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  1. Just noticed something I hadn't spotted before - while your buddy can still smack you around, the damage is shown as green on your health bar as with special attacks, so whacking enemies without getting hit will regain it.
  2. I'd forgotten how terrible an idea that bit was. Power through it though, and yes, buying Iceborne's a good thing. The new area's lovely, and I'm only two hunts in.
  3. Eh, I prefer the Dragon Engine. Especially the PC ports, which are shockingly good performers. Zero's the best game, of course, but engine wise.
  4. Old school design. Not the best thing to retain in a remake! Still, should be able to skip a lot of what you read or watched first time out?
  5. It's a bit silly, but I'd assume it's because it's currently classed as a patch for the old Monster Hunter. If you haven't played something in a while (and I'm not sure if you played MH recently) it doesn't download every patch to... I dunno, save on bandwidth or something. Glad you got it sorted in time for release though - happy to help!
  6. Hit options on your game icon, then 'check for update' or something to that effect. It'll either start downloading, or tell you that you have the latest version.
  7. Depending on bug severity in the Switch port, yes.
  8. I couldn't continue my Steam game as every time you got into the car it constantly looped the world's worst accelerating / braking / turning screech. Thankfully, I'd already finished it on 360.
  9. Pretty sure mine's downloaded fine. You got enough storage / turned on pre-downloads?
  10. I got my five wins with randoms earlier - I think lifeline's really handy in this mode since there's a lack of healing items and a lot of encounters are done at range. I've saved a few people by using her healing shield as a long range barrier, though that's also risky as a well placed shot upon revival would hurt. Works in a pinch though - the very last kill of win 5 was a dude popping shots into that revive shield as my random buddy crept up behind him with a shotgun.
  11. Pax West means more gameplay. May well be quite a few new vids out, this is the first I found.
  12. I do find the combat in this weird. It's insanely easy until it isn't - you can play through 99% of it fairly mindlessly, then a combination of enemies might hit you with grenades and the sudden red splurge makes it near impossible to see them until you get finished off. I'd actually find it easier if it was more difficult most of the time, since I eventually switch off my brain during a play session. Having to stay switched on at all times keeps you on edge, but I totally tune out during most fights here. The checkpoints are badly implemented too, given that there's no real reason to have to run back most of the time. The enemies are gone and the pickups are picked up, so it's just a pointless sprint back to where things went pear shaped. Generally enjoying it overall, but while the combat's slick, it's missing that pacing that could really have it come alive.
  13. It's been on sale a few times already, iirc... yep, there it is. https://psprices.com/region-gb/game/2460813/yakuza-kiwami-2
  14. £10 more than I paid for it the day before yesterday, sadly. It's out of stock on the Nintendo store now, and went oos on Amazon shortly before that..
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