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  1. Don't know how I missed this thread earlier but congratulations on the launch. Issue #1 purchased. I like the look of the Toolbox section - this is territory that Edge has almost entirely vacated, so there is definitely a gap in the market for folk like me who aren't in the business but would like to know more about what goes on "under the hood" of games. Please, please keep a really good balance of games - genres, origins, age etc. Spot on review of Assassin's creed too . Looking forward to the the RPG feature in the next issue.
  2. For me, the transition from b&w to colour (and enlargement to full screen) was breathtaking. Despite being fairly knowledgable about the war, I hadn't realised such minor details as the men's shirts being light blue. I'm not sure why colour adds to effectiveness / immediateness but it does. Incredible editing job to arrange the interviews thematically rather than chronologically (as they were presented in the original Great War BBC series). Very intense and moving experience all round. Obviously there were many other WW1 experiences which could not be accommodated in this format, other arenas of war, women serving as nurses and ambulance drivers etc, but it really brought home the conditions these men lived and fought in - 4 days in the line -> retreat to work parties and periods of rest in the rear. My grandad lost a leg on the Western Front and like the men interviewed could or would never speak about his experiences with family, but he was fortunate to have a job to return to and, as I discovered recently, an incredibly benevolent employer. It's hard now to think that these lads of 16 or 17 would have been working for several years after leaving school at 13 or so, so no wonder they were keen to get out of their routines.
  3. Cosmic_Guru

    League 1, 2, Non League Football 2018-19 Season

    Yes, Sutton Utd 0: Slough Town ("the rebels") 0 I hope no-one stayed up for the TV highlights of this. Only one team seemed confident enough to play their game and fight for the right to go through to the next round and they weren't in amber & chocolate*. I can only think the financial situation at the club is getting serious, and the players were extremely nervous not to fail. As mentioned before, we have no fit centre forward at all and our 2 most forward attackers on the field were ineffective and both got substituted, leaving a (bandaged) centre half up front for the last 20 minutes or so, much to the extreme frustration of the crowd. Conditions were atrocious with frequent downpours, but affected both sides. Slough had an appeal for the ball over the line on the other end which I had no view of but had a good sight at a tap in which was hit into the ground and a lucky escape for us. Our crosses and few attempts went high wide and handsome all afternoon. Terrible showing, unclear tactics, no name it. Our number 10 has now been called up for Kenya in the inter-lull so we have even fewer forward options for the trip to Gateshead and the Slough replay. Soaked on walk home completed the misery. * incidentally Slough's home colours, same kit manufacturer too
  4. Look forward to hearing what you think about it.
  5. Cosmic_Guru

    Assassin's Creed Odyssey

    That's the other main advantage - loads of accidents here involving snakes and torches.
  6. Cosmic_Guru

    Assassin's Creed Odyssey

    I see what you mean but I was thinking of flexibility in terms of alternatives - don't like one activity, try something else. There is a conditional in my original sentence. I'm not disputing the level jumps people have experienced. It is surely something like the Witcher in that respect, or any number of other RPGs. If you don't like the game then it's a drag, but if you do it's not really busywork at all since it's all pretty enjoyable and that rewards counter just keeps clicking upwards. I love me a bit of poison, although it doesn't seem to distract enemies so much as fire. Get your elemental build up high and it's pretty well instant effect.
  7. Cosmic_Guru

    Assassin's Creed Odyssey

    No. I suspect this is where the issue arose with reviewers working to a schedule and skipping most optional things. I was thinking of activities such as: maritime combat v pirates or other vessels exploration for the sheer sake of it, or to expedite such contracts as clear 20 caves, clear 15 forts (the cave one was worth 35k exp, the fort one will be mega) weakening states as a prelude to killing Athenian pig rulers (good way to gain materials too) hunting down cultists or having them hunt you when doing the second point above doing the land or sea battles to re-fortify (although these are ultimately a waste of time since things move on regardless, and are not well suited to my build) hunting and arena activities (again not well suited to the assassin) ! side quests, which vary from simple fetch quests to strings of amusing things done as a prelude to sex (in one case at least), often well paying exp wise timed contracts and whatever the folk with the T signs want doing (not bothering with personally) treasure hunting.
  8. Cosmic_Guru

    Assassin's Creed Odyssey

    That makes sense - I've kind of lost sight of this objective. it doesn't help that assassination build tends to be deadly and not give rise to the "knock out and join" option. I really like how this game gives you the flexibility to spend more or less time on all sorts of activities as you prefer, and if you do so I can't see why there should ever be a need to "grind" for levels. I need a few more cultist kills before I can upgrade the spear to L5 and gain the highest tier in my few chosen abilities - poison blade, flame blade, dazzle/evade, and the legendary Spartan kick. It's also worth upgrading basic warrior and hunter damage and taking the arrow crafting options - poison arrows are becoming my default there. I don't seem to have any other cultists fully identified but you can come across them in the world which is always a pleasant surprise (although a tough fight at times), and makes the off-story exploration feel worthwhile. They have also done a great job in creating different feel to the various locations, a rocky barren Crete being a stark contrast to the Pirate Isles for example (a purist might moan that the seasons appear different from autumnal mainland to blossom filled spring, but ho hum). Possible GOTY here.
  9. Cosmic_Guru

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    Very early in chapter 2 I encountered a stage-coach hold up in progress close to Horseshoe. A couple of kills and the rescued guy told me I was welcome to the contents of the lock box - unfortunately I hadn't a lock pick.
  10. Cosmic_Guru

    Assassin's Creed Odyssey

    I ignore those individuals - could be the timed quest originators? Sometimes, by happy co-incidence I find the item they wanted from my exploration and can complete the quest that way. Could be the map is overcrowded, but you learn where the ripest XP fruit lies fairy quickly (forts and leader houses basically). Those huntresses with the pet animals are probably the most annoying sites to clear in terms of effort compared to reward. Military camps I try to hit and run, whereas for forts I'm a lot more methodical. Thankfully, they have created a world so bursting with colour and photo opportunities that moving around uncovering ? icons is never a chore. Obviously it's simplified to the nth degree - no wall too smooth to clamber up, no ravine too deep the horse doesn't survive, the leap of faith works everywhere, but that just makes the game a seamless experience. My most common cause of death is probably accidents with fire. I suppose the rationale is you are a misthios with no innate loyalty to Sparta given your upbringing, but I'm biased. I will kill Spartan leaders and then immediately complete the re-inforcement battlefield sequence to re-inforce and protect from Athenian takeover, but I get particular pleasure from killing Athenian leaders (and my weapons have that bias too). I'm finding this game just a total joy to play - everything seems to come together so well - combat, a little freedom of choice in missions, exploration, the maritime warfare, it's all good here.
  11. Cosmic_Guru

    Is Read Dead Redemption 2 any good?

    And therein lies the rub. GTAV must have started development shortly after 4 was put to bed, and that was 10 years ago now. People's expectations of open world interactivity have changed a lot since then. I voted for disappointing in the poll because I thought good or OK didn't really reflect the excellent / frustrating dichotomy (and also partly because of the camp NPC bug). I still want to finish the game because I love SP exploration and story telling games. I should probably get on and complete ACO first since that game is the polar opposite of this in many ways, whilst within the same broad genre.
  12. Cosmic_Guru

    House of Cards (US) (Netflix)

    Very disappointing but might as well plod through the last 2 episodes.
  13. Cosmic_Guru

    League 1, 2, Non League Football 2018-19 Season

    Yep, you must be promotion favourites along with Leyton - should be quite a battle! We managed to scrape a 1:0 v Dagenham but once again the visitors managed the task of dragging us down to their level, and, having put on the usual speedy late subs, were unlucky not to equalise with their sustained pressure in the last 10 minutes or so. We can play well (i.e passing football) as the first half v Chesterfield and the 2nd v Salford showed, but we seem unable to impose our game at times. Also, the lack of a recognised striker will cost us for sure. So I reckon this is about as good as it will get in the league this year and we must aim for a good Trophy run and the 3rd round of the FA cup - Slough Town at home in that Saturday.
  14. Cosmic_Guru

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    One of the problems is the attention to detail elsewhere gets you more irritated when something seems amiss. Aiming to relax into the game now with periodic checks at camp to ensure all present and correct. So I leave Uncle's mission for later and ride into Valentine, hitching my horse outside the general store. I do the fight mission in the saloon bar and what happens - my horse has been moved round the corner to another hitching post. It wasn't physically obstructing the fight. Can someone explain this in coding terms (not that someone nicked it for a short joy ride whilst the brawl was taking place).
  15. Cosmic_Guru

    Edge #326 | Devil May Cry 5

    Yeah, I've said enough on the subject - time to put up (play the game) or shut up. Still gonna be looking for positives in those "shittiest of" WRPGs though. And why assume I'm a guy?

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