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  1. 540p is fine for a handheld game. I don't recall any particular attention the vita got for outputting this resolution. Game of all time on a handheld and still a small group whine loudly. Burn them. Burn them all with Igni.
  2. ChocoTaco is the best but he only does pubg so too niche probably.
  3. Cack to cack bogbuster world champion.
  4. No, he was sacked. https://kotaku.com/gogs-community-manager-was-fired-for-offensive-tweets-1830922081
  5. I wanted to check my bias on this so I showed my wife the screenshot with no context or explanation and told her if she found anything offensive. After a few minutes she said no and asked me to explain. I did and she said 'Oh for goodness sake' Makes you think.
  6. Well done for mansplaining a game you've never played based on a 10 minute video. Have a biscuit.
  7. @Broker You could watch one of the 10 minute catch ups on YouTube just to get some back story to the lore and characters but the actual story is fairly self contained. Crafting ingredients have no weight. Dismantle everything and focus on working toward a Witcher set of swords and armour. Get a steel sword from a Smith asap, or if you remember where you sold it, buy it back. You will need it!
  8. Ooh, I wonder how quickly I can smash through this!
  9. This is a fun game. I feel it might be better suited to a handheld, because it's very easy to just pick up and bash through a few races or missions. I like how the cars handle and the music is really good. Only criticism is the gun-play but that may just be due to me being awful at it, and frustration at picking up tremendous amounts of police interest driving to and from missions.
  10. I swear one of the voices I heard in that trailer was Dean Gaffney.
  11. I find this stuff fairly frustrating to be honest. If you use the tools the game provides with no hacks or cheats, any tactic is perfectly acceptable as far as I am concerned. If some angry nerd isn't good enough to adapt to it and wants to message insults then that's on them.
  12. Rent extra flops at only £4.99 per month (new customers only)
  13. Yep, I can have all the good will in the world with 10 months to wait, but when positive word of mouth starts leaking in the run up to release I will be flinging money at this.
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