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  1. Yeah, I'll second @Paulando's shout for the second QUBE. I thought the first was alright but the sequel is really good. I too would love to see Braid on Switch, I was just thinking yesterday how much I'd love to play that again. I don't think I've been through it since the original XBLA release.
  2. Superliminal completed, bit disappointing. I knew it was short and I’m happy with it on that front but it brings absolutely nothing of its own to the burgeoning test-subject environmental puzzler genre and it’s annoyed me by that more than it probably deserves to. Clever in places, quite sweet at the end, but utterly impossible to play without feeling it’s a pale take on Portal/The Turing Test/QUBE/whatever.
  3. Will do - thanks! I hadn't gone back to it so didn't really lose anything. Ironically I didn't even bother checking to see if this update broke anything as I was so convinced that with their track record there was absolutely zero chance of them tripping up this time too. Shame on me etc.
  4. I just started a new game How broken is it at the moment on Switch?
  5. https://playstationdev.wiki/ps2devwiki/index.php?title=FreeDVDBoot_Compatibility_List Here's the video I followed if anyone cares, with handy links in the comments:
  6. I need to thank you for posting this. I have memories of trying to set up some kind of HD solution for PS2 games a few years back now as my games/consoles started acting up but found it ultimately too much of a faff and gave up but in half an hour this is all done and dusted. Utterly trivial, if anyone is on the fence about it. The hardest part was working up the motivation to go into Poundland for some blank DVD-Rs.
  7. Now you mention it there was a sniff of that in what I've seen already. It's not made clear for example if you finish on an attack panel one space away if you can actually attack (you can't, I don't think) even though in a normal battle you could do a jump for example.
  8. One streamer down and this continues to quietly impress. I can take or leave the regular battles to be honest but I loved the two boss fights I had earlier. I suppose in support of the regular fights it does put more distance between this and the Mario and Luigi series than there’s been in recent iterations.
  9. It’s worth eight quid certainly. Solid mechanically and surprisingly long I’d rank it in my top three Switch shmups with Ikaruga and ESP Ra.De.
  10. I wasn’t sure at first and it’s definitely rough (the camera is infuriating at times) but after a bit of acclimatisation I’m starting to really enjoy Voxelgram. It’s different enough from regular Picross to be refreshing but scratch the same chill puzzle game itch and manages to make you feel smart as fuck when it finally dawns on you how to solve one which is what it’s all about. Good stuff, especially considering it seems to be a one-man gig.
  11. It’s a weird one, this. There’s an undoubted sense of B-team to it, and the start is pretty excruciating if you’ve played a game before imo, but now I’m a few hours in and it’s stopped giving me tutorials for every single thing it’s winning me over. Nintendo’s localisation over the last few years has been exceptional anyway but this has raised several laughs already which is a rarity in games for me at least. “We’re Koopa Troopas, what are we going to do - walk into him slowly?” That’s pretty good. I don’t like the time limit but I think I like the puzzle element of the combat now it’s stopped holding my hand. Is there a reason why some enemies have a red icon over their heads incidentally or is that just to help differentiate them in a fight?
  12. Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition. Less than 24 hours ago I was drafting a post for the Abandoned Games thread instead and very nearly deleted my save and the online backup because I find it so hard to give up a game and I was that just fucked off with it but here we are. I did know then I was on the final boss but even after 70 hours I don’t feel like I know what I’m doing with the combat entirely. Winning and losing seems pretty arbitrary most of the time to be honest. I thought this was alright. I’m a turn-based man at heart and it’s a bit anime for me but it does have a more interesting plot/characters than most and I’m glad to have finally clicked with it after binning the Wii and 3DS versions at the first Mechon attack about five hours in. I would probably have enjoyed it more if not for FFXII which I played recently and found both similar and superior in a number of ways. Overall though: Interesting setting Varied party Nobody had amnesia! Mostly. Hilarious motion captured walking. I liked the gems idea for upgrading gear Justifies its length imo. Long but the location variety, story and no real backtracking or grinding requirements doesn’t feel as tiresome as something like Persona 5 did. Combat was pretty underwhelming. Plenty of options but all too often big fights became a confusing mess. Huge world but never felt worth exploring as all you find is more fetch quests or the items to fulfil said quests. Just dreadful anime boobage.
  13. I gave up on Bahamut Lagoon after five hours or so - it's fun to play but just so slow - and am now dabbling with Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together for my SNES tactical RPG fix. Too early to say much about it other than is it just me or is this utterly gorgeous for a SNES game? Wow.
  14. Hey me too, high five! I didn't feel quite so strongly against it but then I've played (and finished, obviously) Kemono Friends Picross too. Also this really made me laugh right at the end: Nazarick ain't your daddy's picross. But I'm delighted I now get to play Murder By Numbers or Voxelgram now, both of which I've bought and dabbled with but didn't want to get properly invested in until that was done.
  15. I love Kid Dracula. Gets really hard though if I remember right. I’ve got both the Castlevania and Contra collections already but they’re both essential at four quid. The two Mega Drive games alone, which are secretly the best entries in either series, are worth that.
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