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  1. I'd visually line up with the levels histogram - should be reasonably clear where your black and white points are. This would be so much easier if Photoshop had vectorscopes, waveforms and parades but Adobe are hopeless when it comes to giving Photoshop decent tools so I wouldn't hold your breath. Resolve does this beautifully and is free.
  2. MS deserve a load of credit for helping making games more accessible for those with disabilities. Whether by design or accident Kinect was great for that, they were the first to introduce system level customisable controls and the Adaptive Controller looks to be fantastic - I haven’t bought one yet as my daughter seems to manage fine with a standard customised controller but it’s a great addition for those with more serious disabilities.
  3. I've got it on Switch, Xbox and Steam but the Switch version has had over 90% of my time.
  4. I had an crazy run - first relic was Charons Ashes (3 damage to all enemies for every card exhausted). This was rapidly followed by Dead Branch then a Corruption card. To make sure I also got Smiling Mask (card removal always costs 50 gold) just to keep my deck nice and slim. I then filled my deck with good skill cards and just destroyed everything. Boy is that combo OP'ed.
  5. I don't understand why you think this is significant. Having a higher cost of entry will, if anything, make consumers more sensitive to what exclusive content there is. I'm not trying to be argumentative - you said other media was turning away from exclusives when the exact opposite is true - companies like Netflix are bankrupting themselves in a race to make exclusive content.
  6. This whole line of argument - that you're so clever you couldn't possibly be confused by this is poorly conceived. I don't think there's any facet of intelligence that allows you to innately understand the differences between an Xbox One X and an Xbox Series X. It isn't clear from the name which supersedes the other - it would require you to have a working understanding of gaming consoles and then do some research to understand how they relate to each other. Not a huge obstacle, but an obstacle nonetheless. Obstacles to understanding exactly what your product does are considered a bad thing. Forget hilarious mix ups at Game stores, overwhelmingly it just puts people off buying the product in the first place. This is precisely what happened to the WiiU as Nintendo themselves admitted - so I don't think this a particularly elliptical conversation to have. Regarding other products, I've had to have long conversations with friends and relatives about which iPhone or LG OLED it is they want to buy. These aren't dim people, they just don't live and breathe consumer gadgets and appliances. Quite sensibly really.
  7. You claimed that other media had moved away from exclusive content which is manifestly untrue. I don't think the cost of entry is hugely significant either way, particularly when it's dwarfed by the cost of subscription to their services over a few years. Overwhelmingly people will only buy one console, you get to chose whether to buy Microsoft, Sony or Nintendo's machine - the more compelling reasons there are to get you into their ecosystem the better for them - I don't see this changing significantly.
  8. Sure, but not sure what your point is - getting folk to buy into moderately expensive hardware would only make exclusives more important, no?
  9. Dunno, streaming services like Netflix, Prime, HBO etc are pretty heavily invested in exclusives - if anything that market is increasingly dependent on exclusives.
  10. PSNow has been streaming games since shortly after the PS4's launch. That said most of the PS4 games are available to download too I think.
  11. Presumably third party devs can do what they want wrt compatibility. If, say, a Rockstar or a Ubi want to put out something that takes advantage of the Series X and PS5 hardware within the first couple of years of next gen - MS aren't going to turn then away.
  12. Most will, perhaps - but I think there's a tendency on hardcore gaming forums to imagine everyone else are as clued into this sort of stuff as we are. I've got friends who game a bunch, many of whom may well be early adopters next gen but don't really pay much attention to the industry beyond just buying games.
  13. I'm not even sure the biggest issue is around whether you mix up what you buy - I think I agree that's going to be a relatively rare occurrence. What's more problematic is ambiguity in the eyes of consumers when they look into buying a Series X. Not being sure whether a product is what you're actually looking for when it isn't clearly defined from its previous model, where you're not exactly sure what games it plays or whether there's any need to upgrade from your current model means, rather than mistakenly buy the wrong thing, you're simply less likely to buy it in the first place. I can see the logic behind them using 'series' in trying to stress the continuation from last gen to next but think it might be fraught with messaging issues.
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