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  1. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Loved it. Great turns by Pitt and Leo. A meandering pace just adds to the slow build of tension. 4/5
  2. I’m not sure that playing the ghost of Danny Drinkwater was a good idea.
  3. I've unlocked this months Humble Choice. I should have a Two Point Hospital Key spare. You're welcome to it if you want.
  4. Emporer of all Maladies is also in the sale. It's a phenomenal book, a history of cancer and it's treatments. Can't recommend it enough.
  5. Furie. Vietnamese revenge drama. Not visceral enough. You can see Ngo isn't a martial artist. We've been spoiled by The Raid and it's sequel, and this looks tame by comparison. Also her rescue at the end by pretty boy cop undermines the female empowerment message. 2/5
  6. Yep, my xbox one x, and my one s are both loads quicker than my ps4.
  7. Fucking hell, that’s an amazing freebie. Looks like Steep and Darksiders to come as well.
  8. Ad Astra. 2/5. And that's being generous. I think it's trying to be profound. But, it just ends up being trying. It looks lovely, and the space bound special effects are impressive, but the lack of narrative drive and glacial paving kill it for me. I can't see why it garnered such great reviews. What's it trying to say?
  9. Apollo 11 (2019). Defo 5 out of 5. Properly stunning.
  10. The menus are appalling. They're completely unresponsive - you can press a button and nothing will happen for a minute. This is on Xbox one X - how they haven't patched it boggles the mind.
  11. Are they just on for one month then? Only game I can remember being on for such a short time was Fallout 4, when they were pimping Fallout 76.
  12. I think that Lawless has always been in the megazine .
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