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  1. James Lyon

    Better Call Saul!

    Some guy in The Guardian claiming this is a better show than Breaking Bad: https://www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/2018/oct/11/sall-good-man-how-better-call-saul-became-superior-to-breaking-bad I do and I don't think that. I didn't realise it was conceived as a sitcom and I'd forgotten some of the more silly lighthearted moments of earlier series like the sex toilet. Hence, I'm wondering if that quality is there when taking it in as a whole. In all, it's a different beast to BB, for sure and I think it needs a rewatch all the way through before I can judge it fully. I've got to admit, though, it doesn't have the immediate appeal that BB did, where you could easily gorge on episodes one after another. This one needs more commitment to watch, I think. One thing I've never thought about: is this show any good for people who haven't watched any Breaking Bad? Anybody got any anecdotal evidence of somebody trying to do so and what did they think? It does seem, though, that it's not as tightly plotted as I thought it would be. I guess that's the nature of TV shows like this, though. Take Nacho (I know I've brought him up before): his arc seems to have hit a dead end. He hasn't really been much more than a plot point to get the pieces in place for what happened in BB. I was hoping they could have done more than that before jettisoning him for smiling cartel member, Lalo. His rise through the ranks is about as inconsequential as Marie's fit of kleptomania. But, I know, it's a slow show, so there's probably some payoff planned.
  2. James Lyon


    As a casual player, there's a lot of banging your head against the wall at some point. Even playing Whizbang, I'm not really getting above level 19 much. Getting gold is nice and all, but you know you really have to spend money to get good. The main mode needs something else to keep people who are never going to see Legend motivated. Maybe split it up into different tiers with their own kind of Legend, even just put some more achievements. I like it, but even I feel like I'm going through the motions just to clear quests sometimes.
  3. James Lyon

    Perfect Films

    Who was it who said Tremors was the perfect script? That's a pretty good one, too.
  4. James Lyon

    Perfect Films

    Groundhog Day is definitely up there.
  5. James Lyon

    Better Call Saul!

    Did we really need an origin story for the bell?
  6. That looks great. Loved that bit when they're all on the ceiling.
  7. I assume this is about the appeals. It would be good if it also covered some of the omissions of the original that make Avery not quite as innocent as he appeared if you read up on it.
  8. That's all we needed in the first place. Transformers that actually looked like Transformers and not jarring metal monstrosities. That girl remind me of Elijah Wood's sister on Dirk Gently.
  9. James Lyon

    Joker origin film - Joaquin Phoenix Confirmed

    The amount of takes on Batman around now, I think we can cut them some slack. Just call it another pocket of the multiverse or something.
  10. James Lyon

    Joker origin film - Joaquin Phoenix Confirmed

    I said I liked the look of Phoenix's Joker make-up, but now I've seen the whole costume, I'm not so sure now. Is it set in the Seventies as well?
  11. James Lyon

    Watchmen coming to HBO

    Is this a continuation of what happened after the book/movie or a different take on things?
  12. James Lyon

    Good new horror films

    This isn't to be confused with definite article The Possession which I streamed on Netflix the other night on the back of this recommendation. That one's got a couple of eerie moments wrapped around your usual girl gets possessed by demon tropes. It's also got Jeffrey Dean Morgan in it, who I've quite liked since Supernatural. Is the Possession you were talking about the one from 1981?
  13. James Lyon

    Joker origin film - Joaquin Phoenix Confirmed

    That looks pretty good - a touch of John Wayne Gacy in there, methinks. The more I see of this movie, the less I'm convinced it was a terrible barrel-scraping idea. I mean, that's on the back of some pictures of Joaquin Phoenix's costume so it's still got time to be terrible. At the very least it doesn't yet look like it's courting the teen goth, Harley Quinn-loving crowd.
  14. James Lyon

    Better Call Saul!


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