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  1. I feel like this show is only the way it is because it can bank on fans watching. I hope it isn’t entirely a series of “ooh what’s this?” and then going on Wikipedia to look up a reference to SWORD’s storylines.
  2. tnman


    And the only thing that bothered him was being slightly out of breath from nerves at the beginning.
  3. tnman

    NFL 2020!

    Is anyone doing the Sky Sports Super Bowl Challenge? https://www.superbowlchallenge.co.uk/login
  4. I really enjoy the mini puzzles that are the battles. It is like a tiny Prof Layton puzzle every time.
  5. Teams can be moved and enlarged as necessary to assist in development...
  6. Final Fantasy 16 will encounter development delays that directly impact 7 Remake Ep2. Nintendo will megaton release a highly anticipated new title way ahead of expected time. Nintendo will hype a new hardware announcement, and it will be the N64 Mini. The cost of Xbox Live subscriptions will increase to make Gamepass Ultimate seem an even better proposition. The first half of the year will be very slow for releases due to COVID; October will be an even more ridiculously packed month for releases than normal. E3 won’t happen again.
  7. Interesting discussion but I do wonder how long you’ve put into the game? It sounds like the puzzles you come across are all the dead simple beginning variety. Holding my hands up here - I’ve only finished the prologue so have nothing really to contribute for or against. One thing I can say is that the commentary on the controls is pretty much hogwash; the default control scheme for the Creed games also have attacks on the shoulder buttons... And any comparisons to Gameloft are quite amusing, because that company was founded by Guillemot.
  8. I think you can definitely overdose on this kind of game, and Ubisoft is infamous for making the same large-map-with-icons open-world adventure with a different art style and story. Still. As you uninstall I’m installing to try it for myself!
  9. Yes but if it’s the enhanced version it will be stored but not playable.
  10. Xbox’s ability to preload any game now has come in especially useful for today for me for such situations.
  11. I am actually surprised they stepped in. The Seraph Towers event was different because it led to a season-ending plot element. This is just getting a shiny thing from Eva.
  12. The only thing I can mark as being close to this is Assassin’s Creed Unity and all that happened then is Ubisoft said ‘sry here’s free DLC’. This release is way worse than that and is getting the appropriate level of derision and backlash I’d say, whether the market has grown that much between time or not.
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