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  1. So how will you guys be celebrating 10 years of Just Dance? #jdbirthday
  2. That pass from Gerrard at 6:30, fucking hell.
  3. I urge anyone who hasn't played it to pick up Invisible, Inc in the Klei weekend sale, at £3.74 is a steal.
  4. If their progress from game to game so far is anything to go by, this should be excellent, Technomancer was superb.
  5. Finished! Infuriating boss fight aside, that was wonderful.
  6. Off, I think. I'm not sure there are a great deal of HUD elements but the game really doesn't need them. Reached chapter 12 earlier, the last few hours have been completely captivating, I don't want it to end.
  7. Started again already? I've been playing in immersive mode and haven't felt like i've been missing anything really, i'm so glad to see more games doing this.
  8. Did you play in immersive mode, @Cosmic_Guru?
  9. Just played the opening few hours, incredibly impressed so far, but fucking hell...
  10. Karak liked it, too. Looking forward to giving it a try tonight.
  11. Pre-ordered earlier, the recent preview media looks excellent. Looking forward to your thoughts!
  12. Two Champions League finals in a row, Jurgen might be on to something.
  13. Do Barca know they've lost yet or are they still waiting for Trent to take the corner?
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