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  1. TheGaffer

    Amiga Appreciation Thread

    Think you need to point winuae at the system.hdf file so it maps it as a hard drive on the emulated amiga. Think there's a hard drive tab or drive tab when you first start up winuae and you can select the hdf file in there.
  2. I'd agree with that. Although I think I only ever had one game that wouldn't work with it on and that was some crappy Asterix game!
  3. Nice find @Bluejam Don't know how people find these, all the amiga stuff near me on FB is on at silly prices! I've got a load of speccy stuff at my folks I need to move on. Are a boxed magnum lightphaser and a boxed music machine worth anything?
  4. TheGaffer

    Game Boy & GB Advance Appreciation Thread

    Yes looks like one of the pin connections to the bivert mod wasn't quite connected properly but I've re-soldered it and it all works lovely now. Shame camp deadly is the only game I have left for it right now! Although have a friend in Tokyo looking out for anything interesting for me.
  5. TheGaffer

    Game Boy & GB Advance Appreciation Thread

    Spoke too soon looks like somethings shorted as some of the shades of grey are missing
  6. TheGaffer

    Game Boy & GB Advance Appreciation Thread

    It's aliiiiive! I managed not to destroy it with my crappy soldering skills. This is my original dmg-01 bought back when they first came out and now she lives again.
  7. TheGaffer

    > Vic & Bobs House Of Fools Official thread

    I also saw this live in Manchester too, I think this is ripped from the tour VHS (which I think I also had)
  8. Just wanted to say thanks to @CrashedAlex for the numerous drunk evenings entertainment with mates playing crash mode in Burnout 3.
  9. TheGaffer

    Dreamcast is now 20 (in Japan)

    Yeah that was it! It was a while ago and never been a big fighters fan.
  10. TheGaffer

    Dreamcast is now 20 (in Japan)

    I picked one up late 2000. I was working in Game Meadowhall at the time and we had a great policy we could buy trade in products for the price traded in. Hence shenanigans giving people low ball prices for stuff we wanted! Anyway as the PS2 had been released around November we were getting loads of dreamcast trade ins and managed to pick up a barely used one for £50 (apologies to the chap trading in!) and then also got myself Sonic Adventure, Jet Set Radio, crazy taxi, rez and virtua tennis for buttons and later on MSR, PSO and Shenmue. It's probably in my top 3 machines I've owned and JSR is my 2nd favourite game of all time. I also remember after the PS2 came out Game were obviously trying to shift a load of dreamcast stock and so we were told to push it over the PS2 and even though the PS2 went on to blow it out of the water some of the initial releases for both consoles, soul calibur 2 springs to mind, looked loads better on the DC so we set up a side by side in store. Sadly it didn't work
  11. TheGaffer

    Digitiser:The Show: Episode 5 out now!

    Just sounds like he has an axe to grindmouse... I'll get my coat.
  12. TheGaffer

    What musical hill are you prepared to die on?

    The Bends > anything else Radiohead have ever done
  13. Shit I've followed this thread but I've bricked my cat. It's just standing there not moving in the kitchen. Help @dumpster I need to fix it before the wife finds out.
  14. TheGaffer

    AMIGArama Podcast Episode 77: Rampage

    I thought flashback had quite a reasonably long terminator - esque theme tune. Plus the end credits song is great too and fairly long!
  15. TheGaffer

    AMIGArama Podcast Episode 77: Rampage

    I'd love a CD32 but not paying the silly money they seem to go for!

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