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  1. Just realised that this is the first physical copy of a game I've preordered in years. Due to financial issues (usually I just wait and buy in sales), being too busy or lack of interest I haven't bought a game on day one since Skyrim I think, and that was digital. I genuinely think the last time I've been expecting a physical copy of a game through my door on launch day was The Wind Waker! I'm so excited and feel like a kid again.
  2. That was great. I am so pumped for the 19th!
  3. I had this partially spoiled again for me the other day so I gave in and went through and read everything about it, as it seems pointless trying to avoid them now. I feel completely relieved to be honest and I'm now even more excited to play it. I'll absolutely not say anything about the leaks here but below are just some brief spoilered thoughts on the internet's reaction to them.
  4. Cool, will definitely grab this in the sale. Was actually going to buy it today so cheers for the heads up. Will keep me occupied until TLOU2!
  5. I think I got the same suggested article. Whilst I'm annoyed about the minor spoiler that was impossible to avoid, I'm relieved that's all these idiots like Trumpets were furious about.
  6. That was indeed amazing. Absolutely love this show.
  7. Time Trap is on Netflix now and you should all watch it. It's great fun and has some super cool ideas. Properly underrated. If you like movies like Triangle, Time Crimes and Coherence you'll love it.
  8. Thanks, sounds exactly like what I'm after, I'm excited to play it!
  9. I'm still making my way through Uncharted 1 to 3 from when they were free on PS Plus. Obviously have much more time to do that now so I'm looking forward to playing 4. I know it's remastered but Uncharted 3 looks amazing for a game that's nearly a decade old! Overall I've enjoyed the series but I am starting to get bored of the same types of set pieces over and over. I've heard 4 resolves that somewhat though?
  10. Alt Shift X's channel on YouTube has a video explaining each episode of Westworld, they're really good if you have the time. Episode one of this season:
  11. Looks great, can't wait to get back into this again.
  12. I love anything to do with the Middle East, basically anything that gives me an insight into life in Iran, Palestine, etc. I also love Spanish language films, they were a huge part of studying Spanish at university and I have many fond memories from watching them. Same with German films, especially anything that explores life post-WW2/in the DDR. Love South Korean films as well! Anyway, some of my faves: About Elly A Separation The Salesman Under the Shadow Once Upon a Time in Anatolia Incendies Pretty much all of Almodovar's works, especially Volver, Julieta and Broken Embraces Biutiful The Secrets in their Eyes Goodnight Mommy Revanche The Lives of Others Victoria Goodbye, Lenin! Disorder Raw Revenge One Cut of the Dead Memories of Murder A Tale of Two Sisters A Bittersweet Life The Chaser The Man from Nowhere Bedevilled I Saw the Devil
  13. Obsessed with this at the moment. Recommend it to anyone who likes Blut Aus Nord (especially The Work Which Transforms God) or Darkspace.
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