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  1. ann coulter

    Declining Sales. WTF Is Going On?

    Those of you who now buy everything digital: do you wait for deep sales to pick games up at a reasonable price? If not, do you just have loads of disposable income and are cool with spending it irresponsibly (I believe some games are £59.99 a pop digitally these days - fucking wild) or do you only buy a few games a year?
  2. ann coulter

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    If someone here told you it was in the sale you were misinformed. It wasn't part of the ongoing indie sale at all. I believe publishers can put their games on sale on the eShop whenever they want. Usually games on sale there aren't part of a Nintendo-curated sale at all. Celeste certainly wasn't.
  3. ann coulter

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    Tangledeep and Steamworld Heist for me from today's sale. I'd also draw people's attention to Joe Dever's Lone Wolf, Hand of Fate 2, Velocity 2X, Dandara and Kingdom New Lands which are all absolutely wonderful, lower key games that were also discounted today.
  4. I was getting it yesterday, yeah. I've just left it in offline mode for now.
  5. And fuck you @Curtis for rating my cute twink pawn one star out of five for appearance. (But thanks for the fish.)
  6. I did that and immediately closed the game and reopened it, and it resumed automatically from the last save.
  7. The cover is reversible too - has the Japanese version's much superior artwork on the inside.
  8. Mine arrived today too but I've barely started Dragon's Dogma. I should really leave it on the shelf for a while... It's my favourite Final Fantasy too. In fact, possibly the only one I really like. Fucking about with gambits is wonderful.
  9. It feels like something's up with the battle music. I can't remember if it was like this on PS3, but often the theme that plays when you enter combat continues long after the combat ends. There was one occasion where I left the main overworld (battle music still playing away) and entered a settlement where the town music started playing over the top of the battle music. Anyone noticed this?
  10. By wiping a bit of dust off my Switch screen I accidentally discovered you can open the main map by tapping the minimap in the bottom left of your HUD. Wonder if there's any other hidden touch screen stuff.
  11. That's wild. The reason I chose her was for the Monster Hunter reference - had no idea it was you. Awesome.
  12. Wait, what?! If I rented your pawn I didn't even realise it. I hope it wasn't a really shit cloak I gave you. What's your pawn called?
  13. Yes! I think you're the only one playing it on my friend list, in fact. I didn't realise pawns had ID codes though...
  14. ann coulter

    Firmament - new game from Cyan (Myst/Riven)

    Not that rllmuk cares but this has now been funded, with a day remaining. Phew! I think for a lot of people of our generation, Myst is remembered unfavourably as 'that PowerPoint game with the obnoxious puzzles'. But when I was playing Myst and Riven as a kid there was something utterly engrossing about the worlds those CDs contained which still kindles my imagination playing them today. Roll on July 2020!
  15. That's my point though. It indicates they're happy to port it from one platform to another. If they can move it to PS4, presumably to sell more copies, why not move it to PC, Switch, Xbox One?

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