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  1. Anyone got a dispatch from Currys? I'm nervous now.
  2. Thanks for that you've saved me a phone call to them. Roll on tomorrow.
  3. blakeboogie

    SNES Mini

    Tesco Pre-Order https://www.tesco.com/direct/nintendo-classic-mini-super-nintendo-entertainment-system/649-8711.prd?source=others
  4. blakeboogie

    SNES Mini

    eBay love scalpers they make them millions of £s. They are just deleting listings that can't be fulfilled within the 30 day limit.
  5. blakeboogie

    SNES Mini

    More stock at GAME - http://www.game.co.uk/en/super-nintendo-entertainment-system-classic-edition-2024185/?utm_source=RakutenMarketing&utm_medium=Affiliate&utm_campaign=2875495:Stock+Informer+(UK)&utm_content=10&utm_term=UKNetwork&ranMID=42508&ranEAID=fyuPaXC9%2FsI&ranSiteID=fyuPaXC9_sI-nRz9voUtXh7JsFFIaMUqQQ
  6. blakeboogie

    SNES Mini

    Pre-orders at Tesco GOGOGO! edit: You pay up front it seems. https://www.tesco.com/direct/nintendo-classic-mini-super-nintendo-entertainment-system-snes/649-8711.prd?source=awin&awc=7090_1499188655_ecc57c40ffd8cc841c22654e4146fa92&sc_cmp=aff*awin*gmo*Stock+Informer_38503&utm_medium=gmo&utm_source=affiliate_window&utm_campaign=aff*Stock+Informer_38503
  7. Surely that's taking care of my family > the guitar > Street Fighter. I mean I love Street Fighter but really?
  8. Has anybody got a spare Battlefield 1 beta PC code available? My inbox is empty
  9. Rllmuk Redsuns Level 10! Someone has been putting in the hours.
  10. I've joined the Rllmuk Redsuns, hopefully we can get some online racing going tonight.
  11. Played it all night, one race each, load of mates, pass the pad (still haven't got online) We haven't had so much fun since we played the 8 player Daytona machine at the Trocadero in 95, even the drift challenges are excellent.
  12. You can really throw the early cars around the track, sense of speed is very good. I can understand the criticisms it has no rewind, no replay, no visible driving line, no voiceovers, no story, but for me these are the reasons I like the game. The handling is just, fun, which is ultimately why I'm playing the game in the first place. I think this is a game for the purists who don't need the unnecessary stuff found in most modern arcade style racing games. I've played a lot of Assetto Corsa recently and that will be my sim game for the next year or so, this sits very nicely beside it for semi-sim/arcade thrills. Soundtrack is superb too if you like your electronica.
  13. Can you make much money reselling it? I was thinking about putting mine up in a few weeks when the novelty factor wears off.
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