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  1. Exactly. She's great in pretty much everything else but playing a baddie? Not so much.
  2. Managed it in one go without falling asleep, wahey! Anyway this last episode sort of rekindled the hope that the next season might be back on track again but otherwise season 2 was all sorts of contrived nonsense. It didn't adhere to any rules and the arbitrary way of cutting up the narrative just made for frustrating viewing. Every scene felt like the writers were spinning the wheel to see what random convenience they could come up with; "oh this character is now a host - now we are 2 weeks back in the past - no actually this was in the future - ha gotcha actually it's a simulation - oh this character has been resurrected - this one is dead - nope can't resurrect this one - ipads can do anything - it's all science-magic, just shut off your brain" etc. I didn't feel like there was any cohesion and as such it lacked any tension or intrigue for me. Meh. Here's hoping the third season lives up to the first as I just can't be arsed otherwise. EDIT: This quote from RT pretty much sums it up:
  3. Of course the last episode of season 2 has to be 90 bloody minutes long. Guess I'll watch that in two sittings.
  4. VN1X

    Nintendo Switch

    I only ever swap games once a month, if that (currently got Octopath in there). So no problem for me.
  5. VN1X

    Nintendo Switch

    Not even asking for a friend?
  6. VN1X

    Nintendo Switch

    Confirmed for Muffin alt?
  7. VN1X


    Why has no one told me about this? Free-to-play shooter that seems like BLOPS3 x Quake x LawBreakers? (store page) "24-hour peak: 10" Oh.
  8. Done pre-ordered I did. Couldn't resist the 20% discount for owners of the original game.
  9. VN1X

    Battlefield V

    Docked Switch here!
  10. VN1X

    Nintendo eShop

    On another note: I suck at Bomb Chicken.
  11. VN1X


    Inmoist? Looks fantastic though.
  12. Official Site Release date: 2019 Wasn't sure what to make of this after the initial announcement but the gameplay trailer makes it look like a fun romp at least. No idea if the actual gameplay has any more depth to it other than "shoot the robots" but then again it's Avalanche; they manage to make the most basic of mechanics entertaining. Hype level: 65/100
  13. VN1X

    Battlefield V

    I like all the colours. Hope they let players go nuts with customization.
  14. VN1X

    IGN writer busted copying other people's reviews

    But we definitely harass his family now right?
  15. VN1X

    IGN writer busted copying other people's reviews

    So do we harass his family now?

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