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  1. Angry Joe (fuck that guy) has seen more apparently.
  2. Really curious to see some actual gameplay at E3 where not every second is turned up to 11.
  3. Battlefield V: Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
  4. Genuinely laughing out loud on Discord over here.
  5. I still don't understand what Tides of War is?
  6. No more premium pass. RE-FUCKIN-JOICE!
  7. Kind of like the sound of that fortification system actually.
  8. I need to wake up in 6 hours.
  9. 21 minutes to go.
  10. I installed BF1 earlier this week to get all hyped up again but had to uninstall the next day. Such a frustrating experience. Live stream can be found in the OP btw.
  11. Not sure if I've given my two cents here before but I keep reading all these hype posts about the show whereas I could barely make it through the first season. Does this somehow turn into a different show after that then? I personally found it to be as dull as dishwater and actually fell asleep during the last two episodes. Most, if not all, of the characters are simply unlikable and the sets are just utterly depressing. The story is all over the place (literally) and as such failed to captivate me. The only, somewhat, interesting element is that of the alien organism thingy but that was only brought up at the start and end of the first series. Does the rest of the show make proper use of its sci-fi setting then or will it keep going on about miner strikes and politics?
  12. A little over one hour to go! Just as a reminder: When it says "game engine footage" just remember that's a synonym for "heavily touched up in post-production". That shot of Monte Grappa for instance (0:32) might as well be full on CGI lol. Don't get me wrong the actual game looked amazing but never reached the level of visual fidelity that was showcased in the trailer.

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