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  1. Yes! Just send an invite to the clan (link in first post) and I'll authorise it. Just let me know your GT.
  2. tnman

    Destiny 2

    Well, a lot of pay-to-play mobile games do that anyway. Essentially it is a much smaller loot box with clearly visible loot, instead of a massive loot box with gambled loot choices.
  3. I'm waiting until DLC 2 drops to jump back in.
  4. tnman

    Persona 5 | PS3, PS4 | Out now

    I'd like to play Persona 3 this year and then after that I think I'd enjoy the crossover aspect of Q. The only thing holding me back is that I'm still hoping they're re-make/master Persona 3 soon. I'm not sure how the earlier entries in general would fare given my disdain for random battles and JRPG difficulty levels (I tend to play Personas on easy, as I prefer the story stuff).
  5. tnman

    Persona 5 | PS3, PS4 | Out now

    I’ve just done the fourth, my stats are all at 3, links are all over the place and I’ve been doing Mementos in big batches.
  6. tnman

    Persona 5 | PS3, PS4 | Out now

    Would anyone be able to tell me, with absolutely zero spoilers, how much of the game I have left? I'm on 8/23. Don't want it to end, just like how I was with P4G!
  7. Isn't it possible that really is just a website redesign?
  8. tnman

    Sea of Thieves - Get Yer Booty!

    This is close to what happened to me. I'd found a shipwreck underwater and got a skull and a chest from it. Then got blown up shortly afterwards. I'm assuming then that those guys either got that loot or it's lost forever.
  9. tnman

    Super Smash Bros - Releases on Switch, 2018

    I can’t think of any Nintendo game that does this.
  10. tnman

    Nintendo Direct - March 8, 2018

    Man I hope Nintendo comment on what form Smash is gonna take before E3.
  11. tnman

    Is "Game" finished?

    How the hell does Toys R Us end up with an unpaid £15m VAT bill?
  12. tnman

    Monster Hunter: World

    Hello fellow humans. Got this for my birthday today! I've been having a lot of fun so far although I've only just done the first excursion to find a new camp so I've barely scratched the surface. Is there a rllmuk Squad? I remember reading about that on the top floor of the base. Can I join?
  13. tnman

    Destiny 2

    Xur is selling the Bun Gun.
  14. HD Linkle yehhhh

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