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  1. If you're grappling with how to sell this show, this thread is really good
  2. Absolutely, mine are going upstairs on my desk when they're replaced. If you're going to worry about BC (and I think a lot of us do now, outside of the Xbox program) then the actual console itself is, by definition, still useful.
  3. Maybe it should come with a 20gb SSD and let you link to an S3 bucket for installs.
  4. It is interesting what they're applying their AI to, I was reading about post-breach malware detection in Windows Defender ATP earlier.
  5. So, details on backwards compatibility with PS4 haven't been ironed out, yet. They've got a year to figure it out. https://www.vg247.com/2019/10/09/ps5-backwards-compatibility-details-still-being-worked-out/
  6. TehStu

    Pokemon Go

    Yup. I was in a nice rhythm with the red team at work. Us blues would take it beginning /end of the work day, then they'd take it back. We were all getting our 50 coins in most days. Happened without planning too, it just naturally makes sense. New player turns up, red, takes the gym constantly. Will fully heal his Pokémon in the morning even if he's been in there overnight. I couldn't fathom why, aside from maybe him getting coins elsewhere, and so trying to maximize his team bonus spins on this one. Regardless, he works within range of it, whereas I have a couple of minutes walk from my desk, so it's pointless taking it. I've resorted to spending $20 on coins, which got my an awful lot of the better incubators with the adventure box.
  7. Expected, surely? Although nice to get it explicitly confirmed.
  8. It doesn't mean doom and gloom, but leadership changes are interesting, if you like that sort of thing. A planned departure may have looked quite different, so what was the disagreement? It won't spoil your enjoyment of the PS5, so don't worry.
  9. I've made zero progress reading the books. I have them all in paperback, but am stuck early on in book 2. Prax's segments are just a bit slow. Plus some really good non-fiction math/science derailed my effort. Hopefully make some progress in time for season 5!
  10. Did I see you need the newer Bluetooth pads?
  11. Actually, that looks great for the "ugly sweater" yanks do once a year.
  12. It was a bit Picard turns up in The Expanse. But I mean, that's OK, and I kinda welled up a bit seeing him hug with Riker. God damn it, will have to sub to yet another streaming service.
  13. I'm not even going to watch that trailer, but this really made me laugh.
  14. I don't have much time for gaming, so wondered how quickly I'm gaining points just from using Bing. I do the quizzes and use it generally. Luckily, there's this post. Almost 3 weeks later, 38k. That's what, about 2k a week or enough for the $100 gift card over a year. I don't think this is necessarily the raw value of your search history, because they're helping you stay within the ecosystem, but it gives a sense of what we give for free across the web.
  15. The chap who had it was living in his car, right? So that worked out OK. I can't believe I haven't read this thread for 2 years and we're barely closer to the first release.
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