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  1. Saw this last night at a fairly full Cineworld Unlimited showing. Unbelievably tense. Audience was perfectly behaved. I loved it. Managed to go in completely cold. All I knew in advance was that it’s South Korean and that it’s being tipped for awards success. I couldn’t even have told you beforehand if it was a thriller, a comedy or a horror.
  2. beenabadbunny

    Formula E

    Yeah, they consider it an outreach programme to get the public interested in electric cars, and moreover they pointedly don't want FE cars racing on traditional racetracks where their performance would be compared (inevitably unfavourably) with traditional single-seaters.
  3. beenabadbunny

    Formula E

    I like FE but I don't quite love it (although I want to). There's just too much contact. It feels like it's got worse since the Gen 2 cars came in. They're much faster than the Gen 1 but the circuits are (largely) the same - tiny, narrow and twisty. Santiago was entertaining overall, but the amount of shunts and ensuing retirements was getting ridiculous. Didn't they say it's the most DNFs of any Eprix yet? The congestion at the second-to-last hairpin was pretty absurd. I sound like I'm really dumping on the sport. It's young and hopefully it'll improve. I'll keep watching regardless.
  4. Just had a totally miserable public race at wet Spa. The undisputed lowlight was getting punted off into the barrier and picking up a 5.0 second penalty. The other guy got 0.5. OR SO I THOUGHT. On watching the replay, turns out he already had a 0.5 over his head. He got nothing for punting me off.
  5. I couldn't make it to forum racing last night (back to teaching music on Monday nights and I don't get home till about 2130) but I did have a go at one of the public races. I outbraked myself into the inside of a corner and blatantly punted someone off - no penalty. On the next straight I then slowed to try and give the place back, and he didn't realise what I was doing and shunted right into the back of me. No penalty there either. Is that what you mean by wreckfest?
  6. Those are (were) my local branches as well. I work at Bexley village so Crayford is walkable on my lunch break and Bexleyheath is a short drive. Gravesend and Dartford already closed a couple of years ago so there's just Bluewater left now. How do store closures work when there's another branch nearby? I assume there won't be anything like a closing-down sale and instead the stock will just be moved to other branches that are remaining open?
  7. I've no idea how much the wheel cost. I do remember how much my dad spent on our first really modern PC. We got it in 1994. It was a 486 DX2/66 with 8MB of RAM and a 500MB hard disk. It had a 2x CD-ROM drive and an external 14.4kbps modem, and it ran DOS 6.22 and Windows 3.11. It cost £1,600.00. Apparently that's equivalent to about £3,000.00 today. Yikes.
  8. Help me out please folks! Edit: Not even up for an hour and @marsh has identified the exact one, just from my description dragged up from 20-year-old memories. Amazing scenes. <3
  9. Saw this last night and thought it was extraordinary.
  10. Picked this up for £7.99 in the PS Store sale and played through it on New Year's Day. Absolutely superb - you can really feel how much love has gone into it. I stuck around for a bit of the New Game + stuff and will be going back in to try and see as much of the extra stuff as possible.
  11. This is on sale at the minute on the PSN Store. £20 for the standard edition or £30 for the deluxe. I'm swithering about spending the extra £10 - can anyone say if it is or isn't worth it? For background, I've loved flight games for basically my whole life (ever since Top Gun and F-15 Strike Eagle on the Amstrad CPC in the 80s), I played the heck out of Ace Combat 6 on the 360, and I have a PS4 HOTAS and PSVR.
  12. I had no idea it was even POSSIBLE to pasteurise a raw egg without, you know, cooking the egg. Wikipedia says it's a patented process that is only done by one company in the US: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pasteurized_eggs#Pasteurized_shell_eggs As to whether the alcohol in a shot of spirits will sterilise any salmonella or other bugs that might be lurking in a normal raw egg, that's another question. I have no answer, but I've eaten plenty of raw eggs before and never had any adverse effects.
  13. Treated myself to Ultrawings at the weekend. Was hoping it would be in the Black Friday sale but it wasn't, so I paid full price and I don't regret it. What a lovely game. I've had a HOTAS sitting unused in its box for ages. This is what it was waiting for. (That and Ace Combat 7 but I will wait for a sale on that). Stuck it straight on Simulator mode with all comfort settings off, and it's just right.
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