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  1. Dark Souls Remastered & Trilogy Box

    Doh, of course. Is that coming to any other platforms? Omfg to have all of them on Switch..
  2. Dark Souls Remastered & Trilogy Box

    Was chatting with @Polmon last night at the pub, we both realised neither of us could recall what the "trilogy box" referred to in the topic title? Can someone remind me?
  3. PlayStation VR

    I think it is because they can't predict what long term affects it could have on binocular development, I guess.
  4. Ha! Because Link Between Worlds was a really interesting way to remake my previously favorite Zelda, whereas Twilight was just an overextended homage to Ocarina tbh.
  5. From a video I made recently..
  6. For me, Breath of the Wild is the first polygonal Zelda game that captures the sense of adventure I felt when playing Link to the Past and Link's Awakening. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed Ocarina and Majora's, but from Wind Waker onwards they sort of strayed into this bizarre format of telling you exactly what to do with little sense of discovery or eureka save for a few excellent dungeon puzzles. BotW is pure adventure and mystery, it's absolutely sublime. I'm still finding / noticing new things 400 hours later. Staggering achievement.
  7. Dark Souls 3

    Email the customer support man, that ain't right. Season pass clearly states both DLC 1 & 2 (love that the store page still hasn't been updated to include the proper names for the DLCs..)
  8. I'm curious, what's easier about it on 3DS?
  9. Dark Souls 3

    Multiplayer is better in Souls 3. But singleplayer, first time through, is best in Bloodborne.
  10. Dark Souls Remastered & Trilogy Box

    I've dreamed of mobile Dark Souls for about 7 years so there's no question for me. If it was my first time playing maybe I'd have reservations, the gamma level on Skyrim does make it tricky in portable mode sometimes, and there's plenty of super dark areas in Dark Souls!
  11. Dark Souls Remastered & Trilogy Box

    Aaah it'd slipped my mind that it was even a PS3 game originally, forgive me!
  12. Dark Souls Remastered & Trilogy Box

    They also made Heavy Rain..
  13. @Majora the point Jim is making in that video is he finds it a bit galling that MS / games media are like "oh it's so considerate that this game only has micro transactions instead of anything worse like lootboxes".
  14. I think the biggest failing with the puzzles in the game is that the solution is is almost always super obvious if you just cycle through your powers and look for highlighted objects.
  15. OK, I'm trying to find some info online but not getting much luck. But really though, almost every 1st party Xbox game I can think of has mtx, though I can't say the same about Sony or Nintendo. Fuck even Ryse was stuffed with them!

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