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  1. Padster

    General chatter - discuss anything here

    Anyone on here heading to Tabletop Gaming Live next weekend? I won't be, but I'm curious for future reference whether it comes close to the UKGE in terms of scale or quality.
  2. Padster

    General chatter - discuss anything here

    Yep, I've taken the bait on this one too, particularly because it scales infinitely (when you have free colour photocopying at work) which will make it perfect for my games club at school (I run it, I'm not a schoolkid!).
  3. Padster


    8th golden hero earned. Now I have no choice but to play Druid solidly until Christmas - any inspiration for a way to do this without hating myself?
  4. It's bloody great, and the expansion genuinely improves it still further.
  5. Padster


    Ah, the joy of idiots in co-operative Tavern Brawls. It was his turn and he had lethal to finish off the pinata, and decided to deliberately kill me instead. Moron.
  6. Padster


    Had something happen to me today that I've personally never seen before in several years of playing. Playing Rogue vs Mage, I have definite lethal on the board next turn, but I am on 2 health. Opponent is top decking, so he might pull a Fireball or Frostbolt and kill me. Or he might not and he is dead. He floats his unplayed card in front of me right until the last second of his rope just to see whether I'll randomly concede. It was (obviously) no use to him, but does that strategy ever work? Is anyone that daft?
  7. Padster

    The Official Iain M Banks Thread

    The racing tips on Radio 4 a moment ago included a horse called Flere-Imsaho
  8. Padster

    UK Games Expo

    A lovely chilled weekend. Having been warned by @strawdonkey about the entry queues on Friday, we breezed straight in at 9.30 on Saturday! Daughter came in top half of 7WD tournament, just pipped by @SimonC. The prize pools do seem to be a bit crap this year (although of course the prizes aren't the point ) - last year she got a load of lovely metal coins and other 7WD swag for coming in the top bracket. My only other gripe about the tournament was that they only allowed about 20 minutes for lunch, which meant no Meat Shack for us Found a copy of Stronghold, which I've been after for a while. Played Dragon Castle which Mrs Padster also really enjoyed, so that's a definite purchase when it eventually comes out. Enjoyed Photosynthesis but there were none left to buy by late this afternoon so that goes on my general wishlist. Will also definitely be backing MicroBrew when that kickstarts later in the year. Highlight for us was coming very late to the Pandemic party and absolutely loving it! We only played it because we tinkered with the app when we had 10 minutes to spare on Saturday, but a full game (ending of course in horrible viral oblivion) today led to a cheap purchase.
  9. Padster

    UK Games Expo

    Just randomly spotted the back of my head (bald patch and all) playing Barenpark last year on the Expo website front page Note in particular the "ah, bless her" expression of the woman on the right, watching my 12-year-old daughter quietly getting ready to thrash us all.
  10. Padster

    UK Games Expo

    German version I'm afraid And yes, they do provide copies to play with for the 7WD tournament! We brought our own last year as we weren't sure.
  11. Patchwork? 7 Wonders Duel?
  12. Padster

    UK Games Expo

    I might have a go at the Bring & Buy this year, got a few things to offload. If anyone feels like making me an offer to pick up any of the below before Saturday then feel free. Will I have to queue for ages to check stuff in on Saturday morning if I've registered everything online? Schotten Totten Arboretum ...and then, we held hands Welcome to the Dungeon Hengist
  13. Padster

    Board game for a 9 year old

  14. Padster


    In unrelated news, I accidentally discovered what happens if you give a Despicable Dreadlord Poisonous today
  15. Padster

    SOLO: A Star Wars Story

    How bizarrely pointless.

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