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  1. Wait, the sticks on console pads aren't optical? My early 90s Microsoft Sidewinder was optical, to prevent drift and all the other bullshit. Wow, OK.
  2. I wish the platform holders would do more for this sort of thing. I mean, the reality of a parent of kids playing games is that, even if you enable child controls, you're probably making all sorts of exceptions to allow them to do X and Y. The permissions are really granular with the Xbox, but it's arguably easier to just break games if you're not careful. Like, some daft platform game my son saw on Disney's player select was above his age rating, but silly enough I granted him access. However, it wouldn't load because apparently I had "user generated game content" permission disabled.
  3. I've seen videos of the machine that stress tests xbox pads, so presumably any dying early is variability in parts? Probably to be expected.
  4. Long shot, but https://haveibeenpwned.com/ I don't know if Troy has data sets going that far back, but if so then it might give a sense of what data was exposed. I know you're probably good now, but I would honestly prefer to understand the probable route the account hijackers took.
  5. I disagree so much I started a thread!
  6. Balls, I had no idea we had a game dev thread. I had to go hunting through forums to find it. Thanks to Broker for the heads up, saw the above post in Discussion.
  7. Sometimes I quietly sob to myself that I bought BRAND and so I compare it to other BRANDS by creating high/low charts.
  8. It sounds like a mobile game where you know the game they're cloning and just fart out similar sounding words. Like (literally scrolling through Google Play early access here...) "Transport City: Truck Tycoon".
  9. I didn't realize Stadia was linux, but that makes total sense. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Amazon_Luna_games I glanced through some and there are linux versions, so presumably Luna is, too. That's actually great for linux, hopefully encourages more builds. Is that the only "has to be specifically built for Stadia" thing? The blurb suggested Luna is just the straight up PC version.
  10. Awesome, I'm glad it's viable enough to warrant a new headset. I've still not tried any VR at all since those massive sit down things in the early 90s. Come on Phil, tell us mixed reality sets will work on Xbox at some point.
  11. So, and sorry if you've already mentioned, what knowledge of you are they using to change it? Presumably not email, if you had a unique one.
  12. Ah, sorry, didn't realize. But even the design seems more reasonable, in that it's just the PC version of the game. I do wonder if they'll throw the monthly Prime Gaming freebies into it at some point.
  13. They need to sort this shit out. It shouldn't take CCing the CEO.
  14. The cable lobbyists are in the middle of making municipal broadband illegal. Nothing is going to shake things up until everyone has a viable alternative to their (probable) one internet provider. For example, Starlink.
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