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  1. I've not managed this but I like a crispy shell so cook it for maybe longer then the minimum needed, opening up the legs so they're not pressed up against the body should help then cook quicker. To get crispy: pat the bird dry, score all over in a criss cross pattern just before the last of the fat breaks and rub sea salt in.
  2. With lemon and sugar
  3. I felt inspired by your pics of Chana Masala but didn't have any chickpeas so did pretty much the same recipe with cauliflower instead. Absolutely lovely
  4. I loved this and am definitely going to try and see some of his On hype, it's always nice to see a really good film without it, rather then be told this is amazing and then being well yes I guess it is, and it's ruined some films for me though thankfully not this one. But smaller and foreign language film rarely get seen by most people without it.
  5. Really enjoying it, 4 episodes in
  6. One genre that I feel Europe do so much better then the UK and US is romantic comedies and low key dramas. They're complicated, explore the human condition, have something you can actually connect with or relate too, and tend to have deeper female characters. I frustratingly can't remember many names but Perfect Strangers and Gloria stand out in my memory
  7. Quite disappointed with Mini Motorways, not just because it's the sequel of a much better game, but as a city building enthusiast I could feel what could have been a good game in it. The main problems are: traffic lights are useless, you don't get enough motorways, and there's not even a limited ability to move buildings or at-least change the entrance/exit of the warehouses/malls whatever they are. Meaning that the game time is very limited and to 'win' you need to partition colours off into isolated groups, meaning that it's not really a city building game anymore but a puzzle.
  8. Has anyone been playing Mini Motorways. So far it feels like a really nice sequel to Mini Metro
  9. It looks like we're going to see Frank Turner and Dropkick Murphys next year somewhere in Europe as they're touring together. So that's no 40 quid tickets out the window ha but it's two acts we want to see and we'll make a trip out of it
  10. I've got tickets for Cat Empire and Dubioza Kolektiv booked for early next year. Both great bands that you can really dance to. Sadly and stupidly missed out on Chemical Brothers and they have no dates yet for next year But I'd love to go to more that aren't 40 quid a pop. Anything that you can have a good stomp to, I particularly like brass, gypsy, jazz or Celtic inspired punk and rock. I'm guessing that New Cross is a good shout
  11. I've got a copy under the tree and I can't wait to open it up, sorry give it to someone as gift
  12. When abroad I would order my Dad his favourite foods and wine from Sainsburys as a home delivery. Not giving much care for branding and packaging, he was over the moon with this. If presentation matters (which to be fair is important for most people when reviewing a gift) then an actual hamper would be better even if less value.
  13. 1995 1. Casino 2. Clueless 3. Kids 1996 1. Fargo 2. Trainspotting 3. Mars Attacks 1997 1. LA Confidential 2. Boogie Nights 3. Jackie Brown 1998 1. The Big Lebowski 2. Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels 3. Little Voice 1999 1. Fight Club 2. Being John Malkovich 3. Human Traffic
  14. I feel like I must be one of the few people that found Groundhog just very annoying, and wasn’t that into Silence of the Lambs. Mind you it’s a tricky era for me as most films were watched as a kid (the number of kids films being evident of that) or retrospectively.
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