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  1. But this is entirely subjective, this 'zero challenge' thing. Both in terms of how an individual perceives the difficulty of a game, and how you and others might react to whatever the 5% you appear to have thought a difficulty spike happens to be. I didn't find any spikes myself. Nintendo don't generally build that in by offering different difficulty levels. I think most Nintendo games are trivially easy to play/complete for players of average competence/abilities. Then - sometimes - you get extra challenges to flesh that experience out for players who want it all. I prefer
  2. Because, as you state, this game is aimed at children and anyone aged above them, and the arena battles and difficulty options are there for people who want to be playing Returnal instead. I'm not the biggest R&C fan by any means but it's obvious why they pitched the game's difficulty this way, and it's probably to the developers' credit that they provide some more challenging options for more determined players, such as the arena fights on higher difficulty settings. If you've found a bit of the game that feels really special and challenging while the same game appeals to casual players g
  3. The fucking state of (3/5 of) this. Cringeworthy tendentious boak.
  4. A relevant clip from the podcast: https://clips.twitch.tv/AmorphousExuberantShrewArgieB8-T6nN4IUq86zOjBYu. (Twitch clips won't embed here.) If you have the time and the interest (the full show is almost three hours long), the two Bungie devs talk a lot about sandbox development and thinking, regrets, etc. Including Evil Stasis and other favourites.
  5. A Bungie dev said on a podcast this week that DMT is getting a nerf later this season, with a TWAB to explain what and why. I guess we could all see that coming, sadly.
  6. I don't even know why you're bothering to post considered opinion in here, since your rebuttals are essentially to meme posters and a guy who buys multiple PS5s only to complain that there's nothing to play on them apart from things that cost too much money unlike the cost of the console he bought twice which he hates twice and actually has new games but they're not on game pass why did I buy this several times again. I mean, lol every other forum, they really are full of fanboys ain't they? Yet the credibility of critical opinion on this forum = 0. It seems that however much the u
  8. It's perhaps oddly-placed being available after your first go, but the real value of the upgrade is making those platforms available in Expunge rather than Override, as the speed with which you do that activity is important (I expect the pinnacle challenges might be tied to it; this week's seasonal certainly is) and they make some of the jumps far less risky. I suppose the fact that they trivialise Override is just Bungie thinking that's fairly trivial anyway but they want you to have learnt the value of these perks and activated them before Expunge came out. Same could be said of the perk tha
  9. You're still a bit under for VoG, but well over level for all the other raids. DSC was only 1220 recommended. In terms of rewards it's probably an ideal time to do DSC, as it only drops powerfuls now (the others bar VoG are merely legendary), and they'd still be reasonably useful to you.
  10. Why don't you get it and SIVA yourself? (Yes) (Large Hadron Collider)
  11. There isn’t a local save. Activate cross save on the Bungie site and you’re good to go. The game is still Destiny. If you didn’t like Forsaken there’s no reason to suppose you’ll like it now. It is quite similar.
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