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  1. thats what I’m hoping. The dash doesn’t look much different (same assets for game icons etc at the moment) but the night mode stuff is decent and being able to adjust or completely switch off the lights on the pad and console independently is neat.
  2. Series X 4K dashboard is available now as well as “night mode”
  3. https://www.videogameschronicle.com/news/a-patented-playstation-feature-allows-players-to-pay-to-kick-others-from-games/ Absolutely bonkers. Totally not open to abuse.
  4. I can’t wait for Halo so this shit can be over. Might treat myself and uninstall it.
  5. Also free update to GOTY edition whatever that entails: https://twitter.com/msfsofficial/status/1450465570667835400?s=21
  6. My balls say no but my body says yes
  7. This got patched on Xbox Series and now supports quick resume so you don’t have to sit through those splash screens every time. Makes it so much more of a “I’ll just have a quick blast on something for five minutes” game as it should be.
  8. Alleged leaked achievement lists for all 3 games and a “trailer” https://www.vgc.news/news/gta-trilogy-definitive-editions-achievements-have-leaked/
  9. Yes I’ve previously done this - month or maybe 2 not sure
  10. it tell you on the loading screen tips to use either smoke grenade or EMP “to make it easy” (Juan tip)
  11. Just spent about 2 hours playing with 2 randoms and a bot all of us in chat. It was absolutely amazing. I can therefore deduce all the whiners are doing classic RLLMUK and playing a MP centric game by themselves and deducing it is shit.
  12. Series S does 120hz, is cheaper and an amazing bit of kit kind of comes down to ssd storage and resolution (and availability and £200) im sure I read about people with X1X on AA getting really good “upgrade deals” I’ll need to go look
  13. Yes so all access is the easiest way to get one as the scalpers don’t fleece them. That’s what I did - plus you can pay as much as you want a month £28 is the minimum so just bung £100 at it now and then and it’s gone in no time. I also believe if/when new console time comes you’ll get a better trade in price to upgrade if you used AA.
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