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  1. Me and my mate played the original Rainbow Six back in the day and quite fancy taking a look at Siege. We're not interested in the main multiplayer mode, just the terrorist hunt mode. Bearing that in mind, does any of the DLC add anything to Lone Wolf? Is it worth us picking up the Advanced, Gold or Complete editions which are currently on sale on PSN, or can we get away with just the vanilla version which is less than a tenner?
  2. My subs copy arrived today, really excited to dig into the SNK stuff! Oh and I received my 8bitdo controller a couple of months ago. Mid August, around 2 months after subscribing.
  3. Like retro games and/or Retro Gamer magazine? You can get a 6 month sub for £26 with a free N30 pro at the moment: https://www.myfavouritemagazines.co.uk/8bitdo/#print
  4. You don't own an Xbox One or PS4 then I take it? Because I can't remember the last time I bought a game for either of those consoles that didn't download a patch as soon as I popped the disc in. (And let's not forget the mandatory install...)
  5. Good news! I found the second usb port! I'm going to order a new drive. Do I need an active Xbox Live sub to use GamePass? I know I will still need Live for online multiplayer. On that topic, does Sea of Thieves allow me to play online with a pc player? Do they need Live Gold or just an account?
  6. There's TWO ports at the back?! I need to go to Specsavers...
  7. Do they run okay through a USB hub connected to the rear USB port? Does the hub need to be powered or can I get away with one of those cheap AmazonBasics ones?
  8. After being seriously impressed by Microsoft's E3 conference I am considering giving my Xbox One a bit more time. Thinking of subbing to Live, getting GamePass and EA Access, basically. But to accommodate all those games I think I am going to need more storage. My XB1 is just the basic 500 Gb model. I have a 500 Gb external drive hooked up, can I add more than one external drive? If not I will obviously need to go for a bigger drive, can I then transfer everything on my existing external drive to a new one or do I need to re-download?
  9. rsbrowndog

    PES 2019

    Totally agree with you, but it seems we are in the minority and most people buy FIFA because it has the "proper" players, regardless of how bad the gameplay is.
  10. rsbrowndog

    PES 2019

    I bought FIFA last year because PES wasn't releasing on Switch (and it looks like it isn't this year sadly,) but last year I bought PES and thought it was amazing... on the pitch. In pretty much every other aspect it gets shit on by FIFA. However, the on-pitch stuff is so amazing you can happily look past that, or at least I could for six months or so, but then I got bored with Master League being so shit and picked up FIFA when it was on offer on PSN. Also my one friend I play online with refused point blank to get PES because it didn't have proper licenses. That's why FIFA trounces it in sales every year, because people can't get past the lack of licenses.
  11. Yeah, I saw your review after I posted mine. Yours is a bit more comprehensive but the overall impression is the same! Who thought it would be a good idea to have:
  12. I watched Deep Blue Sea 2 so that you don't have to. It was shit. Like, mega shit. So, so, so bad. I am really sad now. All I have to look forward to now is Meg. Good job that looks fucking amazing.
  13. I realise you posted this aaaaaaages ago, but any chance you are still interested in doing this? I'm looking to start a new project but struggling to come up with ideas. Working on something somebody else has planned sounds ideal!
  14. I got a set of AmazonBasics grips and they're fab!
  15. Quick question, apologies if it has been answered before... Can I do multiplayer with just one other person and AI cars filling out the rest of the grid?
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