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  1. And ended with the great line that Emmerich is Mr Bombastic, but he’s not fantastic.
  2. Definitely. I’ve held back on F1 2019 because I’m sure it’ll turn up on Gamepass eventually. Agree about Control - last year I’d have purchased it by now. Now I’m holding out.
  3. Not sure if it’s already been mentioned in the thread, but I’ve just finished The Traitor by Seth Dickinson. A really non standard fantasy. No magic, no much fighting, and a rebellion underpinned by inflation and monetary policy. Betrayal within betrayal and a great ending. Surprisingly upsetting at the end. The best fantasy novel involving a lesbian accountant I’ve read all year.
  4. I’m sure McGruder is dead. Didn’t Dredd free from a hospital when she was going to be euthanised? She was killed in a shoot out with some bandits in the Cursed Earth - Dredd wanted her to go with some dignity. Or have I imagined all that?
  5. Ultima Underworld. A fully 3D world. Physics. Combat. Trading. It seemed such a giant leap over anything else I’d played. I remember picking it up from the Virgin Megastore in Brom, on my way home from work. I was new to a PC gaming, and had never even read any reviews of the game. I looked at the screenshots on the back, and knew the game would look nothing like as good as that. But I’d just been paid at my first post uni job, and had money to burn. Got it home and it was fucking amazing. I house shared at the time, and my two mates were gobsmacked that such a thing was possible. Hunter, on the Amiga suddenly looked very shit.
  6. Sorted it. The link didn’t work in Brave, but I copied it into Edge, it was all good. Who knew Edge was good for anything?
  7. Yep, clicked the link and the get a resource cannot be found page, so tried the normal redeem process. I'll contact Msoft and see what they say. Cheers.
  8. Just got my email with code for a month of Ultimate, but it doesn't work. Any idea who to raise it with?
  9. I’m guessing you want a PS4 exclusive? Days Gone is ok. Spider-Man? God of War?
  10. Nope, it was mentioned a couple of months ago. There were a couple of Progs where Dredd was trying to persuade Logan to become Chief Judge - at the start of this, Hershey explains to Dredd why she’s stepping down. She talks about doing some tour of the solar system. I’m guessing the pathogen developed quicker than she expected.
  11. Hershey’s death? She resigned as Chief Judge as she’d got some alien pathogen (although this prog suggests it’s not necessarily alien - I think we’ll find it’s origin later). I agree it’s an odd final request - go and kick some butt in a robot city. I did find their rapprochement at the end oddly touching - “Goodbye old friend”. Dredd has lost faith in her - he didn’t involve her in the Small Room story - he couldn’t trust her.
  12. Really? That’s the real games? I’m guessing all the real effort is going on Gamepass?
  13. Bad North is really great. Played it on pc and loved it to bits. Surprisingly difficult, cute looking viking RTS. On the downside I bought Dirt Rally 2.0 a couple of weeks ago, and it sits on my hard drive, unplayed. Will I never learn?
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