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  1. Yeah, I agree. I’ve been caught out a few times by the henchmen. They aren’t walkovers. I think your meant to play the base bits quite stealthy.
  2. I think that's why i'm a little apprehensive about upgrading to the PS5 straight away.... i play mostly on Switch. Although I NEED my PS4 for TLOU2 and FFVII remake.
  3. Its worrying for me, as i want them to use the extra power to show us new things, not just fancier graphics and load times. I also don't want to pay top dollar for something a little bit better than what i have now. The PS4 still has a lot of mileage imo.
  4. Ah, ok, I get it. Stuff like the museum and that is shared so you all contribute to it. I actually prefer that option personally.
  5. Can I just ask - what difference does it make if you share an island with other players, or have your own island? Aren't they all just randomly generated anyway?
  6. Looks a bit dangerous to me. That coat is asking to be tangled up in the wheels.
  7. It's like being a child in Tenby, all over again.
  8. Honestly, you should jump back in. Its a lot more enjoyable
  9. Yeah, definitely agree with getting the second Katamari on there. Its much better. Whilst we are here, get Timesplitters 2 on there!
  10. Ahhh, yeah there's been a few games near the end where I've had no hope. Some people are sooooo good at this. Especially the building. I play a lot, but im still so bad at building.
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