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  1. Nintendo Switch eShop

    To be fair, the chicken wrap WAS very good!
  2. Nintendo Switch eShop

    I bought it upon release last year and really enjoyed it. Played the entire game in co-op with the wife (who rarely plays anything beyond shitty iOS puzzle games) and she was a fan. Single player is quite challenging initially, but once you get a hang of the different mechanics such as parrying, using your 'rage' meter, it becomes tough but fair. I believe a patch was incoming to alleviate some of the difficulty concerns, but don't think it has landed yet. There is clearly a lot of love poured into the game; numerous videos unlock as you progress showing some of the historical events and places that influenced the making of the game. Also, you can chop off enemies' heads and use them as weapons which gives it automatic thumbs up from me! Anyone else played Earth Wars? Downloaded it last night for £4, which is about the same cost as my chicken wrap from Gregg's yesterday. Think of Muramasa-meets-Gears of War and you've got a decent idea of what to expect. Not bad at all; hopefully it has plenty of content to keep me busy for a while.
  3. Celeste

    Pretty much! I reached the credits having collected around half of the strawberries with just under 1000 deaths; chapter 1-B alone saw me meet my maker over 250 times (And then there are C sides as well!)
  4. Celeste

    This game is stunning. Probably the best 2d platformer I've played since Tropical Freeze; they've really nailed the movement of Madeline with a consistency of weight/inertia that I find some other games don't quite get right (such as Super Meat Boy who is too light, or Rayman who is all over the place). Music has been a real surprise, with level 4's track being the standout piece so far. I've not been obsessive over the strawberries as of yet, nor have I ventured into the B-sides, but it seems like it will give plenty of content to keep me busy over the coming weeks. The wife has been away this weekend and I've been consigned to the settee following a football injury, but alternating between this and Mario Odyssey has made it an awesome couple of days!
  5. The Mummy Demastered - WayForward's Excellent Mummyvania

    I decided to start this again last week, as I was itching for something 2D and couldn't decide what new game to buy. It's a really solid game; though it has got a few issues (post-death grinding, framerate issues on the Switch) they absolutely hit the nail on the head with the gorgeous pixel-art and outstanding OST: Anyone know if there's any reward for collecting all 50 artefacts?
  6. Nintendo Switch

    Pretty sure Fusion has 'METROID 4' on the intro, Mr Fallows.
  7. Nintendo Switch

    Cheers pal, this was the video I saw a few days ago that almost convinced me! Thanks for everyone's thoughts; I think I'm gonna take a punt on Snake Pass
  8. Nintendo Switch

    Mummy Demastered is a solid game, with some outstanding pixel art and music, but Steamworld Dig 2 is just about a step ahead in every category; the only aspect I would have changed is the relative lack of boss battles that I enjoy in Metroidvania titles. As others have mentioned, Axiom Verge is another brilliant title and the closest thing to Metroid currently on the Switch. Blaster Master Zero is good value (currently on sale I believe) with loads of DLC characters to increase replayability. My favourite of the lot has to be Cave Story, though the price of the Switch version is a little on the steep side. You'll enjoy any of these I'm sure!
  9. Nintendo Switch

    I'm thinking of picking up either Snake Pass or Yooka-Laylee to play over the festive period. Anybody played both? I'll largely be playing in handheld mode so would be interested to hear how each game holds up performance wise. I gather both games have David Wise tracks in the OST, so imagine they will each get a lot of love form me
  10. Nintendo Switch

    My dock is out in the open mate, sat in front of the TV. Never noticed the Switch getting too warm when docked. The protrusion is barely noticeable (much less than 1mm) so hopefully won't become an issue.
  11. Nintendo Switch

    I've noticed this happening on mine too. It's not causing any major issues at the moment so I'm reluctant to send it off for fear of it coming back in a worse state (like my old iMac with a dodgy screen that came back with dust behind the screen itself, the bastards).
  12. Nintendo Switch

    FURI announced for the Switch! Yes son, amazing game and an even better soundtrack. With this and Doom on board, I just need Hyper Light Drifter before I can chuck the Xbox One in the sea.
  13. Splatoon 2

    Sounds good @Barnard! Always happy to be target practice for others! I'll check next time I'm on the Switch that we're friends on there
  14. Nintendo Switch

    Well worth it!
  15. Nintendo Switch

    Anyone else's Switch console creak a little? Mine has started doing it when a little pressure is applied to the bottom of the console between the charge port and the kick-stand. Not the end of the world, but I'm worried I damaged it when it fell off the settee the other day In terms of games owned: Cart Zelda Ultra Street Fighter 2 Bomberman 1-2-Switch (this was a gift!) Digital Splatoon 2 Mario Odyssey Kamiko Implosion Wulverblade Blaster Master Zero Forma-8 Steamworld Dig 2 The Mummy Demastered Not a bad list for 8 months of ownership!

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