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  1. Double jump in super g&g on the snes was so good, it actually made navigation a whole lot more interesting.
  2. As for me - I'm still beavering away at Fightman(working title).. It's just I'm immersed in code this time and trying to plan things out a lot more, so theres little progress to see visually. I've almost finished my first Hierarchical Finite State Machine, which has been way more fun to make than I anticipated, mainly because I've managed to so neatly encapsulate the behaviours for my combat system. It's immensely satisfying. Next plan is to hook it up to a (yet to be created) input manager so I can at least test the state flows using debug log / text outputs.
  3. Is that still the voxel one, yeah? Looks so freaking great man, the style is so *chef's kiss* Adore
  4. Planning out states is more fun than it should be. Nice to use 'work' tools for things I actually really want to design, lol.
  5. Feared a Mount Your Friends lawsuit.
  6. The next project has begun. Holy crap animation is hard. I need to do some proper research before getting too deep. But it's a first step toward making a game I actually want to play! and I think I've done OK considering I've never done any animation before! I had to give up on Lolf because when it came down to it, it was hard to make the courses fun or interesting.
  7. Good grief I need to find some proper tutorials, this is very fiddly / weird, but I still managed to make something that looks OK on the surface, at least! PS walking animation is legit the most incomprehensibly difficult thing.
  8. This is going to be a looooong process for sure. Though I'm enjoying thinking about how I can overcome the art challenge and still make the thing I have in my head.
  9. Ah man, making your own spells was classic.
  10. How about skyrims crafting/alchemy? You could quaff a potion, then make a necklace to give you better enchanting, then enchant some gear to give you better alchemy, etc etc etc. Thought I was so smart when I figured this out. Then shortly after stopped playing because I'd made myself so overpowered.
  11. Nah, it was just as rubbish.. Story was bobbins, the way the characters interact is terrible, the choices some of the characters make were baffling, and me and my Mrs figured out what was going on within the opening hour. It also went on for about twice as long as it should have. Until Dawn was a fluke.
  12. Ever feel like you've bitten off more than you can chew? That's where I am at the moment. Want to make something I want to play. I always wanted a roguelike Godhand / Streets of Rage type thing. This gonna be looooong.
  13. My God this took ages to set up but it worked almost first time (pesky copy pasted and forgot to change something, that was the only bug!) and it looks pretty great. Also added a ffwd button, for the painful slow rolls down long slopes.
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