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  1. Anyone see last night's episode? The psychiatrist in Oz turned up as Mr Dick (!!!), best character by far but the episode felt like old science fiction ideas alongside online messaging. I think Horselover Fat would have disapproved of this series, not enough paranoia or drug addiction to qualify as his material. I think however he would have loved the idea of increasing resolution tv sets .
  2. The Expanse - Syfy

    The theme tune has to be sung and hummed all day like an annoying tw*t.
  3. Super Hexagon levels of addictiveness here we come! The amateur style demo tunes that accompany the later releases really give LLamasoft games a british feel.
  4. Manufactured September 2006! That's quite recent by CRT standards. Looks like a CCTV monitor.
  5. Best classic tomb raider?

    Are the Dreamcast versions considered any cop? Or just a resolution and texture increase. Seem to remember the Dreamcast pad being slated for TR controls.
  6. Streets of Rage Remake is amazing

    Search for AM2R - Another Metroid 2 Remake - great fan made game like this...
  7. Xbox One Console Thread

    Games journalism in the year 2017.
  8. Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Possibly. Milner made the first goal as his replacement though.
  9. Weird and brilliant Australian / New Zealand music

    If you live near the Wirral, get yourself to Psychamok Records in Liscard, the bloke there knows his Aus and NZ indie like the royals know how to get out of paying tax. I have picked up loads off him over the years, anything by David Kilgour or on Mushroom Records is a must. One of my best finds is a band called the Subliminals who only released an EP and an album around the turn of the millennium.
  10. Xbox One X

    Cheers for cleaning up the title kind person.
  11. Anyone using a ps3 pad with retropie? Is it okay? Cheers.
  12. Love the original xbox but it was awful over x2vga. This looks decent.
  13. What's the Sonic Adventure port like? Bet they didnt use the PC Directors Cut wmv awfulness.

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