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  1. I had a Master System and the following: Secret Command(o) Quartet Black Belt Astro Warrior/Hang on Alex Kidd in Miracle World Alex Kidd in Shinobi World After Burner Zillion II The Triformation Rampage R-Type Mission Impossible Rastan Transbot Ghost House My Hero Wonder Boy in Monster Land Kung Fu Kid Alien Syndrome Aztec Adventure Can't remember any more.
  2. I think it (not in a bad way, that's basically how it's presented) depends on you having fond memories of the Dragon's Trap on the Master System.
  3. I gave it a good chance but found it ultimately boring and annoying.
  4. I did say it was kind of like TCGS.
  5. I saw IDLES at the great escape in 2016 and they were great. Haven't really checked up on them since, might have a listen again!
  6. CD!
  7. In the UK you can eat raw eggs it's fine.
  8. Are you on a tight budget? Quorn chicken nuggets make an excellent addition to a veggie katsu sauce. Their swedish meatballs go really nicely in a tomato pasta.
  9. Why do you need to pasteurise it? You can safely eat almost all raw eggs in the UK, as long as they have the lion mark.
  10. For Calories I add coconut milk. Obviously chickpeas are full of protein and work really well in most curries. But I also make seitan chunks for a vegan butter chicken which works really well: Try this - it's amazing https://www.veganbell.com/vegan-butter-chicken/
  11. I just use chickpeas to be honest
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