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  1. VOTE RIGGING PLEASE. Vanilla Dark Souls is winning. I don't want to play through Vanilla Dark Souls. Please rllmuk, vote and back me up!
  2. Soooooon...
  4. Did this get shared yet? I've recently discovered this guy on the old yootoobs and I love him.
  5. Oh and ignore bloodtinge. Please.
  6. Level hp first, man! Get it to about 20 before anything else. Well, aside from the stats you might need to weild weapons you enjoy! Stamina increase v handy a bit later too! Not much point taking strength or skill beyond 20 either. Otherwise be sure to scour your surroundings for upgrade stones. Levelling weapons > stats.
  7. Omg I just installed and ran through the Undead Asylum in DoA, it was amazing!! IT IS DECIDED. Screw the poll edit - mod leading the way in the poll now, yay!
  8. Listening to this while cooking the other week convinced me it's Daughters of Ash I want to try more than anything. The randomisers are too.. random to sound fun to me!
  9. Excellent stories of progress and success recently!! Souls bros, please vote in my poll for upcoming youtube playthrough of this wonderful game <3 https://www.youtube.com/post/UgwhRi--fHyHQk7xOsx4AaABCQ
  10. Think it's gonna have to be Daughters of Ash, just to make it really new for me! I don't know much about the mod at all. I'll be treating it like a new souls game so no murdering NPC's and AFAIK the normal sequence breaks don't work.. Eg, one of the only things I do know is that the master key breaks the first time you use it! Hyped tbh!
  11. We're getting close to the end, now!! Now that we got some good weapons, it's going to (hopefully) be smooth sailing til the end! Today: Maneaters, Old Monk, and Poking round second part of Valley of Defilement
  12. Onwards: lets clear out Stonefang for good!
  13. Without going too much into specifics: of course it does. Pretty much every idea Dark Souls has is a refinement of what came in Demon's.
  14. Hehe, the fire shouldn't be touching you!
  15. @earlymodernsteve don't wiki! Much more fun. As for grinding, you shouldn't need to, but make sure your weapon is at least +3. If you've done good exploring you might even be able to get to +4! Everything you need is in stage 2-1, the vendor at the start is your best mate.
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