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  1. I'm sure I read this morning that the final forge is 650.
  2. tnman

    Speedruns - AGDQ2019 Jan 6th-13th

    Oh no, really? I went to bed about an hour in and was gonna watch the rest today. Poor guy.
  3. So for an endgame activity I understand why they wouldn't necessarily tier the forges, but for crying out loud couldn't they have at least structured it in such a way that the first time you attempt one it's in the format of a mission so you at least get a feel for the thing? I'm in such a hump over this.
  4. What's the light level of the third, Hexxy?
  5. For me I'm struggling to complete a forge. The grind was the easy part and tied into tootling around in various places normally. I've unlocked the first forge and it's listed as a 610 activity. I got to 608 with my main and thought I could probably take it. Yet you get in and then the enemies are 615 in the first round, then 625 in the second round. I couldn't fathom why the activity was listed at 610. Really disappointed. For me, Black Armory is the worst Destiny DLC ever. I can't access it without constantly doing all the old engram milestones over and over again each week for another - what - three weeks if I'm lucky before I'm 615-620?
  6. Yes, but this time to fit the theming they are masks.
  7. Oh man, this! I do this all the time - sometimes unintentionally - but especially with Assassin's Creed games. The start of AC games can be such a d-r-a-g (AC3 being the worst if memory serves) and I'll get to a point where I've unlocked a good amount of abilities, health upgrades, the map and what have you... and then I'll just stop. Probably something else will take my attention away. But then I'll come back - in the case of Unity even years later - and have a blast, because I get to avoid all the bullshit of not being able to do the more fun stuff yet because story.
  8. tnman

    Nintendo Switch

    Would you have to swap to the US eShop on your Switch? It's a Christmas present for my Dad and he wouldn't want to fiddle with that kind of stuff.
  9. tnman

    Nintendo Switch

    Is there anywhere doing a code for Zelda cheap? I want to take advantage of the £41 eShop price but am I right in thinking that would go straight to me if I bought it online on the eShop website?
  10. tnman

    Xbox One X

    Me neither. So just out of curiosity, are new games, say Forza Horizon 4, only 4K after downloading a massive patch like MCC or similar?
  11. Yeah it's an option in the party menu.
  12. That’s a shame. My copy from Amazon isn’t dispatched so I think I might be affected.
  13. Sorry, what am I supposed to be seeing here? Or is it just hearing the TTK notes? Cos that music is known to be in the game.

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