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  1. Gwent does, so i'm almost certain this will.
  2. Why do you think that, by the way? Thronebreaker is set before any of the Witcher games and will be a decent introduction to the universe and the wars between Nilfgaard and the Northern Realms.
  3. Takizawa


    It has been out a while on PC, and it is excellent!
  4. Takizawa

    Assassin's Creed Odyssey

    If you're dabbling in a bit of all activities, main story, side missions, naval combat, exploration, I think you're ok. But I can definitely see those looking to mainline the story really struggling, there are some big jumps in level requirements. I go pretty all-in on these games, I don't mark a waypoint and sprint around the map ticking things off like some, but I do like to explore and I do enjoy most of the optional activities. It's a shame that people that do play differently and just want to follow the story may struggle though, because from what i've played so far, that would be a very satisfying journey.
  5. Takizawa

    Assassin's Creed Odyssey

    My favourite is the AI walking too close to braziers and setting themselves on fire, rolling around on the floor screaming while their friends try and put them out
  6. Takizawa

    Assassin's Creed Odyssey

    Flippin' hell, the Mykonos questline is absolutely superb. If they could find a way to condense this game into it's story missions and fantastic side quests, I think there would be more people willing to give it a go, but the sheer volume of additional content is surely putting some off. The best parts are really really good.
  7. Takizawa

    Assassin's Creed Odyssey

    I don't think it is that different to previous games in terms of how much stealth and assassinating there is, you only ever really took out key targets with an assassination in the earlier games, and then were forced into melee combat. You can still use the environment to move around undetected, and height to scout out locations. I tend to approach most objectives with stealth, and it works. Sure there are times when something goes wrong and you get forced in to melee. The difference here is the melee combat is FUN and I don't actually mind when all hell breaks loose. Things have changed, but not as much as being made out, and for me it is definitely for the better. I certainly don't miss those follow missions along really telegraphed routes, or blending into mindlessly wandering crowds, this all feels much more natural.
  8. Takizawa

    Assassin's Creed Odyssey

    I assumed it was supposed to be a Breath of the Wild Korok.
  9. Takizawa

    Assassin's Creed Odyssey

  10. Takizawa

    Assassin's Creed Odyssey

    A nifty thing someone mentioned in one of those 'things you can do in AC: Odyssey' youtube videos is that if you set your horse to auto-path, you can then switch to the eagle and fly around / alongside. A really nice touch.
  11. Takizawa

    Forza Horizon 4 - Open-UK Racing

    Is there some sort of rllmuk clan/club thing I can get involved in? I'm not a big driving game fan normally but I like the open world variety, and am digging this so far.
  12. Takizawa

    Gwent, The Witcher Card Game - Open Beta

    In case it's not clear for those who haven't been following Gwent, this is a pre-order for Thronebreaker, an entirely standalone game to Gwent. The big Gwent update, Homecoming, will be arriving at the same time.
  13. Takizawa

    Destiny 2: Forsaken - Festival of the Lost

    I think i've done pretty well with exotics so far, i've had 4 and 3 have been new ones... Trinity Ghoul, Queenbreaker and Geomag Stabilizers. I'd trade em all in for that awesome one-eyed Titan helmet though. I actually thought it was only dishing out new ones (albeit at a much slower rate) until I got a Coldheart yesterday.
  14. About 20 hours in to this now and while I was enjoying it at the start, it has really picked up over the last few hours. The story seems to have hit it's stride, i've a nice varied cast of characters to switch between and the locations seem to be getting better and better. It's great to have a relaxing turn-based RPG to get stuck in to, and is a nice contrast to the non-stop (bounty collecting) action of Destiny 2. It also helps that is astonishingly good looking...
  15. Takizawa

    Rllmuk Fantasy Premier League 2018/19

    My shocking transfer of the week was taking out Bernado Silva. Sitting on 45 with Hazard (captain), Pedro (who is a doubt) and a 1 point sub to go

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