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  1. This expansive is just brilliant, screw the naysayers. And of course I'm pining for the little speed Lego sets now.
  2. It's perfectly possible to be aware of one thing and not the other, without you needing to make conclusions. And you can reasonably assume the person was fired, it provides no insight into corporate attitudes one way or the other. Edit- anyway, feels like a reasonable response, above. They (RPS?) should have reached out for comment first, but I guess they got their click through revenue from it.
  3. Are you keeping track of all the people fired for making crass tweets? Hit us up with a link so we can stay similarly informed. That way, it won't be strange.
  4. There was an interesting discussion to be had, but we've dialed the hyperbole up to 11. Again. Genuinely don't know why we bother any more.
  5. People taking offence will only marginally spoil everyone's personal enjoyment of the game, so I wouldn't read too much into these things.
  6. Literally everything that may be discussed now has a polarized position for everyone to adopt (or for you to be labeled as adopting). It's enough to make someone want to go off grid and live in a cabin.
  7. I can't get my head around how good this game looks. The style is sublime. Plus I never played the original, I only had a donated Gameboy with Tetris. Still have it in my basement. Now, I just need the time to play games.
  8. I had a Coleco and forgot about that module. Although it was essentially like plugging in a 2600, so I'm not sure what you're saving. Maybe a single RF cable to your TV was the height of convenience back then.
  9. I think my left joycon is starting to drift, so hopefully that's no longer a thing at least.
  10. I think shrinking the last machine down to a chip that you can squeeze into the new one is not quite the same. We're getting bits 3 gens here, moving back in the right direction. I guess I can see why Sony canned it, it's not a solution that scales.
  11. Let's ignore my senior moment and pretend I made the salient point that Mr Gerbik did.
  12. Just watched the conference, some of these games look gorgeous. The Zelda remake, Animal crossing, etc. Think the Olympics could be a laugh for local multiplayer. Though I was quite disappointed when he said the poke ball controller can't be used on Sword and Shield, except for walking them. I mean they didn't promise they could be used for other games, but I feel a little stung by that one. Still, S&S looks glorious.
  13. I really don't recall why I forgot all this again, but it does sound like "no one wants BC" around the time it got expensive to enable it on the PS3. At least we've got it back.
  14. Yeah, I appreciate I have egg on my face, for a second time I suspect, but for these to be directly equivalent, you'd have to stuff an XB1 inside a Scarlett, right? And it wouldn't be all 4 gens, either (which is me shifting the goal posts somewhat). I dunno, with all this BC out there previously, it seems odd that we had to cheer on its return, rather than reasonably expect it.
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