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  1. That would be amazing, thank you so much! Brilliant, that's really good to know. Thanks
  2. Can someone help me understand how this Humble Choice thing works? No doubt I'm being dim but I can't really understand it. It says: What does that actually mean? Basically I want to buy F1 2019 and I don't know whether I should just buy it on Steam (currently £13.49) or if it would be better value and/or easier to get it as part of Humble Choice. If I pay them £11.99 do I get to own F1 2019? Can I have it today or do I have to wait for something to unlock? Would I get something else as well? (I think the £11.99 tier says "choose 3 games" - are those from the list above, and are they all registered to me forever?) Are you locked in for a certain period, or could I sub once, get F1 and then immediately unsub?
  3. At least one person had it on in the background. Someone remarked on it in the party chat. I didn't know at first if my mic was working. It was put beyond doubt when my girlfriend yelled "THE DOG HAS FARTED" and everyone started laughing
  4. Nice one Maybe go to a longer track designator to disambiguate between (for example) race 1, BH = Brands Hatch GP and race 4, BH = Mount Panorama Bathurst?
  5. Great fun last night everyone. Sorry I had to leave before the last race - had stuff to do and four races in a row was one more than I could really justify. Because I'm not very good I tend to spend these whole things plodding around at the back on my own. I feel like George Russell must feel, except in his case he's got the talent without the machinery and for me it's the inverse
  6. I'm presuming, but haven't actually been told, that my Monday night music lessons will be cancelled. They're in a youth centre, which you'd think the council would be closing but they haven't said so. If the centre does close then I could probably be available at whatever time. If it stays open then I might be available after 9.
  7. Sociable Soccer and Active Soccer are both very good. I've played a fair bit of both because a close friend of mine supplies the team data for them.
  8. Only managed the one race last night (911 at Dragon's Trail) and didn't exactly set the world on fire but it was fun. Well done everyone. I was very unpopular with my partner because the shopping arrived during lap 4 and I didn't quit out to come and help bring it in. Also had a few offs because the dog wouldn't leave the cat alone and I had to step away from the screen mid-race, to try and calm them down. He doesn't want to eat the cat, he is just very insistent on being friends, and the cat's a bit more standoffish. Hopefully I'll be able to make it to some more soon. Do please keep inviting me. I may even manage to find my mic.
  9. Will try and make it tonight but can't promise. Bit out of practice (combination of life getting in the way, plus I've been spending what gaming time I do have chasing the platinum trophy in Defense Grid 2!) but it'd be good to get back in the saddle.
  10. Bahrain and Vietnam postponed. Championship now officially "expected to begin in Europe at the end of May 2020" - which would have to be 21-24 May in Monaco. So all told, that means no Australia, Bahrain, Vietnam, China, Netherlands or Catalonia. So far.
  11. Ugh, I made the mistake of opening the comments. People are dicks.
  12. Modern TVs don't have an analogue tuner. The aerial socket is the same for digital TV so you can physically plug in your coax cable but the TV can't see it.
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