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  1. Does it work well with just 2 players?
  2. I preferred Katana Zero of the two
  3. Nintendo already did fog gaming years ago with the N64.
  4. Sega just updated their logo to a rainbow version on social media. Which is probably just a LGBT thing, or they’re releasing a limited edition rainbow coloured Dreamcast Mini...
  5. Nice. Been after Way Of The Samurai so if you fancy making a bit of a profit, give me a shout
  6. Harmful Park on Japanese PS1, absolutely mint condition. Sold it on here for £60, goes for about £400 now Great game too.
  7. A modded Wii U is an amazing thing. Basically all of Nintendo’s best games from NES all the way through to Wii U on one machine.
  8. Battle Garegga - Xbox One A ridiculously comprehensive port by emulation masters M2, which really helps the game shine and has elevated it into absolute top tier shmup territory for me. 9 power ups out of 10.
  9. Is there a decent website to browse the latest games to go on sale? Eshop itself is a little slow.
  10. Where did people oredr from to get it in under a week and with import tax pe-paid? Play-Asia or Amazon.jp?
  11. When do sales go up on the eshop? Big sales aside, do they have a weekly schedule?
  12. Pretty much any recent sports game, including the headline modes for Fifa and Pro Evo.
  13. Animal Crossing. Strikes me as the digital equivalent of middle aged men playing with Sylvanian Families.
  14. Anyone know what resolution this runs on Switch vs PS4 Pro? Will probably grab the Switch version but tempted by PS4 if it runs at 4k.
  15. And Mike is also one of the bad guys in Under Siege 2.
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