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    RPGs and the best of the rest, has to be interesting though these days to get a look in.
    Board games - dungeon crawlers or anything good for solo play.
    Reading history, fiction in translation, science fiction or more or less anything if stuck on the proverbial Desert Island.
    Tennis for 2 weeks a year.
    Football and in particular supporting Arsenal & Sutton Utd.

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  1. Welcome to new enthusiasts . I thought this video was interesting - collect or play? I have no room to simply pile things up in an attic, basement, spare bedroom etc and that tends to impose a limit (got my eyes on a slight re-arrangement of the bedroom though to shoe horn in another cabinet). I have regular clear outs (next one probably September), and I've not got too many more published games on my wanted list. On the downside, I've developed a very serious Kickstarter habit and that needs to be addressed.
  2. It's ingenious, and wonderfully suited to solo play, but once you have solved each curse and completed it (or simply solved it if you can't be bothered to complete it), it has no replay value. It's a game-ifcation of the classic create your own adventure books really. The best part is the initial exploration phase where you are seeing how all the sections fit together - the jungle area, the desert area etc etc, and initiating the encounters for the first time. Serious Pulp are also really precious about not making it available to retail (its basically packs of cards with dividers and holders, easy as pie to manufacture). I'll be selling mine at some point but have two curses to solve, and the expansion which adds a few bells and whistles and more curses (3 or 4 iirc), and I won't be getting it out again for several months, so that will be some time off. No point at all in keeping it longer though. Not a "black hole" award winner! I'll post here when the next Hexplore kickstarter goes live on 1 August - I'm working though the character combinations in the first game and it's an absolute gem for solo play.
  3. Cosmic_Guru


    Test post (people are complaining about Tweets using the new dark version), whilst still OT!
  4. These stories are really interesting. I grew up with the belief that Arsenal received their first kit from Nottingham Forest, but that has recently been debunked by research through the contemporary local papers.
  5. That emoji works a treat with the new night theme.. Anyone know why claret + blue became such a popular combo in the early days of football? Villa, Burnley, and both "irons", possibly more. Racing colours maybe?
  6. This site is your friend (or enemy) in terms of comparing prices. As well as those mentioned above, I've also used Firestorm cards and Meeples Corner and would recommend. https://boardgameprices.co.uk
  7. Just got back in to find a big box on the doorstop - it's HEXplore It, one of my more expensive ones, in fact the first major one after Unbroken which started me off, so that's good. A few others are on address lock down too.
  8. *opens copy of TTG* No issues with any of the 10 games they have chosen (never heard of Friday so that's a new one to check out, although I'm not a fan of deck builders). I've figured out that I need to build some game "achievements" for Mage Knight (analogous to video gaming ones) to get back into it. This is something which is implemented in HEXplore It which is another very free from exploration game, and I think it would work well with MK. You could easily set up a number of objectives such as reach a certain level, burn a set number of monasteries, gain a certain number of spells, kill a certain number of monsters, reach a level of renown, so as to ease into the swing of it, level up a bit and before getting down to the serious business of sacking towns or the other suggested MP game objectives. As for 7th Continent, this is ideal for the soloist since you can break play up at your convenience and everything is easy to manage on your table. I'm not entirely sure about re-playablity on this one though, once you have cracked each of the puzzles. Serious Poulp has announced a basic edition https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1926712971/the-7th-continent-what-goes-up-must-come-down/posts/2546761 which contains all the essentials and will presumably be available for less than the price of the kickstarter editions. Arkham Horror doesn't do anything for me but then I have idiosyncratic tastes sometimes! I also don't like the way you have to shell out for each new scenario, so the aggregate cost soars, and the packaging is shit to boot. Spirit Island I found too brain draining and sold, and Scythe I prefer to multi-hand rather than in Automota (must get this one out again soon) but the others - Gloomhaven, Robinson Crusoe and This War of Mine are all on the list of Cosmic Solo approved, or on the of interest list (I'm sure I'm going to end up getting This War of Mine one day).
  9. Prompted by this thread, I've unpacked Robinson Crusoe ( https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/121921/robinson-crusoe-adventures-cursed-island ) and it's definitely worth a look for the soloist. It might even qualify for a Cosmic Award in due course since it has two ticks against the key criteria of quality of design / manufacture / storeage and degree of replay-ablity. Skip over the first scenario which is a yawn-athon of collecting wood, and it gets much more interesting and tricky to succeed over a limited number of rounds. Things can go wrong very quickly or a lucky draw (a find of pelts in a cave) can save the day.
  10. I've posted here https://www.rllmukforum.com/index.php?/topic/290406-top-board-games-recommendations-and-buyers-guide/page/3/#comments (post dated April 24, the earlier one has some primarily MP games) some games which I would recommend for solo play. Some of these admittedly aren't generally available because they were Kickstarters (Black Sonata and Gloom of Kilforth). If you like dungeon crawlers then Gloomhaven or Sword & Sorcery both are available and come highly recommended, as well as representing considerable time soaks. Also, you could look at Legend Untold which is a lot cheaper (and quicker) and a really good game and will probably replace Folklore on the list of recommendations (Folklore having too much bookkeeping really to recommend it for the soloist). Pretty much all my board gaming these days is either something which is for solo play or which is fully co-op and which I play multi-handed. Sometimes that leads to unfeasible mental gymnastics (Spirit Island), but it can also be just the right side of challenging (Sword & Sorcery). Gloomhaven is a monster in terms of numbers of scenarios and unlock able character classes, but has the advantage of being inherently very simple mechanically so it's easy to pick it up again after a break. If you are not so keen on dungeon crawlers, you could look at Robinson Crusoe or This War of Mine, both of which are considered to be very good for solo play (I've got the former but not yet played it, the latter is somewhat thematically depressing). That's apart from the shorter experiences.
  11. I support Sutton Utd and anticipate a mid table finish in the National League, but it could easily be more of a struggle than that given the increasing professionalism at this level. It will also be the first season for ages without Paul Doswell around, so could be interesting in terms of a fresh perspective. I hope we make some inspired signings, continue to blood academy players, and have better luck on the injury front. A system of play to our strengths would be good. As would getting rid of the annual late season embarrassment of making a relegated team look really good at the Lane. A decent run in the FAT should be a priority target (we always seem to draw a high flying National Team North side and go out limply to them).
  12. Anyone looking to acquire Charterstone, it's available for £25 https://www.boardgameguru.co.uk/charterstone-special-offer-57272-p.asp
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    If he plays the European clay season as a serious warm up each year and takes as much time out as he requires to mend and rest his body for the rest of the year, probably so. I suppose there is the question of ranking to consider, to do enough not to have to face a real challenge in the early rounds, but he'll never be denied entry to events of his choosing. Interestingly Jamie Murray is of the same cohort and was ranked only just below him at one point at junior level.
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