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  1. petrolgirls

    Xbox One Console Thread

    It was cancelled though, even if it's awful it'd be nice to see it come out at some point regardless of format.
  2. petrolgirls

    Xbox One Console Thread

    Who for?
  3. petrolgirls


    It's certainly possible to finish off bosses first time solo. I managed the Witch of Hemwick but she is pretty easy, Micolash too although in retrospect I got a bit lucky there and Darkbeast Paarl as I met him quite late in the game. Ebrietas, although I've never found her that tricky. Nearly killed Rom on my first go too but then took another 25 or so attempts to finally put him down.
  4. petrolgirls

    Rllmuk Game of the Year 2019 predictions

    Uh-huh. From software represent bad taste, TLOU is an 'interactive movie' and Microsoft leveraging cross platform will save them. Searing insight as ever.
  5. petrolgirls

    Rllmuk Game of the Year 2019 predictions

    Dunno about sleeper hit - I'd say Sekiro is pretty much the most anticipated title of 2019, it is for me certainly. TLOU2 would have to be up there along with Ori 2 - although platformers represent more of a niche interest for most. Crackdown will be critical for Microsoft, likely the last 'big' release for them this gen. You have to imagine that without something resembling a strong finish this gen they'll be sunk next gen.
  6. petrolgirls

    Major new online game coming this year from Nintendo.

    You do talk industrial levels of horseshit at times.
  7. Exactly, in order for Astro Bot to shift places with Spider-Man it must have had more than 0 negative votes. Hence the pitchforks.
  8. Who in the fuck had Astro Bot on their list of most disappointing?
  9. Thanks so much @Benny @Wiper and @Jolly - absolutely outstanding work and a complete joy to read.
  10. The combat in GoW started off promising enough but managed to get worse as you unlocked skills and the second weapon. It's still a decent enough game but besides a few bits of amusing dialogue I'd struggle to recall very much at all about the second half of the game. Despite being very much a mechanics over everything else sort-of-a-chap I've always had a big soft spot for Rockstar's output and fell in love with RDR2. The main missions are often a bit tedious, the controls are idiosyncratic (although not anywhere as bad as some would have you believe) but everything else about the game is just wonderful. For me RDR2 deserves to be comfortably ahead of GoW on this list.
  11. Still can't purchase on the Switch store but as JP mentions the web version works fine.
  12. https://www.nintendo.co.jp/netinfo/en_GB/index.html eShop down. Balls, I've a long haul flight and was really looking forward to this.
  13. petrolgirls

    Epic trying to beat Steam the wrong way?

    Odd that this hasn't drawn your ire and poorly judged analogies the countless times Microsoft have done this both this gen and last.
  14. petrolgirls

    Rllmuk's Official Sales Figures

    PS+ helped but I think it was much more to do with them getting a decent library of exclusives together by about the half-way mark and reducing the price of the console significantly. Still surprising how quickly it pulled ahead of 360 (on the assumption that graph is accurate) given the 360 was the better machine in most respects. Guess that's down to Xbox never cracking Japan or much of Europe.
  15. petrolgirls

    Epic trying to beat Steam the wrong way?

    Another apt comparison is Microsoft buying timed exclusivity for Tomb Raider. Harsin already made this point, you've elected to ignore it so I'll ask you directly: why is it ok for Microsoft to buy a timed 3rd party exclusive for their store but not Epic? Even more egregious given it debuted on Xbox so if you wanted to play that game at launch you didn't need to just install a free app on your PC; you had to spend £300 on a new machine. I guess I'm wondering where that places Microsoft in the pantheon of fascists.

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