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  1. So, how to I actually get these new characters? I tried to buy them and it says something about points needed and I've got something like 1000, which to be honest, I am not sure how I got anyway.
  2. Sumire

    The Random WoW Thread

    Hmm, intriguing.
  3. Sumire

    The Random WoW Thread

    So tempted to start playing this again because this is how I wanted WoW to be, Alliance vs Horde, none of that teaming up business. Not played it in about 8 years though so it might be a bit overwhelming for me now. Oh, and Sylvanas is my fave character.
  4. Sumire

    Your 4K Gaming TV Experiences & Thoughts

    I've got a Samsung KV7000. It is an awesome TV for gaming and films. I had a 1080p Panasonic plasma before and that was ok, but obviously not a patch on the Samsung. I use the Game mode for gaming obviously and I have zero problems with it. Certain 4K HDR films look amazing, but not all. As usual just because it says 4k on the box doesn't mean it is going to be that much better than the standard Blue Ray. I watched Black Panther last night and that looked amazing. I always check the review sites for how a film was rated for picture now and how they did the transfer/conversion process. In regards to the consoles, again, it depends on the game. All the best ones for me make use of HDR, and that to me makes the biggest difference over purely the resolution bump. My PC can run most stuff in 4K 60fps, but not many games support HDR, and I always seem to have problems getting it to work properly on the ones that do. The biggest visual difference for me on PC is having that smooth 60fps game play with more options on resolution and graphics.
  5. Sumire

    Nintendo Switch

    Virtual Boy add on.
  6. I have played the 3DS version and thought it was pretty rubbish. Looking at this Switch version from videos and other reviews it looks like a half hearted effort to me of an already not great game for an inflated price. The only thing that looks good is the artwork on the box.
  7. Sumire

    WarioWare Gold - Out now!!

    Hopefully it will not be a "swan song"
  8. Sumire

    Mario Tennis Aces - Get Served

    I just bought this, so I will wait for the update before playing
  9. Sumire

    Resident Evil 4 HD pack

    Does this work on the Resident Evil HD Remaster on Steam?
  10. Some reviews here. IGN 9.3 Amazing Destructiod 7.5 Gamespot 8 Kotaku NintendoLife 9/10 Eurogamer Recommended Trustedreviews NintendoInsider 8/10 Metro 8/10 Shacknews 8 Press-Start 8 Godisgeek 8.5 Rpgsite 7
  11. I ordered. It looks really nice, and is a Switch exclusive as well I think.
  12. Sumire

    Nintendo 3DS

    I always loved the 3D on these, the improved 3D sensor was superb. Pretty amazing how It works considering no 3D glasses. Some games look amazing.
  13. Sumire

    Nintendo eShop

    It seems to have disappeared doesn't it. I think Gunbird did the same thing in the past, then reappeared again.
  14. Sumire

    Nintendo 3DS

    Is there any reason to get a 2DSXL over the 3DSXL, apart from the cosmetic looks of certain models? Are the screens better? do they have improved hardware?
  15. Sumire

    Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

    I bought the game after reading some reviews, played it (on PC), and came to my own conclusion it wasn't that good of an FPS game. I am not sure were you are hearing "everybody" considers it to be a bad game now.

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