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  1. The first couple of hours of Skellige in Witcher 3 are probably my fondest in gaming, not just this generation.
  2. Are you also using the additional hotbars from double tab LT / RT, or hold LT and RT? There's also others from LT then RT, and RT then LT, so many options
  3. I'm on PC but use an Xbox pad. Up and down on the dpad is fine for cycling friendlies, for switching enemies, holding down either L2 or R2, then LB or RB works quite well. There are plenty of settings in the character config but I always found this to be the simplest.
  4. One of my favourites, the music is superb.
  5. I finished it yesterday and loved it all the way through. A sequel or DLC please! I actually agree with the complaints of the side missions becoming a bit repetitive and filler by the end, there's perhaps a few too many and they break up the story progression too much. I enjoyed the gameplay so much that I didn't mind doing them, but I wish they had more 'story' other than the little flavour text you get on the mission start screen. The customisation is great both in terms of character skills and cosmetics, although inventory management became a bit of a Mass Effect nghtmare by the end. Juggling gear between characters but locked behind those returning from side missions seemed a bit unecessary. The new XCOM solved a similar problem in Chimera Squad of creeping in to missions for too long with the breach mechanic, this doesn't make you move too far without an encounter, which is really nice.
  6. Unless it is the only way to play, why would anyone have a problem with this?
  7. It's worth it just to play through Summerset, it's beautiful and they really got in to their groove with storytelling. I'll admit I find it difficult going back to the base game zones now, it's still good but it feels much more cluttered than the newer / DLC areas.
  8. Not friends, but a coordinated team, certainly. Which is why they encourage the use of comms.
  9. I've created my own difficulty level between easy and normal by not purchasing attack upgrades on any of the characters weapons. Yes you can still button mash your way to victory on normal fights but it isn't so easy that everything dies in one or two hits. The joy of the combat in this for me is watching all the character's flashy abilities and trying combinations of materia. I'm not particularly good at games and I definitely do not enjoying starting sections over, so this gives the bosses a nice balance, they still hit hard enough that you have to play carefully and use your abilities well, but you don't hit so hard that it is all over without minimial input and you really get to enjoy the spectacle.
  10. My save says i've played 17 hours, but it feels like 3. I think i'm approaching the point I stopped on vanilla P5, not because I got bored, just because something else came along and grabbed my attention.
  11. The opening is sooo long, nearly 5 hours on the clock before you really get to cut loose. I'm not complaining, I really love the game but (as someone said before) you can see why people might be put off. This has come at a great time for me, working from home, it is the perfect game to have on in the background, progressing a conversation or turn-based battling during the downtime.
  12. The usual frustrations with this type of cooperative game are starting to creep in for me now, not the game itself, but the players. So many are so bad at objective based games, charging head first in to fights they can't win, not retreating when outnumbered, not re-grouping with respawning team mates, abandoning the objective to chase a kill out of range of the healer only to die. I understand there are times for heroic solo plays, disrupting a teams hand-in so your team can re-group and claim those points in the next round, but those are few and far between and generally you should be sticking with your team mates. When it goes well and your team are in sync it is a glorious experience, really fluid to play and the aestheitc and music are both great. Is it me or does Nidhoggr have a crazy amount of stagger to his attacks? It seems really easy to get locked in to his combos and die VERY quickly. I know he is supposed to be busty, but not being able to dodge or activate an ability while he's wailing on you is quite irritating. We ought to try and arrange a forum four man team at some point.
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