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  1. Your retro youtube videos

    And one more for luck... Worth watching all of this as the programmer was watching the Twitch feed when this was recorded earlier and told us a few bits & pieces about the game.
  2. Mercenary is a great game. I put a lot of hours into it back in the day. Sad to hear this news, rest in peace Paul Woakes.
  3. RA 177 - Commodore 64 Lucky Dip

    No worries Dave. That’s what feedback is all about. I did have my worries about that section working to be honest.
  4. We catch up with Dean Swain, Paul Davies & Chris O’Regan as they answer another round of #askRA questions plus Dean & Paul play four Commodore 64 games picked at random in the debut of our new “Lucky Dip” feature. Download the episode: http://retroasylum.libsyn.com/episode-177-lucky-dip
  5. Mighty Final Fight (Speccy 128)

    I had a quick go of this last night, very slick.
  6. Fair comment Rob, I’ll pass it on to Chris.
  7. Your First Mario Experiences

    Other than Donkey Kong & Mario Bros on the Atari 2600, my first Mario experience was this: I think it still plays pretty well considering it’s limitations.
  8. Chris O’Regan talk’s to Greg Caldwell of Retrotainment on creating new games such as the Haunted Halloween series for the Nintendo Entertainment System and other platforms plus they discuss future projects from Retrotainment. Download: http://traffic.libsyn.com/retroasylum/Retro_Asylum_Episode_176.mp3
  9. Bob Wakelin - RIP

    I met him a number of times over the years, not only was he my favourite cover artist in the industry but he was a friendly and very funny guy. Plus he liked the Retro Asylum logo that I designed, so much so that we didn’t get that t-shirt back. RIP Bob.
  10. Tiny Arcades

    I finally received my Ms. Pac-Man Tiny Arcade cabinet that completes my collection. Probably the only way I’ll ever fit 5 cabinets at once in my house.
  11. South Africa does indeed use the PAL format so I should imagine everything should be fine.
  12. Good retro gaming YouTube channels

    Surely everyone on this forum knows about Seaman?
  13. Joust...er I mean Roust on the Speccy!

    Something else for the Speccy that’s worth a look is this lovely conversion of Bezerk:

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