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  1. Cosmic_Guru

    EDGE #322 - The E3 Issue

    It's a very strange review. I think it does a reasonable job at explaining some aspects of the game (although not the fact it uses a single save or you can respec your skills at any time), and the game certainly isn't for someone who dislikes lengthy and slow conversation sequences in a few places, but the 5 tacked on at the end simply doesn't do it justice. It's not mediocre or average in the sense of "the same thing has been done n times before and this brings nothing new to the table", its not technically flawed (apart from one problem on XB which may have been patched); given the French developer I think it's a brilliant effort at representing a slice of alternate history London, and the combat is rather good once you grasp the key drivers (which is acknowledged in the review). I don't really see the hang up some reviewers have on the apparent discrepancy between being unwilling to feed from NPCs you should have got to know at least little beforehand, and killing mobs of vampire hunters in self-defence. TLDR: if you are interested in the game, look at the thread here and don't worry about the score
  2. Cosmic_Guru


    The Dark Prince is how I think about him (totally irrationally of course, seems an interesting guy and has overcome a lot to come back, notwithstanding being one of the best of the best of all time).
  3. Cosmic_Guru


    Straightforward for Kerber, who to be accurate holds duel German - Polish nationality. Also, she's another player who is naturally right handed but trained to be a leftie (that's enough pining for Rafa - Ed).
  4. Cosmic_Guru


    Not to be. Super match though.
  5. Cosmic_Guru


    Keep up your predictions . Rafa Strange set though - Rafa veering from unplayable to "sloppy" at times. Don't know how he was allowed out of that last game.
  6. Cosmic_Guru


    Wonderful afternoon and evening of tennis, especially the evening. Watching Wimbledon in UHD via the iPlayer this year has been lovely. I fear for my man Rafa though - Nole is looking almost back to his best. He'll have to come running out of the traps and then I don't think we will be shouting for a tie-breaker if this one goes to the fifth. Then the Ladies.....
  7. Cosmic_Guru

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    Phew! power back on after a 60 minute cut.
  8. Cosmic_Guru

    Forza Horizon 4 - Open-UK Racing

    I'm guessing that either 2 or 3 will be included in Game Pass from Tuesday - there is an Inside Xbox that day which includes
  9. Cosmic_Guru

    Bargain buys for everyone.

    Go via the Pledge Manager https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1926712971/the-7th-continent-what-goes-up-must-come-down?ref=nav_search&result=project&term=7th continent I'm in!!!
  10. Cosmic_Guru

    A movie watchers blog

    Here we go: A fantastic woman (2017) - BR This is a film from Chile directed by Sebastián Lelio and starring Daniela Vega as a trans woman whose older male lover dies suddenly. Her partners brother, ex-wife and son refuse to accept she has any relationship status, or right to basic matters such as attendance at the wake or funeral, expect her to move out of the flat she was in immediately etc etc. Indignity is thrown on top of indignity because the police get involved (the lover fell down some steps before being hospitalised) which leads to an intrusive medical examination. There is one tremendous scene where she demands the return of the couple's dog in no uncertain terms. Very beautifully and tactfully shot throughout. Don’t remember much about the music except for the Aretha Franklin track “Feel like a natural woman” at one point. Highly recommended thought-provoking cinema. Battle of the sexes (2017) - DVD Continuing the Women’s interest theme, this is the true story of how Billie Jean King (Emma Stone) took on inveterate gambler, male (“putting the show into chauvinist") pig Bobby Riggs (Steve Carell) a former US and Wimbledon champ, but 55 years old at the time with a less than serious attitude to training for the match. Most of the film however is concerned with the efforts of BJK and the aggressive publisher Gladys Helman to beak free from the male financial domination of professional tennis, by setting up the Virginia Slims tournament. Along the way BJK experiences her first gay relationship. Needless to say I really enjoyed this. I’m pretty sure any 29 year old woman at peak physical performance and a good tennis brain could outlast a 55 year old male over 5 sets (although Margaret Court who was not part of the break away group failed to do so in the earlier challenge) but nether-the-less the exhibition match made quite a statement - take us seriously! We sell as many tickets as the men do! It was a bit strange hearing the participants repeatedly describe Riggs as “really good guy” in the extras, but there doesn’t seem to be anything to suggest he was a sex pest or a nasty piece of work under all the clowning around (c.f Nastase). Dunkirk Baby Driver - both BR (2017) Two films grouped together because they each have a central gimmick or conceit. Dunkirk has the 3 way split of action / duration regarding events on the beachhead, in the air and on the boats; Baby Driver has it’s action choreographed to music heard largely through the ipod of the eponymous baby driver. I wasn’t expecting to enjoy BD (not a fan of the director's earlier work) but did so - a lot of that admittedly comes down to enjoying and recognising the musical selections (you can’t go wrong with driving soul, and the killer track “Brighton rock” finished things off splendidly for this Queen fan). The Dunkirk soundtrack on the other hand seemed to be Zimmer turned up to the max, only to be replaced by syrupy strings toward the end. Dunkirk just left me a bit cold really - not entirely sure why - I didn’t warm to any of the protagonists in the three stories. It seemed a technical achievement over a human interest story somehow. Contrast with: Journey’s end - BR (2017) Really enjoyed this one, having come into it unfamiliar with the play. The action focuses on a few days in March 2018 as the Allies in their trenches face the last big German push . We follow Raleigh (Asa Butterfield) a fresh faced 18 year old 2nd Lt as he takes his place in the company commanded by his old school idol (Sam Clafin), now reduced to a PTSD sufferer self medicating with an almost endless supply of whisky. Paul Bettany is superb as a former school master, now the oldest officer of the company, known as “Uncle”. Some of the events are highly predictable, as a 10 man team are ordered to cross over and grab a "Bosche" for intel, but the ensemble drama was still effective and moving.
  11. Cosmic_Guru

    A movie watchers blog

    I vividly remember seeing this at the cinema (PG at the time, although that changed to 12A for the 2012 theatrical re-release). Isn't it largely acclaimed as the first Summer Blockbuster? I need to post here with a catch up blog having seen a fair few interesting films recently.
  12. Cosmic_Guru

    Forza Horizon 4 - Open-UK Racing

    LOL, I'm on a video blackout for this. How can it not be absolutely stupendously good? The only issue is rent via GP or buy? If the latter, then could it be the time go for the early access version with the little crown? In other news I'm hunting down the final 2 roads in FH3 (Aus main game). Where oh where can they be? I know the answer is just to keep driving with one eye cocked at the mini-map (there are loads of gaps in the spacing of the orange broken lines visible on the main map but they are misleading), and sooner or later they will show. Likely to be where you go to start a bucket race or pick up a barn find and don't complete the track. There aren't any spaghetti junctions in this and I'm seasoned enough to have been pretty methodical as I went along. I'm also closing on the "complete an championship with every start point" using the default championships (having set up a bunch earlier on) and messing around with different cars. I haven't had to buy a car for yonks.
  13. Cosmic_Guru

    What are you reading at the moment?

    Just finished Dark Pines by Will Dean, a Brit who has lived in rural Sweden which provides the setting for this atmospheric thriller. Unfortunately I guessed the protagonist before the end, but it was still a very enjoyable read, introducing Tuva Moodyson as a deaf reporter in a 2-bit town in autumn (elk hunting season) investigating a serial killer and ruffling a few too many feathers along the way. Some superficial similarities with Twin Peaks perhaps, the forests, lumber mill, road house - but I think I'll be along for the ride for the next book.
  14. Cosmic_Guru


    I'm not a parent but I think it would be quite tough for an 8 year old unless they had already played some D&D or similar games. It's mechanically dry for one thing with a 2-card selection mechanic at the heart of it; and without much in the way of huge swings of luck / unpredictability to potentially add excitement during a game. It's all about forming a party of adventurers and working out distinct roles for them within the party, and then implementing a sensible strategy for approaching scenarios, particularly those which are not just "kill everything" (of which there are a fair number). There is a loose story (but it's easy to lose sight of since there is a bit of a main quest / side quest feel at times) and as you go along the City of Gloomhaven develops economically around you, there is more for you to buy, you find out more about the history of it, and can use the cash you've earned to further develop the classes for current and later party members (this is a great feature). Each member of your party is only along for the ride for as long as it suits them - once they have completed their personal quest they are off and it's time to unlock a new class or create a new character from an already unlocked class. The game in it's entirety is a huge time commitment given that each scenario (out of 95 in total, albeit some of those are gated during any one campaign run unless you choose to run through them in casual mode / house rules) probably takes at least 2.5 hours (including set up), and you may want to return to ones already completed to grind cash or XP. If you've played the heck out of either P&P RPGs or, particularly the likes of party based CRPGS such as Baldurs Gate / Pillars of Eternity / Dragon Age, * then I reckon you will absolutely love it - it's a perfect representation of those games in table top form without requiring a DM (and is excellent for SP multi hand play since hidden information is minimal). In it's core combat card playing mechanic it's very simple, with an unambiguous and clearly set out rule book, but within that basic framework you can portray complex and characteristic actions (like electric bolt spell, a boulder throwing rampaging barbarian, a back stabbing thief, all sorts). Everything even vaguely similar I've played since getting it (principally Sword & Sorcery, DragonFire, The City of Kings) has suffered in comparison either through inconsistency, very high unpredictability, or more of a puzzle than a game feeling (Rise of Queensdale being exempt from criticism at this point in time, and actually something I think might appeal to kids playing with parents because it's more varied from game to game, and much more tactile with lots of stickers etc). * Divinity OS also, given that the combat in this is strictly turn based like for those games
  15. Cosmic_Guru

    Vampyr - It's a vAAmpire game

    I was talking about the chapter 3 sewer boss - hardest for me by far but that was because of some graphical glitch. Every other boss went down after 1 or 2 goes. The one you mentioned was best dealt with from range I thought given the way the ground is affected. You also have to prevent them from feeding mid battle iirc.

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