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  1. petrolgirls

    Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

    Me too, but that's what makes their games special, you feel yourself getting tangibly better at them. If there was as easy mode I'd probably have used it years ago and not really learned anywhere near as much from their games, nor enjoyed the immense satisfaction of smashing a boss that felt completely unbeatable fifty or even a hundred deaths ago. Regarding colour-coding unblockable attacks, I reckon that'd reduce the game to Bemani and make the unblockables easier than regular attacks. From's games have always required you to watch your enemy really closely to anticipate their moves, it's an integral part of the combat.
  2. petrolgirls

    Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

    I don't get why Sekiro is being singled out as being really hard, I haven't found it much harder than From's previous games. To be clear, that's not to suggest it's anything other than a challenging game but that's the beauty of From's work.
  3. That's a big part of it obviously but there's no question that hardware limitations constrain developers. You simply couldn't make BotW on a SNES no matter how many developers or how much time they had.
  4. Oh absolutely, but that's not in question. It's still a relatively tiny area around you that's simulated and it would undoubtedly improve the game if it were larger.
  5. Nintendo do an amazing job of masking the limitations of the world but a simple example is seeing a group of wooden perches in the near distance. Looking through your binoculars will reveal no enemies but as you approach they suddenly materialise. Similarly, letting an object roll away from you on a hill will result in it permanently vanishing if it gets too far away. It's a bit disconcerting.
  6. Not the simulation, you can see enemies pop in just a few hundred yards in front of you as you walk towards them.
  7. Not necessarily bigger worlds, but the world simulation running over a wider area than the limited bounding box you get in many open world games this gen.
  8. Yes, you should see some difference next gen. CPU power has stagnated over the last three generations. Next generation should see a massive increase in compute available. In open world games particularly this should result in smarter AI and better physics simulated over a wider area than this current generation. Zelda BotW, incredible game though it is, is a good example of how tiny the simulated game world has to be in order to accommodate the limited CPU in the Switch. If anything I think visuals aren't going to be much of leap, except perhaps a fairly limited implementation of ray-tracing.
  9. petrolgirls

    The iOS gaming thread

    Civ VI.
  10. petrolgirls

    Microsoft & Sony sitting in a tree...

    Oh from a sane business perspective I totally agree but the crazies who view this as some ludicrous war maybe not so much. I've worked with folk from PlayStation and Xbox's marketing teams and they're acutely aware of the prism a deranged segment of their audience see this industry through. Purely speculative on my part and based on the fact that the rest of their agreement doesn't seem particularly substantial.
  11. petrolgirls

    Microsoft & Sony sitting in a tree...

    I'll cheerfully concede my understanding of this stuff is by no means authoritative but far as I know game streaming isn't an especially complex issue, the problems are all well understood and the limitations are mostly logistical, ie distance to server - or, aren't going to change anytime soon, ie the delays incurred encoding video. Certainly Google seems to have built a capable streaming service having had no real previous experience in this area and without access to whatever meaningful patents Sony have. I'd be surprised if Microsoft, with their expertise in gaming, servers and networks couldn't easily replicate that without Sony's help. Where you can see an benefit, hopefully, is for gamers. Having both Xbox and PlayStation network infrastructure sitting on the same underlying service means that there'll be no excuse for not fully implementing cross-play whilst introducing almost no additional latency. In fact there's almost no reason that developers couldn't use the same server application for online play for both PlayStation and Xbox. Outside of that, the rest of their spiel seemed quite vague and nebulous, I guess we'll see how much of it comes to fruition.
  12. petrolgirls

    Microsoft & Sony sitting in a tree...

    Far as I can make out Sony need data centres all over the world, makes no sense to build them as it's not their core business. They'd have looked at Google, AWS and Microsoft and picked MS based mostly on cost I'd imagine. Don't see what Sony bring to this party, what on earth are MS going to do with Sony's image sensors or image processing hardware? Strikes me that their respective marketing teams have spun it as an exciting joint venture because that's what marketing people do and perhaps because they know how hysterical a small but highly vocal proportion of their customers are, selling it as a collaborative thing rather than the mundane reality of Sony renting some server space from MS might have been their way of placating their more fevered fans who, regardless, still seem desperate to see this as a 'win' or 'loss' in their mind-numbing bubble.
  13. petrolgirls


    The Axe is a fine weapon as are most of the weapons in Bloodborne but LHB is pretty beastly, very high damage per hit, great moveset and staggers almost everything.
  14. petrolgirls

    PlayStation VR

    You can easily play one handed with Move. If anything I found it more accurate.
  15. petrolgirls

    PlayStation VR

    So there's a tutorial - slightly clunky thing with a 'tablet' you need to figure out and then, as far as I can work out, you can start a course but only play a practise shot which seems a little tight. It looks pretty good (on a Pro) and the sense of scale and presence all seems spot on. I found it very easy to hook the ball badly using motion controls and might well just play sitting down with a controller. Just a shame you can't seem to play a hole in the demo.

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