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  1. *checks Steam* I own this???
  2. The drops seem to be happening a little more frequently at least. Hopefully a sign that normal business is resuming and I'll be able to impulse buy one in a months time then stare at its awful stretched plasticy cyborg visage and hate myself. Still, Days Gone in 60fps would be sweet.
  3. Run Hide Fight (2020) Disclaimer - I had no idea of this film's interesting background before watching it. I pirated it as a guilty Saturday night pleasure and yeah, straight away it's obvious that it glamorises its subject matter a little too much, and that there is a heavy whiff of NRA about it but with the benefit of now knowing who was involved, it isn't as overt as you might imagine. I also think they caught a massive controversy break releasing it after a pandemic leaves no recent events too close in memory for comfort, but fuck me it's a really well paced and entertaining fi
  4. Here here for air cooling! Lovely build but what were Nvidia thinking with those pig ties. Get some custom cables in there when you get a chance and it'll be *mwa!*
  5. It's all much improved since launch. I played as a sharpshooter (got to rank 12) and just love the feel of the DMR's and snipers in this. There's enough bullet drop to make 400 meter kills feel rewarding, yet you don't need trigonometry. The only time it feels janky is when you try to climb up or down steep terrain. That makes animations shit the bed still for some reason still.
  6. I think I prefer it to Wildlands. There's still a lot of diversity on the island, and the whole story has a bit more MGS like sillyness compared to the po faced America fuck yeah-ness of its predecessor.
  7. Right, I've sacked this game off. I think I've finished all the mainline AC games other than this, but this one I put off at the time thanks to it being a bit broken, but over the years I've read people say it's actually a decent game technical issues aside and at some point I was given the PC version for free so... It's fucking not alright, it's utter shit. Just a complete soul destroying trudge. I hate played it all the way up to chapter 10 just mainlining the story, but then of course this started leaving me under powered so I had a choice. Keep playing this soulless
  8. Gone now. @Ry please don't drink heavily around this one bud.
  9. Have you played any of the DLC? Handsome Jack's casino heist and the Cthulhu one (Guns, Love, and Tentacles?) are great fun.
  10. Yeah CP2077 is fine with a decent PC and will only get better. I'm playing AC: Unity at the moment for the first time on PC and even after 6 years it's in a MUCH worse state than PC Cyberpunk was at launch.
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