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  1. My wife will be all over that recipe and I will be all over the food.
  2. She was really into Only Yesterday too.
  3. My daughter has been watching: Spirited Away Totoro Laputa Howl Kiki since before she was two and still loves them at 2 and a half
  4. A port of Hellfire please.
  5. Horribleman


    I can do level one, but I just go to pieces on stage 2.
  6. Latifs inspired on YouTube just put a recipe up. Might be worth checking that out too. They recommend chunky chaat masala which I've just bought.
  7. Probably one of the greatest ever made.
  8. I think Totoro and Kiki's are the epitome of them. Totoro is more magical and Kiki's deals with a few more growing up issues but they are both utterly incredible movies.
  9. Yeah, the dubs are great. You have to be careful with Arietty as there is an English and American English dub.
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