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  1. The connect 6 game is really fun - I've not played anything quite like it. Edit: 6-Ball Puzzle, for clarity.
  2. I wondered the same too. It makes no sense to me, I use an application that does nearly all it's calculations on GPU, when you're looking at a menu the GPU is silent but when you preview or render the GPU roars into life as you'd expect. I don't get why games aren't the same. If a framerate unlock in menus is to blame why are they unlocked?
  3. I'm with you - I find Silent the hardest class, at least in late game. Scaling poison takes too long and I always struggle to scale shivs much.
  4. I knew who'd possed that before looking. For me the PGR series, Burnout pre-Paradise and NFS:HP, still the best collection of racing games ever made.
  5. I think your original premise makes little sense. Here's a still from the flying sequence, it's not like motion blur is used excessively.
  6. Of course there's also motion blur in the caves, the camera moves more slowly so it's less apparent.
  7. It's true that game motion blur can be pretty low rent and over applied - resulting in quite smeary imagery, sometimes full of artifacts - perhaps that's what Escaped is reacting to. As an aside, motion blur in modern games isn't a matter of blurring together existing frames. That would result in extremely steppy and unsatisfactory results, instead a basic vector map is generated then used to selectively blur each individual frame.
  8. I mean, you're not wrong in that LCD's and OLED's have reduced temporal resolution (although not plasmas, they were as good as CRT's in that dept) but this notion that PS2 games look the same as the UE5 demo when paused is a little unhinged and the idea that motion blur is added to try compensate for LCD screens is complete nonsense I'm afraid.
  9. Last gen was an unusually long 8 years whereas this gen will only be 7 - guessing that has something to do with it.
  10. A more traditional Katsu recipe wouldn't blend the carrots - they'd just be diced, along with diced potatoes too. Also, make sure you serve with fukujinzuke pickles.
  11. You can get an 8K texture down to well under 80Mb, no? A thousand of those would be 80GB. My understanding is much of the data on current games is the same textures at different sizes for LoD, much of which is then repeated dozens of times to try and reduce seek times on mechanical drives. This (in theory) all vanishes when you're able to stream those textures in almost instantaneously. With any luck we'll have games with much higher quality and more varied textures but with roughly the same install size.
  12. Quite. The good news is it sounds like next gen is going to be a mishmash of elements rendered at different resolutions, with temporal reconstruction, checkerboard scaling and then a GI pass on top - so it'll likely mean that pixel counting to establish native resolution will be almost impossible and we can just enjoy gorgeous looking clean well antialiased games.
  13. Is there though? I only ask as I'm not familiar with what's been shown and there didn't seem to be much on show with the reveal last night.
  14. It’s not even about shinies, often rendering at those sort of resolutions will decrease overall image quality, it’s all about box ticking for the marketing dept because some weird demographic believe native 4K rendering is somehow significant.
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