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  1. If you're arguing over a helicopter crashing because of a cable or radiation, or a cable influenced by the effects of smoke and/or radiation, then I think it shows how bloody close the show was.
  2. Thats literally what this drama did But the best line is the whole review is that Ukraine has only just come into existence
  3. The scene at the very start of ep5 fuuuuuck.... The trial....
  4. I am so excited to get home and watch this tonight
  5. @Skeeez yeah I think you’re right, it was a good contrast. I’m planning on watching the whole series again once complete, and am interested to see how I find it second time round. *With the extra context given by the podcast and other watching, on my hopefully newly repaired TV rather then laptop as this weeks was watched on and without the BF interrupting to the point I had to stop the show and say ‘we’re watching TV not socializing’
  6. I feel like I might be the only one that didn't find the pet shooting scenes that tough and was a bit 'so what' about the puppies, which is odd considering how much I love dogs, whereas I found the dog running after the bus during the evacuation in an earlier episode utterly heartbreaking. I guess for me it was the point of abandonment, rather the point of what is arguably euthanasia. EDIT: I guess 'so what' isn't accurate. I just didn't feel as much as the whole scene build up made me think I suppose to
  7. Absoulty brilliant! Will defiantly be listening to the podcasts I too went straight onto Wikipedia after binging on the three episodes available, what struck me from the information I found there placed in the Soviet context given by the show, is how a refusal to disappoint anyone above you can lead to absolute disaster. The test was apparently prepared for, scheduled appropriately on the day shift and the power level slowly reduced as needed. But Kiev needed more power so the level was ramped up and the power needed generated throughout the day and most of the evening shift. But the test still continued, with a reduced team not prepared for it (and about to switch to the night shift) and pretty much every safety precaution thrown out of the window including the slow steady reduction in power. As this began to go badly, rather then abandoning the test, the disregard for safety was just magnified, all to ensure that a command to carry out the test, which could have been rescheduled without consequence, was fulfilled. And as danger turned to disaster this just continued again and again, no-one can be told something they don’t want to hear, no-one can be let down, nothing can be refused.
  8. emerald fox


    I buy pre-ground but Lavazza Rossa is my absolute favourite, more so then their more expensive one or any artisan one for that matter.
  9. My go to veggie soup is Spice Carrot and Lentil Soup. I throw the carrots into the food processor rather then grate. I fancy trying these ones. I quite like Foodtube and Gennaro is brilliant, I haven't tried a Anna Jones one yet
  10. I agree, I love soups and could do with some more recipes I love Mexican soups and chicken is veg is a go to favourite for me
  11. Yeah sorry I should have said. MAM was like the good version of this format, even though I still found it drawn out, and shows like the Bundy one are the cheap version.
  12. I found the Ted Bundy documentary painfully slow, bloated and boring, and really dislike this trend of making an entire series out of one old case, a bit of archive footage and some interviews. I found the same with Making A Murderer which I think kicked the whole thing off, and was acclaimed, so maybe it's just me but it just seems like a very cheap and lazy way to make a lot of content compared to something like Mindhunter, which I thought was excellent but I am sure cost a lot more to make. I agree, I enjoyed this one
  13. I haven't made jambalaya before but my initial thought is that you might be stirring it too much as the more rice is stirred the more starch it releases
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