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  1. ucci

    Vinyl lovers

    What are you a millionaire? Get yer sen to Ryman.. https://www.ryman.co.uk/really-useful-storage-box-35-litre-xl
  2. Oh and I've got the business acumen of John DeLorean but without the deserter tendencies.
  3. Could it be because he has got the team spirit the best it has been in decades and no-one has ever said a bad word about him at all? Give him whatever he wants after the hoodoo he has broken.
  4. Anyone ever made a cashew puree sauce to use instead of a white sauce?
  5. In terms of graphics the PC surged, but interfaces were a different story. The physical joystick inputs were years ahead of PC, I remember playing a PC and having driver issues in the early 90s, 30 years later, loads better but still exist. No problem on the Amiga. *AMIGA FASCIST GROOVE THANG*
  6. That Acorn is rather lovingly restored. Do you sell them on?
  7. Have been accepted into the inner circle, will play later on X1X
  8. Welcome to the Weyland-Yutani helpline, when you call, saying a facehugger is in your house, tough luck.
  9. ucci

    Free Guy

    The people arguing over the use of the word millennial and gen-x at the start of this thread, comedy gold that.
  10. ucci

    Dredd 3D

    Sorry that's not allowed. That's the kind of thinking that started atheism.
  11. Those speakers remind me of Gena Lee Nolin's cosmetically enhanced breasts.
  12. ucci

    Clown Core

    Louis Cole
  13. ucci

    Xbox Game Pass

    And their bedroom searched in their parents house.
  14. Yes it hurts please make it stop
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