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  1. There is nothing. I'm reeeeeally gutted Sekiro deflecting didn't make its way into the game. It could've been so great.
  2. These guys are tricky, but they lead to a dead end exploration wise, there's still other places for you to go!!
  3. Oh for sure! And I'm just as guilty of it. It's more of a philosophical musing than anything. But it's an interesting topic to me, and isn't just about games, it's about, well, everything. Just late on a Sunday and I'm feeling like getting deep man. But too tired and bed is calling, ha.
  4. The reactions this game has received (and this isn't a personal dig at you specifically here dude) baffle me. Imagine you'd poured your life energy into making a piece of art and then people are so easily dismissive and downright mean about it! It happens with everything, but the way people talk about Stray in particular has really stuck out to me. It feels weird. And makes me think a lot about life in general. Are people not just able to accept things for how they are? Do we have to be so critical of everything all the time? Could we find more joy in just being present with things and experiencing them as they come? Hmm.
  5. The more I think about it, the more I think Sekiro is their best game, these days!!
  6. I'd forgotten how cool sprinting is in MGSV - the noise of the wind in Snake's ears is just SO ON POINT
  7. I would like to give it a proper go at some point. It does seem to be right up my street.
  8. Yes! Needs to be on a big telly with big sound, IMO!
  9. I've only played Stray, but based on what you've said I'd go go Neon White, it has score attack/replayability you might enjoy over the holiday! Stray is one-evening-and-done sort of thing. I LOVE IT. But probably not gonna fit your requirement right now
  10. Well all I know is, when I game on my new PC (750W PSU) it pulls enough power that my smart meter consumption light goes from green to amber. Which is about the same as when the kettle/cooker/washing machine is on..
  11. Then don't get VR, basically. Being 'in' it and moving around is part of the magic, dude!
  12. There's been VR porn since the beginning, lol. It's pretty wild to be fair.
  13. Us was a bit goofy, but overall I found it a super engrossing movie. Get Out though. Man, that's one heck of a good movie.
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