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  1. In the meantime, have a listen to this rather nice version of the Midnight Resistance tune on the Next.
  2. Loved APB on the Spectrum but it often crashed on my +2 when it was scrolling diagonally
  3. Chris Worthington talk’s to former RA host Paul Monaghan about FTL’s Atari ST classic Dungeon Master as part of the RA Game’s Club plus Dean Swain chat’s to Chris Wilkins about the forthcoming Crash Live 2022 event! https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/retroasylum/RA_286_Dungeon_Master.mp3
  4. So, an animated series for Netflix has been announced. An animated feature film and an official follow up to Afterlife which has a working title of Firehouse have all been announced. Source: https://ghostbustersnews.com
  5. Ive put it on youtube but its set to private:
  6. I'm sure that we can sort something out. Once I'm home later I'll try to get it uploaded somewhere.
  7. Well the BBC have now sent me the documentary. I can’t upload it in its entirety but I’ll test the waters with a couple of clips over the weekend.
  8. A lot of our American audience seem to absolutely hate Ocean. As a Speccy & Amiga owner back in the day, I liked the majority of their output.
  9. In our latest episode Dean, Steve, Mads, Chris & Matt (yes, the entire team) look back at some of their favourite games from the Manchester based software giant of the 1980’s. https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/retroasylum/RA284_RidingTheOceanWave.mp3
  10. Well just for clarification, Hermski & @florinthedwarf are not the person in question. Neither is the guy who used to write for C&VG.
  11. Yeah it is and there is no easy solution to it. We’ve tried to handle this as carefully as possible. It’s not every day that you find out that an ex colleague is a sicko.
  12. Well the reason that I didn’t want to identify who it was is because for one, this person has a 16 year old son and a wife who I can only imagine are going through hell at the moment and I certainly didn’t want to add to their pain. Secondly he was arrested in December and I only found out last week so despite it being public knowledge, I certainly didn’t want to put his name out there. It only dawned on me this morning (we put the statement out last night) that there were other people in the retro scene with the same name. If you know the name, do a search and you will find an article all about what he has done and that includes a picture of him and info about where he is from.
  13. They’ve pleaded guilty and are being sentenced on Monday the 23rd.
  14. The other three people with the same name have never appeared on the show. Please don’t mix them up, I would hate for this situation to become even worse with innocent people being accused of someone else’s behaviour & crimes.
  15. Good news guys! The BBC have found the documentary!!! I should have it in a week or so.
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