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  1. You guys are really selling this. Is the basic version okay or do you really need to stump up the cash for the extra space and stuff?
  2. So do you by the sound of it.
  3. I hope Wolves finish in the top 4.
  4. This gets a thumbs up too. Some of the acting is a bit hit or miss, but on the whole I had a reet good time with it.
  5. All I want is the PS5 to return power back to the grid during use and beam games directly into my mind palace.
  6. Playing through this again on PC at the moment. My God the game has changed a lot since launch. New mechanics, cutscenes, reworked levels. It's so much more cohesive it really does make the launch version seem like a beta.
  7. This forum's obsession with this guy who hasn't even posted here since 2005 is a little odd.
  8. Color out of Space was a hit for me too. Really enjoyed it and a great role for Chong.
  9. Ouch. Well he got paid I guess.
  10. I think they just want to make more money.
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