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  1. Steam - Lunar New Year Sale Feb 15-19

    In fairness, I've not played it recently. It brought my pc to it's knees, which had never struggled with anything else. That was a month or so after launch, I think. If the patches have fixed it, that's great. Unfortunately, it's been crushed under my pile of shame, and I probably won't go back. It's a shame as I quite liked the first one. That's the problem with pc gaming, there's always something interesting being released.
  2. Steam - Lunar New Year Sale Feb 15-19

    That it's overpriced by £8.
  3. What are you reading at the moment?

    Yep, it's amazing. The sequel is a real disappointment, unfortunately.
  4. Xbox One Console Thread

    Mine's doing the same recently. It's proper annoying - perhaps there's a glitch with the latest dash?
  5. Steam - Lunar New Year Sale Feb 15-19

    I've got a spare Black Mesa key from the same bundle, if anyone fancies it. PM me if wanted. Edit: And it's gone.
  6. Xbox One Console Thread

    Bugger, missed it.
  7. Amazon f**ked my Zelda order up support thread

    How much is the discount from their eye-watering digital store?
  8. GameCube Appreciation Thread

    2 I think. 3 is ok as well, but 2 is better. 2 is Rogue Leader and 3 is Rebel Strike. I know what you mean about Resi. Something I admire rather than like.
  9. GameCube Appreciation Thread

    Skies of Arcadia if you didn't play it on DC. The Resi Evil Remasters are all pretty good. Star Wars Rogue Squadron. The two Metroid games. It's a great console.
  10. Do I need a power supply, or will the USB port on my TV provide enough power?
  11. No model 2 or 3? Well that's a pain and no mistake. Not enough power, or any other reason?
  12. Also, can the Pi emulate Sega Model 2 and 3 stuff? I'd love Daytona and SCUD racer.
  13. Sorry, should have been clearer. Normally, there's just a magnet link to click. On the Youtube video the link looks like this: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:794a700b938a9f46440c4fdc90c5b1d2aeb7f311&dn=MLPshrunk.img Whilst, I'm here any one used the MLP 128Gb Attract mode image. Seems to have more Dreamcast and PS games than other versions. But no MS DOS stuff. Is it easy to add/change stuff if you use an image like MLP or Rey?
  14. To ask a stupid question, how do you get those magnet links at the bottom of the youtube videos of Nacho's image to work?
  15. Mod chipping a PS2

    I ran WinHIIP on Windows 10 with no problems. If you run it normally it won't read the IDE drive, but if you run it as Administrator, it works perfectly. I've just filled a 120Gb drive with no issues.

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