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  1. 6 player with trish and lady would be even better
  2. I will never be good at this game ..... there are too many things to remember during combat
  3. Care to elaborate? Do you mean the Super EX outfits? I thought these were just extra outfits? Would love to be proved wrong.
  4. I just cant wait to smash demons faces in bloody palace with Dante.... no loading on the levels, no cut scenes... just pure unadulterated demon slaying violence. (the loading times between customising and starting the missions is a little long for my liking)
  5. I played on Devil Hunter, and now im blasting through human, to try and get all upgrades (well maybe not the ones that cost 3 million) Need to get Dante to his full potential, as he is clearly the best. I wish they would allow you to play as Dante through every mission, as he is my favourite by far. I know it wouldnt work with the story... but surely it could be something that's added, after completing the story.
  6. cohen205

    Baba Is You (PC, Switch) - 13th March - Baba Is Not Sekiro

    I've got a negative point to raise aswell..... .... I was up until 2am this morning, and now i have a headache, due to this brilliant frustrating game
  7. cohen205

    Baba Is You (PC, Switch) - 13th March - Baba Is Not Sekiro

    It’s really good isn’t it... like ‘constantly on your mind when you aren’t playing it’ good
  8. I'm with you on level design. I'd say its the poorest out of the DMC games, but then the combat is the best its ever been imho.
  9. I hate to admit it but i think you are right.... you had me at Ken Masters
  10. I need to spend a few hours in the void.... just to get used to the button presses for each move, for each weapon, and each style
  11. cohen205

    Baba Is You (PC, Switch) - 13th March - Baba Is Not Sekiro

    I'm in the same position.... the comments on here are just too good to pass up on. Ya bastards...
  12. Oh my god really? When you say evolved, can you elaborate? I'm already so overwhelmed with the amount of options on offer already!

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