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  1. Gadget specifically hasn't, no, but KORG software was released on the DS.
  2. Should I have unlocked the ability to craft and design ground tiles/textures yet? I've just built the campsite.
  3. No idea. Anyone else know? I think a few people here used the DS/3DS version.
  4. It's a lot of fun and you can put together proper compositions with it, as evidenced by this Youtube user: There's still no official song export option unfortunately (other than doing it through the headphone jack, I guess) but you can export songs using QR codes if you have KORG Gadget for iOS according to their site. I love it anyway. It's a lot of fun to tinker around with. I got it on sale, so maybe wait till it's discounted again at some point?
  5. I'm not arguing it would make sense. I'm indulging a selfish wish - in fact, two selfish wishes - for Nintendo to turn Arms into a game I like, and then give it to me for free.
  6. I did what none of us should ever do and pre-ordered a game based on the eshop page alone: In Other Waters. The art grabbed me, then the write up sold me. Sounds like you're a 2D deep-sea-diving Darwin mapping an alien ocean and researching its lifeforms using HUD-focussed biology tools. Might be awesome, might suck, but it's almost worth it already for the gorgeous Switch icon. It's like the cover of one of those SF Masterworks paperback novels:
  7. Throwing the punches feels fantastic - I like it a lot. Moving around, on the other hand, is horrible, particularly the jumping and dodging, which are far too slow and slight for my liking. As @scottcr suggested above, I hope they make a single player action adventure out of the lovely character and art design they've come up with, and ditch the 1v1 fighter genre they're wasting it all on.
  8. I did ask, so thanks for the responses, but it all sounds like a bit too much effort for something I'm not enjoying in the first place. I keep getting lured back in when they make it free to play for a bit, in the hope that it becomes the first 1v1 fighter I actually enjoy, similar to how Splatoon became the only multiplayer third person shooter I've ever liked. Isn't really happening though. I wish they'd make some of their other first party games free for a bit - single player ones preferably - but I guess there's a reason it's Arms they're giving away.
  9. I've been giving this a third go today since it's free and I'm still struggling to find the appeal. It's one of the most boring games Nintendo has put out. Any advice on how to get into it? Not really interested in playing online until I've got the hang of how it plays, at least, but the grand prix mode is beyond dull. I assume the different arms you can unlock do substantially different things, but I've tried a few and I'm not noticing much difference.
  10. Hooray for the hourly music! I was getting worried there.
  11. It looks like a step down from Octopath Traveler in every way. The four crystals of fire, water, wind and earth? Come on. And the art style isn't a patch on Octopath. Boo. Octopath 2 on non-mobile instead, please.
  12. I've read it described as a Mystroidvania which is quite accurate, as the game weaves all the fiendish obscurity of Myst's puzzles into a punishing 2D Metroidvania template. Punishing, as in, it might take you hours to figure out the solution to get into a particular room (there are hundreds of rooms) only to discover it's inhabited by an extremely difficult sub-boss, which, after dozens of attempts, you finally manage to kill, only for a fucking booby trap to kill you on the way out of the room, before you've managed to save. There are hundreds of written clues and drawings scattered around the ruins helping you to unearth items, tools, weapons - oh, and not forgetting software for your in-game laptop - that will further your navigation of the ruins. I don't think I've seen an Indiana Jones movie the whole way through, but it's probably also accurate to describe the game as Indiana Jones: The Metroidvania. There are a few references to the movies in the game, I believe. I'd describe it as a 2D archaeology sim with a Dark Souls approach to combat and narrative delivery, but devised over a decade before Dark Souls existed.
  13. Today I completed La-Mulana. I first dabbled with the game in 2013 or thereabouts, but didn't make a serious start until 2015. From then until now, across PC, Vita and now Switch, I've racked up maybe a couple of hundred hours playing it, overcoming its bosses and traps, plundering its treasures, mapping its many regions physically with pen and paper, and, above all, penetrating its most cryptic of riddles and mysteries, with a smidgen of additional clues from revlob when things got really dark and hopeless. It's been a part of my life for so long it's going to be weird not having new ideas, attempts, frustrations and breakthroughs, no new notes to write or maps to draw. I'm going to write something more substantial about what makes this game absolutely peerless in the varied ways it challenges the player, but for now, seven years after starting, I can rest. Or not: now there's an entire sequel to get stuck into. I dipped into La-Mulana 2 very briefly on release but shelved it for whichever future date I'd complete La-Mulana 1. I don't think it can possibly live up to its predecessor, one of the greatest achievements in the medium, but maybe it can come close. And that would be quite fucking something.
  14. If I had to speculate I'd say maybe Xenoblade got pushed back. The full game is downloadable on the eshop now waiting for an unlock in two months. And maybe they're holding off on either a new Pikmin or a port of 3, which you'd think would have been perfect for Spring. Other than that, no, I think based on their release schedule for the last few years, Nintendo has decided it makes more financial sense to stack the second half of the year with lots of huge releases while leaving the first half fairly quiet. Animal Crossing being the gigantic exception.
  15. It doesn't matter at all. But it's interesting to me and I like discussing it. Shrug.
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