fair bit of concerning high street news. House of Fraser are asking for a review of some of their rents, which is often the prelude to a CVA. Byron Burger have given notice of their desire to enter a CVA, as part of a buyout. New Look have lost credit insurance to some of their suppliers and there is rumbling that Debenhams have real difficulty (they’ve operated at a high debt ratio for well over a decade, which was seen as a sound policy pre 2008 to fund expansions nd enhancement). Mothercare are reporting numbers that would worry anybody. We learned yesterday that consumer spending had slumped to a five year low before Christmas with “face to face” spending down 2.7%. I’ll wager that very few, if any, high street retailers had factored that into forecasts.
  15. ontwofronts

    EDGE 315


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