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  1. Gizamaluke


    Well this is pleasant news
  2. I bloody love Remedy.
  3. World War Z is currently free to keep on Epic Game Store. https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/world-war-z/home Nearly bought this the other day!!
  4. I took the punt on pc in the end. If I'm going to be stuck at home why the hell not. It looks and runs amazingly. I followed some optimization guide to get Xbox one x equivalent graphics settings and that keeps the frames over 100 and it feels really nice to play with K+M. Such a different experience to the sluggish laggy pad controls.
  5. What's the state of this on PC these days? I'm tempted by the reduction on Steam.
  6. I like this a lot. I was initially skeptical being a big fan of the original game, but there's a lot of love gone into this (albeit with an obvious low budget). The area layout is familiar despite being 3D and even the innkeepers still do their funky little dance. Combat feels good, the voices and artwork are fine imo and it's just a nice simple game to play and switch off all the current shite. Demo has sold me.
  7. Further proof we have slipped into some crazy alternative timeline. Bully 2 ffs
  8. I've just hit level 40. What now gear wise beyond stripping and tranferring skills that suit my sniper style?
  9. We watched it over the weekend. The only comment post credits was from my wife who said Zac Efron's looking old.
  10. I so hope this is correct...
  11. Adrian will give the whole team coronavirus and we will end the season with nothing. Fuck football man.
  12. And one team has more time to play at home. No excuses.
  13. Ahh Adrian ffs. He's so likeable the big dumb shit fuck.
  14. You guys just don't understand. So would it be okay for your wife to go multiplatform? Answer me that!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Yeah, it always felt incredibly responsive to me for a pauper 30fps game.
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