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  1. Deadwood is one of my girlfriend's very favourite shows, but I'd never seen any of it until a few weeks ago when we watched the whole thing in quick succession. It's magnificent and I'm so glad this finale is coming. I doubt we'll stay up for the 2am show but we'll certainly watch it this weekend.
  2. Good stuff in this week's Beyond The Grid podcast. The guest is John Watson who was a team-mate of Niki Lauda's for some years. Lots of reflection about Niki and some other gems as well. I won't spoil it all but some good bits include him describing Nelson Piquet Sr as "a piece of work at the best of times", and saying of Jean-Marie Balestre "Thank God he's dead."
  3. Touché I know a lot of Elton John songs but not a lot about Elton John himself, and I hadn't read anything about what the film would be like.
  4. Went to see this last night, knowing almost nothing about it bar a couple of trailers. Absolutely loved it.
  5. I have personally done it. If my Dreamcast still works I might even make a video but no promises.
  6. Did you ever try the Dreamcast fishing rod with other games besides Sega Bass Fishing? The daftest one was Soulcalibur, where you could swing your sword by casting the fishing rod. Proto-waggle years before the Wiimote And in Crazy Taxi, if you'd done all the bonus missions to unlock the bicycle rickshaw, you could drive that by cranking the reel to turn the pedals. The casting motion did a Crazy Dash. Genius.
  7. So what's the actual story? Are they a front company for money-laundering or something?
  8. When Kubica was on Beyond The Grid with Tom Clarkson he described his right hand as a "passenger". His left hand is doing all the steering input. I think his experience is a big part of the reason he's got the race seat, but not the whole story. I don't know why he's so much slower than Russell in the 2019 car but I'm more inclined to believe that it's because they can't field two comparable cars at the moment, rather than because he inherently can't physically manage to drive the thing. He was at least as fast as Stroll or Sirotkin in the 2018 car.
  9. I'd imagine it's less a modification and more a totally different wheel design. He doesn't have use of his right fingers or thumb, so he can't press any buttons on the right-hand half of the wheel unless he takes his left hand off the wheel entirely and reaches across. You can see it in his onboard footage: https://streamable.com/xx7fp Looks like, in effect, he can only adjust those controls if he's going in a straight line, as all he can do with the right hand is hold the wheel straight. I don't know how much of a hindrance that actually is, to be fair. Do drivers normally adjust things while turning?
  10. I'd say the choice will be made for him. I can't see Williams making it to the end of the season.
  11. The latest update has added a Hard Drop Sensitivity option, which may be of use to some people. Default is High (with a little Joy-Con button icon). You can set it to Low (with a D-pad icon) if that suits you better. Pre-update I've played a lot of games on the telly with a Wavebird and I personally didn't have any problems with the D-pad causing unwanted drops, but clearly it's good that they're incrementally improving this stuff. Now if only they'd add an option to turn off ghost piece.
  12. I missed the new Lemmings game (and these posts) at the time. Spotted it in the App Store and tried it on a whim. Boy is it disappointing. Mechanically I think they've done quite a good job of fitting it to a touchscreen interface. It's recognisably Lemmings, and the gameplay itself is fine, and fairly satisfying. As @The Bagobserves above, it's been turned into an environment puzzle where you place instructions on a grid rather than interacting with specific individual lemmings. The number of skills has been cut down as well - there are really only Blockers, Builders, Floaters and Diggers now. Miners and Bashers have been lumped in with Diggers, and Climbers are just gone completely. I do like the fact that you no longer have to kill a Blocker when everyone else has gone. You can just tap on him and send him on his way. The problem, predictably, is the microtransaction model. It ruins the whole thing. The puzzles in the original games depended on constraining your supply of specific skills, so you had to think about what you had in hand and come up with clever ways to use them. In this, everything is brute force. If a big level will require more actions than you have energy remaining, just throw money at it. Two hours of 'free play' is £6.99. I'd have been perfectly happy to pay that as a one-off, if this interface had been married to some well-designed puzzles. The highest single IAP ("best value!") is A HUNDRED POUNDS. I genuinely think that shouldn't be allowed. I'm aware I'm ranting about the IAP model in general rather than really talking about this specific game. It's just painfully disappointing in this case because there's the guts of something really good here, and they've fucked it.
  13. Is 2019 Alfa Romeo still essentially Ferrari Jr, as 2018 Sauber was said to be?
  14. Bit of pure Partridge on the commentary there as VB headed to the podium. ”To finish first, first you have to finish, and for the Finn, it was the perfect ‘Finnish’ today.”
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