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  1. Anyone know when the bandage bazooka's are back? Still need to complete the challenge for that one.
  2. cohen205

    Gamer or lamer?

    Spreading shit What makes you think you can speak to people like this though? If you were to be like this in real life, and not behind a keyboard, then you would probably get a slap. Can't you take your 'social experiment' somewhere where you'r abysmal attitude fits in? Reddit perhaps.... maybe 4chan?
  3. Yeah, that’s why I’m thinking about getting it. Could do with losing a bit, but I’m such a lazy bastard.
  4. Pure Joy? its one of the finest card games in a video game (after triple triad, of course)
  5. Horizon zero dawn for me too. On paper it sounds amazing - robot dinosaurs, cool protagonist, slick bow and arrow action, but I was bored throughout. I couldn’t put my finger on why I wasn’t enjoying it. I felt like I had to complete the story just because everyone said it was so good. All the bioshocks too...
  6. I'd like to get this but worried it's going to be another Labo - really great fun initially, but as time goes on, you just cant be arsed to get it all out of the cupboard.
  7. From reading this thread, Im really excited about playing this on Saturday. Someone please temper my expectations.
  8. Yeah, i agree. The boss before hand was much more fun to fight. I struggled on the last one, so ended up buying loads of bones to power through it.
  9. I think it gets better after B2
  10. Didn’t really know him, but sad all the same. RIP
  11. cohen205

    Nintendo Switch

    I’m having trouble going back to the og switch in handheld after buying the lite. I tend to use it purely for tv mode now. oh and the screen is delightful. Due to its smaller size I’d go as far to say it actually looks better.
  12. A Steampunk giant spider would get me back on RDR online instantly But only if I can get a Will Smith or Kennth Branagh Skin
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