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  1. I'm just getting my arse handed to me in the first caves mission.
  2. I'm right at the start, don't get much time to play these days but going to give it a shot. Just wondering how long I should play before deciding.
  3. I just talk to my wife until her ears glaze over about whatever my favourite is at the moment. I find having deliberately bought decent stereo speakers for my dining room has helped massively. Then I can use that if the living room is in use. And my wife and I sit in there and eat dinner most nights and we'll put a record on and chat. It's lovely! Currently jamming: Born to Run - Bruce Springsteen State into Death and be Still - Ulcerate Dirty Computer and Electric Lady - Janelle Monae Just arrived: Paradise Lost - Obsidian Daughters - You Won't Get What You Want
  4. It's so rewarding when you give a record a few listens and think 'shit this is great!'
  5. I'll either put headphones on while my wife is playing animal crossing or watching something or go in the dining room and put a record on.
  6. Oh yes. I had a period where I didn't but now I'm buying loads of records and making a point of active listening. I'm fucking loving music again.
  7. Shall I take the 100,000 bonus or not? Will it spoil me aspiring to own cool gear, or just help me out with grinding for money?
  8. Yeah I totally agree. Saw this at the cinema after loving Your Name and was pretty disappointed. It looked good but I think Your Name looked better and had a better plot with a more believable romance. Also, whoever decided to subtitle the terrible emo punk songs so that you could read the toe-curling embarrassing lyrics is either a genius or masochist.
  9. I only mentioned it because you seemed to say that you prefer the way an iPhone feels. That would get you there.
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