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  1. Grandia 2 is kind of awful but I’m still playing it. Mechanically it’s fun and improves on the original in some ways but the combat is a bit slow and the protagonist is one of my least favourite in any JRPG. I’m only persevering as I need a something fairly brainless to play while I’m on the exercise bike in the mornings and the Picross puzzles I’m up to are too hard for 4.30AM. I’ve already rage-deleted and reinstalled once.
  2. Yasawas

    Nintendo Switch

    I’m the only weirdo who thinks Joy-Cons are the thing, aren’t I? Possibly my favourite controllers of all time.
  3. Yasawas


    My hat is off (actually true). I think the stage 3 boss is my PB at the moment and having completed it on Super Easy earlier to unlock the new character I don't see a 1CC in my future for a while. Still loving it though. I'd been so into regular Arcade mode this week I hadn't checked out the Arcade Challenges or Osirai modes until earlier on. M2 are lords.
  4. I’m usually indifferent to a fantasy setting and a touch of humour goes a long way for me. Just done a presumably missable sidequest. Two words - “cheese wizard”
  5. I know, I know! But it’s free! And it’s the guy who made the game! Oh lord. You make one explicit threat to make everyone your bitch and they don’t let you forget it.
  6. Any fans of Doom Sigil? Obviously it's free so I shouldn't grumble but a quick scout of the internet shows a bunch of people doing just that.
  7. Yasawas


    ESP RaDe is absolutely incredible even if I have no idea how to properly type it. For a game in a genre I only get sucked into very irregularly to draw me in like this is very rare indeed, it’s 15 years ago and I’m playing Ikaruga (my first ever import game!) on the squarest console of all time once again. Magic. I’ve spent all week unable to crack 2m then my last go tonight I die early twice, engage The Force and go 2.85m instead. If I ever get round to properly understanding how the scoring actually works I might get serious with this.
  8. Did I read that they patched fun and content into Bomberman R eventually? Worth £15?
  9. More than five hours. I don't think it's going to happen for me now, it's been too long.
  10. I wouldn’t usually just straight into a sequel but having finished Grandia yesterday I have done with the second game since I understand it’s a totally separate experience and I was too curious to find out what difference a gen made. First off people weren’t joking about it having none of the charm of the original – what an insufferable arsehole the protagonist is. Only played an hour so far but he’s displayed all my least favourite JRPG tropes so far bar amnesia. Combat is a bit slow and I’m playing more for historical interest and less enjoyment at this point but I’m definitely going to carry on. One huge point in its favour is how much I love the DreamCast look – I never owned one but did always lust after the very specific palette and general appearance so many of the games had.
  11. Grandia. Something made me come back to this, which I had been enjoying but put down a few months ago after reaching a difficulty spike 30 hours in, and I spent a mostly agreeable further 15 finishing it off. Holds up better than most of the era and the combat system is a lot of fun, but its held back by a poor translation, dull dungeons and me playing it immediately after Dragon Quest XI.
  12. Yasawas


    Unfortunately not.
  13. Yasawas

    Nintendo Switch

    Cheers @joffocakes @Gloomy Andy! I'll have a wee think then. I do like the 8bitdo controllers I already have a lot and £20 is a hard price to beat for what is ultimately a fairly minor part of my gaming these days. Or... I just buy both like a twat so I can do local competitive with decent controllers.
  14. As someone who grew up with the SNES version I was already happy enough with my £4 purchase but this patch makes a massive difference. Well played. I hadn't played it in a while but the aspect and frame rate improvements are immediately noticeable, and I'm no frame queen.
  15. Yasawas

    Nintendo Switch

    I can't find the post now but did I see someone (I think it was @joffocakes) recommending this Saturn pad for fighters? https://www.amazon.co.uk/Retro-Bit-Official-Wireless-Playstation-Raspberry/dp/B07Y5M8R41/ref=cm_wl_huc_item For something I can use with my Pi setup too that would be ideal. I fucking love the JoyCons but it's the one genre they let themselves down with.
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