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  1. It looks like it's one of those games that's big in South Korea. Said it's been going since 2004 on Wikpedia.
  2. Couldn't hold it in after trying to get through the whole of one of Kojima's cutscenes.
  3. I don't know about that, but the lighting did look nicer. I was looking into modding the Steam version but it looks like you have to downgrade it first after they got all fussy after Hot Coffee.
  4. Never mind that, have you seen what's been going on in the world of Hana Barbera comics!?
  5. The Steam version. Last time I played the game all the way through I went for the original Xbox version as that seemed to be the better of the versions between that and PS2. Despite that, though, the GTA series has always been a Playstation game in my heart.
  6. I went back and played a little bit of San Andreas based on this thread. Feels a bit looser than I remember but still good. I'd somehow forgotten how much GTA 5 stays true to the spirit of San Andreas' map. A lot of it makes sense to me now that I've seen what it's supposed to be like in a more environmentally dense higher resolution.
  7. I didn't like Murray's cameo in the last Ghostbusters. Felt like he wasn't even trying. I hope he's invested more in this.
  8. I've said before, a pre-Christmas Gremlins and Die Hard double bill was the best cinema experience I've had in a long time.
  9. San Andreas, what a game. A modern high-resolution texture update on the same map would be just the thing to celebrate. Leave everything else as it is. Even the pointless gang warfare stuff.
  10. I was just thinking of this very subject the other day and listened to the Little Shop of Horrors soundtrack. That really holds up. I don't think there's a bad song on there and it really moves along. Bill Murray cameo as well. Busy Malone is another I'm fond of, purely because it's unique. I don't think we'll ever see a movie quite like it again. It's also got one of the greatest final songs of a musical ever.
  11. James Lyon

    Hitman 2

    Even the Christmas stuff?
  12. James Lyon

    Hitman 2

    Apart from the elusive target, is all this stuff timed, or can you pick it up after the month is over?
  13. Until now, I've only been posting on here when a 100% total a game, but I'm realising that takes me an age so I hardly post anything. So here's to posting when I finish the story mode only or whatever. I mean, who's counting? On that note: Dark Souls: I finally finished my first play through. I found it fairly easy-going, at least because I'd come in after Platinum-ing Demon's Souls. Most bosses didn't need too many restarts, all except for the last boss, Lord Gwyn himself, who felt like he took more attempts than all the other bosses put together. That run to the pit was a killer. In the end, I found a nice levelling-up spot in the Tomb of the Giants and ground up to level 110 and strength enough to hold the Dragon Tooth one-handed. I didn't touch magic or arrows at all, though, so that's something to address in a new playthrough. I was surprised how close to Demon's Souls this is in style. Even knowing the basics, however, I definitely see what people are saying about it being obscure as I tried not to look anything up just yet - never got the covenant system. I would have almost missed the whole of one area had I not watched a speed-run at the end of my own run and found them going somewhere I'd tried to go previously and failed. That's a big section of the game hidden away without any indication! Too bad I was massively over-powered by the time I got there, though.
  14. Toni Erdmann - I thought it was going to be all wacky from what I'd heard of it, but it was rather restrained in a good way. I wasn't expecting that petit fours scene, though! I suppose it is German. 4 out of 5
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