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  1. Sure, here you go. This is the colour: https://www.farrow-ball.com/paint-colours/studio-green
  2. Probably. No store here yet and no turnip person.
  3. Surely I don't have to do that every time she needs an axe? That's shit if so.
  4. I'm selling my Brother my OG Switch. What's a decent mates rates price for the console, joycons, dock etc?
  5. My wife is stressing that she doesn't have the axe recipe. I got it by doing the 5 creatures to Tom thing but she can't do that because the museum is now here. Any idea how she can get it?
  6. Yes this has been proven impossible recently in America.
  7. I've listened to this a lot recently. I thought it was too R&B for my taste but then I caught the video for Sad Day and I was like WTF that's incredble and I love it.
  8. My version is English with the correct song.
  9. We started watching Kiki's the other day. The title song was not the correct one I had to put on our original. This is the correct song when Kiki flies away from home:
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