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  1. emerald fox

    Food Prepping

    I haven't made jambalaya before but my initial thought is that you might be stirring it too much as the more rice is stirred the more starch it releases
  2. emerald fox

    Settlers of Catan

    I've recently started playing this as a friend has a copy, three games so far all of which he's won. In the last game I managed to get a good first placement near the centre of the board (wheat, brick and ore with one high probability and the other two not bad) and then a second with wood and lamb and a port. This gave me a pretty fair distribution of resources to collect some dev cards and build roads and two more settlements around the edge of the board providing myself with two more ports while cutting off my boyfriend 'you've stolen my land, you're walking home!'. I then used the favourable swap ratios to get hold of more wheat and ore and start to upgrade to cities, which in combination with the 2 victory points I had from the dev pile would have won me the game. I was beaten to it and came in second with 8 points but this was still my highest ranking so far and was the first time I saw the owner of the board sweat a bit.
  3. emerald fox

    Your "Eureka" moments.

    1/4 wholewheat to 3/4 plain white flour when making pizza dough. You get a really stretchy dough that you can roll out very thin without breaking, and isn't as wet and difficult to work with as using 00 flour.
  4. emerald fox

    Selling your stuff - setting prices and where to do it

    A photographer I know sells his photos printed onto metal as it's the material that works best with his images, high contrast city landscapes, and he adds 30% to the printing as his cut, plus shipping costs. He get's them printed to order. He tried selling just the downloadable images but that he found that most people want a complete product and also that would mean that you only get one fee even if the image is printed multiple times, and would be providing a very high quality image that could be used for purpose that would infringe your copy write. Also when he sold digital images or allowed customers to pick the printing he found that his images were being printed at a poor quality which didn't display his work well and is why he know only prints them how he would like his work displayed. Your work is really nice by the way. I could imagine them working really well as prints but also as a calendar for 2019 which you could take pre-orders on, both online and from local shops, if the contents was location specific to an area that gets some tourism. EDIT: Your Devon work is stunning!
  5. emerald fox

    Favourite films of 2017

    I've been really poor this year at seeing the smaller films which I tend to prefer, but out of everything I've seen this year it has to be jointly... Dunkirk & Blade Runner 2049 I love war films that show the actual horror and futility of war and without the heroics, and Dystopian futures which well do pretty much the same. Also a notable mention for Get Out which was superb and an extremely layered piece of film making
  6. emerald fox

    What do you eat?

    I batch prepare our lunches but the same formula could easily be used for dinners. I roast a pan of chicken with a variation of favouring from lemon, salt and pepper, dried herbs, olive oil, jerk seasoning or Korean bbq sauce. And then each day I have a different steamed veg (done in the microwave) such a broccoli, asparagus (though I would pan fry these if preparing at home), snow peas, green beans or sugar snaps peas, or I'll also roast a tray a cauliflower with olive oil and seasoning which utterly moreish with a fresh squeeze of lemon. And then add some fat like half an avocado or some nuts. Corn on the cob, roast sweet potato or stir fried peppers would all be nice with this. Also sometimes I'll do meatballs, beef or turkey, instead. For dinners a few of my favourites are homemade turkey burgers (with finely chopped garlic, red onion and parsley). Thai salad (romaine lettuce, cucumber, cherry plum tomatoes dressed with sesame oil, fish sauce and lime juice and topped with coriander and peanuts) served with some grilled or pan-fried meat or fish, steak is lovely of course and can go a long way with this dish as a topping, jerk rub ribs are amazing and it goes well with salmon. Green Thai chicken curry is pretty easy and can be batched up, I like aubergine in it but any veg will do. Shepard's pie and chicken pot pie are both lovely and I'll make a second and put in the freezer. Any variation of a stir-fry. My favourite pasta dish in the world is a packet of mussel meat (no shells) in the pan with a tin of tomatoes, some red chilli flakes and some herbs if I have them, though I doubt this would be kid friendly. Homemade pizza is great, especially for kids if they get to put their own toppings on. Tacos would be good for this as well, and fish fingers and coleslaw make great quick and easy ones.
  7. emerald fox


    I love roasted parsnips but this looks like a good solution for freeing up the oven and also not getting sub-par roasties by over cramming the trays. I've never had them done this way but my Dad caramelises the carrots on the stove by frying in butter and brown sugar
  8. I'll take Bisto & Paxo any day over that and thickener-less gravy granules
  9. emerald fox

    Sunday Lunch

    I've made really good gravies with these, not entirely homemade but bloody good.
  10. emerald fox

    Internet (YouTube) food channels.

    This is the best paella I've ever eaten let alone made myself This other dish of his was pretty good too, my Mum absolutely loved it. I love watching Gennaro Contaldo's videos as he's just so passionate and simple about food. I haven't tried this particular dish yet but the moment I spot some fresh baby octopus's I will. I recently found Brothers Eat Green who are really good for basic cooking techniques, budgeting and meal planning.
  11. emerald fox


    Which recipe did you use. I made Delia's a while back and it did me two years of fantastic mince pies.
  12. emerald fox

    Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp - Nook goes mobile

    I made my camper over as a band van
  13. emerald fox

    Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp - Nook goes mobile

    I currently have a well stocked market box
  14. emerald fox

    Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp - Nook goes mobile

    Finally got this and it is amazing 9942 1226 784
  15. emerald fox

    Caribbean Cuisine

    This is the stuff

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