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  1. That's a good question. Not really. I think I prefer it instrumental or at least with no cheesy clubby vocals. I like some Churches but that's not what I'm going for. I don't like it too glitchy but I like stuff like fuck buttons and the ambient aphex twin. Actually I wasn't keen on a square pusher cd I bought once. I don't like noodly or widdly stuff. My preferred type of progressive is more like gradual tension buildup and release and not verse chorus verse structures, not a million notes for the sake of it.
  2. Stuff I've enjoyed. Kebu - Perplexagon Stars of the Lid - various Jon Hopkins - various Global Communication - 76:14 Stuff like that. I like progressive music and stuff that makes you feel like you're in space. Also stoner rock and black metal and death metal and prog and stuff. Looking for some really great stuff that will grow on me.
  3. It's a bit weird that the intro animation is like a Netflix Kids show, and then the game is a 30s cartoon. Don't really care if it's heavily inspired by Cuphead, if it's good.
  4. Cranberries Blind melon Pearl coffee Water bottles One ice cube isn't there Sliced shit Skin graft infection Two cans at the hootenanny Twin grinders
  5. Online it should be better in theory for fighting games. They'll be able to have people playing on the same instance of the game and the latency should be less.
  6. Sapphire is fire too. Quite poppy but fantastic. Sounds massive.
  7. New Alcest is fucking brill.
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