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  1. Even after this latest patch, there remain gaps in text boxes where words should be. Like, maybe the fourth or fifth dialogue box you see in the game, about ten seconds after the opening cutscene ends, Johannes says: 'I know. I know how _____ feel. But the facts are apparent.' Doesn't bode well. Maybe in patch four.
  2. This is my first Luigi's Mansion. I didn't know what to expect, but I'm finding it quite boring so far (floor 5). Wandering around the environment sucking money out of everything for a bit, then putting the Switch into sleep mode to go off and do something else. It isn't gripping me at all.
  3. I have no subscription either. Deal didn't last very long, did it?
  4. Yeah, what the hell? I came home ready to sign up after reading about the deal at work, but it's showing as full price for me.
  5. So there's no selecting specific body parts from a menu with hit percentages a la Fallout 3 VATS? I'm way past level 20 ranged and nothing like that is happening.
  6. Unlocking TTD 'location hit effects' seems to be tied to the melee skill tree, unless I'm missing something. Does anyone know if it works the way VATS does - game freezes and you select a body part to attack with a percentage attached to each, for ranged guns as well as melee weapons - before I dump 30 points into the melee skill tree I'd intended to completely ignore?
  7. So it does. Thanks.
  8. Game really won me over this afternoon. I'm still not very keen on how the outdoor environments look, but the space station stuff, quest variety and intricate dialogue trees more than make up for that. One of the loading screen tips suggested storing excess inventory items in containers on your ship, but I can't figure out how to do this. Anyone?
  9. I think it looks all right, just not some wonderful level of polish. But yeah, base PS4 is probably the worst way to play this.
  10. I'm getting into the game more now, thankfully, but I wouldn't describe it as having a wonderful level of graphical fidelity. For a PS4 game it's quite ugly. For all they've done to make the game bright and colourful, the environments still manage to appear weirdly ... muddy, somehow. I find it difficult to pick out enemies when I'm roaming about, relying more on the radar than what's immediately surrounding me.
  11. Does the TTD system become proper VATS combat at some point? I'm not finding a way of locking on to particular body parts with specific percentage chances yet.
  12. I've been finding it a bit of a nightmare. I put all my stats into conversation and science skills (and ignored combat skills) and am still using the starting weapon, so when I encounter a group of enemies I get completely rinsed, die, and have to start over.
  13. Ah, thanks. Think I'll just drop to standard difficulty then. Sacrificing the ability to save just sounds masochistic.
  14. I'm on PS4. Ever time I bring up the pause menu, 'Save game' is greyed out.
  15. The game won't let me save manually, but it's also not popping an autosave. I've been playing for about an hour and this is the fourth time I've been dumped back to the start of the game (i.e. just after character creation) because I keep dying before I manage to reach my ship. There's a part where you encounter a couple of enemies at once and they wipe me with bullets before I can even get my bearings.
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