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  1. I finished the main quest without any alchemy, much to the surprise of someone at work ("no oils *either*?") - though I did keep changing my swords to match my level when I could. Found the opening couple of hours a real slog, but everything else was broadly fine, as long as you pick your combat and sign skills wisely.
  2. bm

    Nintendo Switch

    Mine turned up today. It's a little chunkier than I was expecting - though I may be mis-remembering the size of the original. Don't forget: within the SNES app, you can hold ZR and R in place of the (missing) home button, and ZL and L for the (missing) capture button. Only within that app, though.
  3. bm

    Nintendo Switch

    Got my notification that my 30th September order has been shipped. Estimated delivery Tuesday (£8.90)
  4. I'm close to getting one of these - but some of the reviews online say you need to enable frameskip in the SNES emulator. Is that your experience? Are you running the FW it came with or have you installed a custom one?
  5. bm


    I had to stop playing on the Switch because it was making me feel sick. I out it down to frame rate rather than anything else - if people claim this is acceptable now, I cannot imagine how it must have been before. Anyway, that's the last Switch game I get from TequilaWorks. The Sexy Brutale was appalling and RiME has just cost them their benefit of doubt.
  6. I wouldn't say I'm particularly a fan of baseball games, but Super Mega Baseball 2 is genuinely brilliant, fyi. Hit my first Grand Slam last night:
  7. bm

    Nintendo Switch

    Katana Zero by a million miles IMO
  8. Finally slayed the fucking Spire. Wish I knew the cards as intimately as you guys - but I ended up with the Skills Cost 0 but exhaust them combined with When A Card Is Exhausted Get. A Power Card Which Costs 0 combination which worked brilliantly when it clicked but I came within one attack of dying midway up the third act. I feel exhausted. What a game.
  9. I've fucking told myself I can't play My Friend Pedro until that bloody spire is slayed. Sticking with Ironclad until it's done - have hit the end boss three times and come within one turn of doing it. Absolutely loving it, though - so it's not really punishment.
  10. bm

    Nintendo Switch

    Yeah, that's what I did. Sorted in a few short blasts.
  11. bm

    Nintendo Switch

    Yep, sorted mine right out, also did half the office too.
  12. bm

    American fugitive

    It is! PM Incoming! Enjoy!
  13. bm

    American fugitive

    Hello! I actually have a spare Steam key for American Fugitive if anyone wants it - first to reply in this thread will get a PM. Only those with a genuine interest, please - I'd be keen to hear your thoughts. Also, could someone with the appropriate powers put a capital F in the thread title, please? It's making me feel icky every time I see it.
  14. Does anyone know how I would turn off autofire on my Picade using Retroarch/Emulation Station/MAME? My bloody 10 year old discovered he can just hold down one of the buttons in Track & Field and it's ruined the high score table.
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