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  1. I'm not 100% on the Pom upgrade numbers, and can't seem to find them online, but here's an example using Artemis' call: I think - and I might be misremembering here - that if you spend a pom on this, it adds 50 damage. So you're not losing out on much if you take common over rare/epic. A few poms on top of the default will make it nice and strong, still.
  2. Yeah it's weird, reading it now I can understand what it means, but it's definitely confusing. They should have just left out the bit in brackets!
  3. For ages I just thought the gauge was just flat out broken, as it always seemed to be empty! I've subsequently loosened my focus that now I can notice the ignition / light up effect and make use of them as much as possible!
  4. While waiting for my new guide to upload / process, I thought I'd have a go at a 'speedrun'! Got my fastest time, yet, pretty pleased (thought I'd clearly misremembered my run streak! hehe) Divine strike on Malphon is fucking insane, tbh.
  5. Yeah the main reason I don't like Zeus is he doesn't actually increased your base damage.
  6. Mate. Sounds like you've proper hammered it!! I'm not surprised it's feeling a bit grindy. You should bite the bullet and push up to 20+ heat for lols. I'm thinking of doing a stream / walkthrough on Hell Mode, which from a short experiment seems to put you on 5 heat from a fresh save! Seems like a nice challenge, see how many runs before I finish it on that mode.
  7. There's definitely more to it than getting lucky. Or else I wouldn't currently have a completion streak of 8! And I wouldn't be on escape 70-something
  8. I don't even get why he became such a "name", Gears isnt even that good.
  9. Finally got the credits earlier, what a lovely little ending! Keen to crack on, and love the justification for continued escape exploits.
  10. Sorry, I wasn't downplaying. I did my time in the industry back in the 2000s. It was the same then. I'm just a unsurprised, I guess. It's awful, obviously. All of it. But hey, that's Capitalism. This kind of working behaviour is definitely not exclusive to videogames.
  11. Off work today, so smashing some Hades. Just got Stygius' hidden aspect.
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