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  1. Aye, we're pretty much doing that now with 64gb allocated to the VM. Lazy man's architecture, I love it.
  2. That seems plausible. Also, it worked - I was skeptical at first, but nearing the end of the initial 3 years I was just preparing to either start paying (for just GP, as I don't stream enough to warrant GPU) or cash in the 12k rewards points a month for GPU. But hey, if we can do the gold trick for $10.99, so be it!
  3. Nah, the image is rock solid. I think @MikeJ hit the nail on the head, just literally not used to staring at an interlaced image. Alas, it doesn't have SCART, I don't even know if that's a thing in yank land. S-video is my best option, I didn't notice component. Just a huge bank of yellow/white/red on the back. I spend 8 hours a day staring at a Dell P-series monitor, I think it's just mentally going back in time. One thing I did notice is that the speakers are hilariously better than any of my LCDs.
  4. It's already been well covered, but we have an absurdly powerful server, with an even more powerful one incoming, for peanuts. Also, because we're on a free hypervisor license, half the server sits idle as we can't use it. Had we moved to the cloud, we couldn't say "here mysql, just have 55gb of ram lol", we'd be doing all sorts of more complicated optimizations, and it would still cost more per year than the price of an affordable (worse) server + co-location costs. If we were way smaller, like a little MMO guild or something, I'd totally be running this on a $5/month Digital Ocean VPS or something. But we're desperately lucky to have what we have without it overly taxing all the generous folks who can chip in.
  5. Cheers. Had to work not to spit my tea over the screen while laughing, and choked on it instead.
  6. I had no idea you had to let GPU lapse before doing the deal again, thanks for the heads up. I have to start thinking about this sort of thing now, my $1 for 3 years thing is up next summer.
  7. The gaffer has already mentioned it, but I have no issues paying from the US. It's all just the magically unregulated wonder of PayPal.
  8. No trackers (aside from whatever social nonsense we link to, and some Stripe js you can block with Privacy Badger), no ads, no one making a penny off this place, people who care about the privacy of your data. And so on. I know we used to have a good chortle at Serious Business(tm) committee stuff, with a "secretary" and "minutes" and other stuff, but look how this has shielded us from *gestures at at the whole internet* Please chip in a few quid if you can. And toss a coin like to @layten for having us some incredible hardware.
  9. So we just blew the dust off an old 27" trinitron, which hasn't been used in a decade, and... my god, CRTs are now hard to look at. I mean, don't get me wrong, a few minutes after firing up Wii Sports and pretending I'm slugging home runs like Yadier Molina, I'd totally forgotten about it, but the initial shimmering picture was something to behold. Almost headache inducing. Think it'll just take some getting used to again, but definitely the right way to experience the Wii and PS2 slim which we've got hooked up. 360 Slim next to it an an old LCD and the little retro station in the basement is go. Now time to find an svideo cable for either machine, as one of the AV ports has one.
  10. Yeah, I've had it and I got the impression it was just reminding me I could spent my points. Couldn't find any sort of deal related to it.
  11. The turtle looks daft, but I'm liking the potential for what special editions you could get of a brick standing on end. Like, if there hasn't been a Minecraft edition that looks like an elongated mud block with grass on top, they should get on that.
  12. I think you have to consider the absurd speed of the storage. That's what transforms FH4. Literally the longest loading times of any XB1 game I own, it made playing it a chore. Even menus took ages to appear. It's like it's loading off a cartridge on the XSX.
  13. Just started watching this, I don't think I've ever become so quickly invested in a character as I am with Ted. I knew absolutely nothing about this going in (other than everyone talks about it), and generally avoid NBC because their streaming app for EPL is shocking bad, but I've just been howling with laughter and loving the fact I get both sides of the jokes really well. That, and Ted is just so goddamn Midwest nice. Well, before covid revealed half huge swathes of the population are selfish. But I don't care about any of that, I can just shut out the world and be entranced for 30 minutes at a time. In fact, it was tugging at heartstrings from the first episode, with the call to his wife the day after he lands in the UK. And then just continued, like finding he's the one
  14. Good question, didn't think to do the tests while both on. Fired them both up, tested via streaming to PC just to try to complicate things, and a Teams call running. NAT open on both and green ticks everywhere, except the ping to my XB1 was > 60ms but there's an extra wired hop via the upstairs satellite (wired backhaul) so not unexpected. The only thing I noticed is that while first opening the Network settings screen, it didn't pop up as IPv6 available, but it was there after a few seconds. Can't see how that would affect it. I did pour over the Deco app again, as there's no detailed web interface with this router. Nothing obvious at all.
  15. Nope, I can't get the list of games to populate at all, so before trying to transfer Series-only stuff. It doesn't work the other way either, straight up XB1 guff over to the XSX. I've tried a hard reset, which usually fixes this sort of nonsense, to no avail. I need to trawl the insider stuff for ideas.
  16. I mean it's $30 on Steam and I assume you can mod them to death to whip them into something that isn't awful to play.
  17. It was working at one point, but now it doesn't. I've got green checks across the board for the network on both consoles. Each console (XSX and XB1) can see each other and at least start the process. But when I click on the detected Xbox on the network and it tries to get a list of games available to transfer, it throws an error. I'm not the only one here who has this problem. Happy to accept it being some weird local networking thing, but how am I supposed to diagnose that? Online is fine, streaming to PC is fine, but this isn't. I changed router this Spring to something more modern, so that could be the cause, but if the Xbox isn't UPnPing whatever it needs on the LAN, I may be out of luck. I'm not aware of any LAN firewalling it does, and I've got all the Trendmicro QOS/antimalware guff turned off. Anyway, that's what I mean by busted. If I had more time I'd report it.
  18. Feels like some weird, halfhearted attempt to help people with data caps, but they should be explicit about it, not have some algorithm whose details we need to guess. My spinning rust drive turned up, as well as a 256gb stick for sneakernet between consoles while network transfer is busted (always). Absolutely painless, plugged it in mid PvZ match and it formatted in the background. Moved about 300gb off the main drive so far. Good: - when viewing the Games and Apps thing, you'll get an X|S logo for things that are optimized. So, you don't even have to sort games by console type to know which to move - if you transfer one to the external drive, you get a little arrow icon to show it needs to be moved - transfers are way faster than I was thinking they'd be, that 300gb didn't as long as you might think. I sat and watched AC Black Flag (20gb) and it's clearly going to be no bother at all for archiving older Series stuff you're not actively playing Bad: - These icons aren't present if you go to Games and Apps > Storage and start doing bulk moving. Really odd that those icons aren't everywhere in the UI. I ended up moving a few which, actually, are series optimized (that recent fish game on GP, for example). I think the best way to do it is to go all all your games, sort by console type and hit the left menu button on the pad to manage individual titles and add them to the move queue. I moved literally everything that isn't optimized. Didn't tell my kids, and they haven't complained about longer loading times. Good sanity check, they're as patient as most kids are.
  19. I rinsed 3, because it was one of those "holy shit look what the PS2 can do" games but I'm not sure I finished Vice City, and I barely touched San Andreas. Will Vice City retain all/some of the old music? I'm not sure what made 5 bad because I enjoyed it immensely (never did the online stuff) but if it's those mechanics, but with these other settings, then this could be for me. With apologies for being one of the players Rockstar are counting on, I think I could be persuaded to get this. Eventually. In a sale. edit - read back a bit and I guess I have low hopes for the VC soundtrack, then.
  20. Powered up first time!
  21. My son prefers this over Neighborville and wants to get the Torchwood DLC. If I buy it, is it available to anyone else on the Xbox, like other purchases? It seems to go through the store as normal, and so I'm guessing it's like Minecraft Dungeons where my kids could also use my DLC, but just wanted to check. edit - YOLO, bought the DLC on my user and without even firing up the game myself, it said he had that DLC while playing it as his user. Looks like store DLC is safe to buy and share as the parent account.
  22. Yeah, I'd have gone Venus, I think my second favourite planet next to Saturn. Although whatever made Uranus go arse over tit must have been fascinating.
  23. Xbox retro chat! The old 360 slim is definitely getting setup when we get part of the basement cleaned out for the kids to use as a gaming room. I finally cleaned out enough crap this week to get to the old 27" Trinitron we haven't used since, I think, I got my 1080p set in 2010. My word, I hope it works. Got a PS2 and Wii waiting to talk to it. On of my greatest failures in life was never buying Outrun on the 360. I just found it on an abandonware site for the PC, as I've literally no means of playing a CD version. Perhaps I can just ko-fi some cash to S0L. Will throw caution to the wind and hope Win 11's antivirus looks after me.
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