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  1. I've managed it with the Watcher going divine and doing silly shenanigans.
  2. imp


    New Yuasa show Tokyo Sinks 2020 is out as well, now. First episode was pretty great but after watching a couple more I don't think I'll finish this one, sadly. The tone is absolutely all over the place and the show rapidly loses any sense of believability.
  3. Buying this for the third time, I double wish for a "unlock everything" button! Felt so weird doing the first run, wondering where all the strength cards were and then unlocking Spot Weakness, Limit Break and Heavy Blade all at once.
  4. Other than the longer nail pointed out above, it’s just a skill you’ve rarely had to employ up to this point in the game, so I’d say it’s just a matter of getting used to it. It’s only really used for optional challenges, but there are some areas which will force you to master it pretty quickly!
  5. There are really accessible "fighting games" like Nidhogg or Samurai Gunn that will scratch that pick up and play itch, and have way more depth than you might think on first glance. Still, sometimes you wanna play rock, paper, scissors and sometimes you wanna play chess.
  6. Whoah! Thank you for the bonus gift!
  7. @Mr Do 71 Vanity and yucca sent!
  8. Sent the FR. Ian from Bouffant.
  9. Got a rattan vanity (brown), also have rattan wardrobes (brown & light brown), armchair (brown) and low table (white) if you're looking for alternative colours. Also have a Yucca plant. Would love a rattan bed, swap for a Yucca and the vanity?
  10. I think The NMT payment is for people grinding for encounters with villagers they want to move in. That or they stack better than bags of cash if you’re expecting to get a lot of punters in would be my guess, but I have no idea if that’s true.
  11. @NexivRed I’m heading back online. How would you like your dirt flooring delivered? EDIT: I’m really sorry, but I’ve messed up. It’s in my catalogue but not for purchase so assumed it was a special flooring I got from Saharah - but I looked in my inventory and it isn’t there!
  12. Sure thing, will ping you when I'm back on later.
  13. Consider it done! EDIT: It IS done! DOUBLEEDIT: Thank you!
  14. Whoops, posted in the wrong thread earlier, but I'm looking for climbing walls! (And the climbing wall wallpaper) Ste sorted me out with the pink climbing wall earlier, and Donut gave me a blue one (thank you both!), but I'd still like to get the natural and white variants. Here are some items from my catalogue I could trade with: Wallpapers: Backyard-fence wall Future-Tech wall Kisses wall Floors: Backyard Lawn Boxing-ring mat Construction-site flooring Dirt flooring Western desert Furniture: Cacao tree Clay furnace DJ's Turntable (black) Long Bathtub (green) Kotatsu Marimba Mountain Bike (white) Smoker Table with Cloth Tankless Toilet (black) I can also just pay in cash. Cheers!
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