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  1. Finished this tonight. Good grief it was great. Probably my second fave after the first series. I wish more TV was of this calibre. Huge spoiler, only safe if you've seen it all.
  2. Neoliberal consumerism and cultivated identity? *shrug*
  3. @rafrasilecs do you already have a pc? What spec is it? You can make V run pretty well on potato pcs.
  4. Hey racing nerds, just pimping my trading thread in case anyone interested. It's going on ebay next weekend.
  5. Hey space nerds, just pimping my trading topic in case anyone's interested! Its going on ebay next weekend!
  6. Hehe, I'm sure this is like the fifth version of this topic we've had, but I'll happily self promote. I'm pooraf right now so do me a favour and watch without ad block My channel is a mix of souls playthroughs and game guides. I'm actually super proud of my guides, I put a ton of effort into them and they actually rank really high in searches! Here's my Hades guides, easily my most popular stuff, the beginners guide has nearly 100k views /humblebrag My Dark Souls guide series, was a labour of love, not entirely happy with the quality of it these d
  7. I'd say this is the winning technique for almost every enemy in the game.
  8. Thanks all! Some things for me to look into for sure Does anyone remember IK / IK plus back in the home computer days? I think I'm hankering for something thats like a modern version of that.
  9. That all makes sense, but I'm the kind of person who's never truly been able to consistently pull off double fireball motions. Even on a stick! Trying the trials with chun the other night was maddening. The precision needed to do basic normal chains is still insane. Its just means there's a bunch of strategies I cant access as a player. It sucks. Fuck the pros, I reckon there's a market for a slower paced, easy to operate fighting game, that's more about strategy and forced choice tactics.
  10. Hey I played 200 hours or so! But man, there's just not much to it on reflection. The gameplay systems are all just a bit dull, the story is lame, acting poor, etc. Way better off putting time into something like Witcher 3 if you want story, or Breath of the Wild if you want free-form exploration and adventure!
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