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  1. Baring

    NFL 2019!

    While I like teams going for it, it just didn't feel right for them too. They should have went to OT to give the fans something to cheer, the momentum was with them.
  2. The season was ok but I still needed to do everything, only played an hour a night im on level 63 so tonight with the overtime exp will get me to the 65 for everything.
  3. I'm at footy til late then my mate wants a bit of Fifa. Might be late on or another evening. I'll drop you message if im free. I am on most evenings from 10. I'm still on chapter 5.
  4. Jerec when are we on Borderlands again. Take a break from FUT
  5. Ive got about 5k and 20 golds, so 11k ish. Reckon i should just do the BPM for a while on my phone build up some dollar? I dont need a fancy team but something competitive will be nice. I'll try give it a good go and play more than the 20 games a year ive been doing.
  6. It’s sickening. I haven’t even turned Fifa on yet and prob won’t TIL next week.
  7. Thought I’d make a new thread since we get a lot from here playing. New game starting get signed up it’s so good. Even if you haven’t played it’s good to start somewhere.
  8. Bottas is a solid number 2. Consistent at bringing home a podium worth of points, I think for the teams constructors its a good move to keep him. See Gasly.
  9. goldenkeys for the lootz!
  10. Twitter giving out a fair few keys over the weekend, might be worth following duval magic.
  11. He blew before the guy shot didn't he?
  12. You know the items you get in delux edition. If i make another character would it be best for me to open them at like level 20 so theyre much stronger or does it not work like that?
  13. What?! I binned then without realising I guess. I had 2 skills on instead.
  14. If Barca or Madrid come knocking then you have to go.
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