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  1. Does the advent of PC Gamepass mean that the PC games which used to be available under the old Xbox Gamepass will no longer be available?
  2. I think Darrow is several steps above the not so famous. Especially on here. Proper gutted he's gone, was really shocked to see him on Pointless a couple of years ago. I hadn't realised his health was so poor and had lost a leg.
  3. It's now £19.49 at CD keys. That price is plummeting. Any idea what the sales figures were like?
  4. From Dust was pretty well reviewed at the time, I think. It's good to see digital only stuff being added.
  5. That looks nice. About time though.
  6. Heresy. The point is to install as many games as possible, and then spend all your available gaming time deciding which one to play. And playing none of them.
  7. I managed to pick up Call of Cthulhu using vouchers picked up with rewards. Now I won't feel as guilty when it inevitably turns up on Gamepass next month.
  8. 20% off Xbox reward cards until 18/03/2019. £5 for 5000 points. Time to cash in your points.
  9. Ah, yes. Good point. Bollocks.
  10. Surely, number 2 is Nier?
  11. Yep, raised a ticket about it as well. Got a holding email, but nothing since.
  12. Yep, I loved Deathray. I thought I was the only person who ever read it.
  13. Any idea on why April's Games for Gold haven't been announced? They're normally out by now.
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