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  1. Any lessons learned from the retro brite experiment? I plan on doing my Super Famicom in the coming weeks (once the sun decides to make an appearance).
  2. Bought this on Switch and after the PS4 demo it really is quite a significant downgrade, visually and frame rate wise. If you have both options available, unless handheld play is your main focus of course, definitely go with PS4.
  3. Loving the support people are providing each other in this thread Definitely making it more tempting to jump on the Mister train, when finances allow.
  4. Wreckfest doesn’t appear to carry saves over from the PS4 version which is a shame
  5. Whereabouts is he based? Got a link? Considering getting into Mister a little down the line, when finances allow.
  6. I have a henkaku’d up Vita and a 64gb card. Thinking of moving to SD2Vita though and upgrading to a 128gb and selling the Sony 64gb. Anyone able to recommend a tutorial for this purpose?
  7. Not a City fan by any stretch, but what a second half performance and you love to see petulant teams and players having it stuck to them.
  8. Just sideloaded it onto my Shield TV. Symphony Of The Night in 4K. Ridge Racer likewise with texture glitching fixed It’s great so far, and seems to run a hell of a lot better on Shield than Beetle.
  9. Played a bit of this post-patch on PS5 tonight. Lip sync is still atrocious, the checkpoint stutter hasn’t been fixed(!), HDR looks poor and the game presentation just looks really soft in general. What a disappointment.
  10. Might be time to pick up some more of the rarer/more expensive PS1 games from the Japanese store, if they haven’t disappeared already. I already have Harmful Park, Gaia Seed, Zanac X Zanac, Dodonpachi and a few others. Will probably add Little Ralph and a few more of the ridiculously pricey (for physical copies) shooters.
  11. Looking at this now on Amazon Japan (not that I can pull the trigger until end of month) and there are two different editions at different prices, which google translates as ‘body - limited to Amazon’ and ‘body - not limited to amazon’, which is pricier. Anyone know the difference?
  12. Thanks, happy to cover postage if you do pass a post office
  13. Looking to pick up a complete Psycho Fox, if you’re selling?
  14. I’d be interested in the annual if you feel like letting it go
  15. How much was it all in? Tempted to pull the trigger myself.
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