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  1. Yeah, I found it kinda boring. I don't like either character much, though, and I'm more interested in the characters on screen than the players controlling them.
  2. Kayin Amoh

    All things Yakuza!

    It runs at 120 fps up to 240 on mine, but there's a bug when launching it where it can black out to the desktop pretty much immediately. They'll fix it soon, I'm sure. And the port's smooth as butter when it's running.
  3. Kayin Amoh

    Let It Die (PS4)

    Yeah, I've been hammering it quite a bit recently. The new 50+ floors are amazing places to farm compared to the old boss runs of previous months, and you can enter and leave as and when you like - no forced return after going from floor 42-50, you can head up to floor 201 if you like. (Spoiler - you do get kicked out once you reach that level, but there's no special event or anything.) I'm intending writing an article soon to detail the new changes, and they're almost universally for the better. You won't lose all your gear if you fail a TDM raid, for instance, and there's a lot of alternate ways to score mats that weren't there before. Also, you can now uncap your gear and fighter so that you can buff them up to 30 in all stats, as well as give them an extra decal slot or give them more space in their bags for collecting stuff. It's damn good, and sucked me straight back in - I've been logging in and doing the occasional run since launch, but now I'm hammering it as there's a lot of new stuff - and you can play the radio in the tower. YOU CAN PLAY THE RADIO IN THE TOWER. Like I said, near universal improvements.
  4. Wait, Viper's coming back? Fucking BEST. I've barely played since Mika lost her Irish Whip false corner combos. To be fair though, she should have been back long before now.
  5. Kayin Amoh

    All things Yakuza!

    Square x3 followed by triangle taps until combo finish will shred enemies into bits. I think that's the right button combo, but it decimates grunts and bosses alike with a breakdancing spin of death that tears through their guard no problem and continues to chew them up while they're prone. Maybe all the other moves for that style are weak, I latched onto that combo quick and abused it relentlessly. It's a hurricane of death.
  6. Kayin Amoh

    Shenmue 1 and 2 coming to PS4,XB,PC

  7. Kayin Amoh

    Gender Diversity / Politics in games (was Tropes Vs. Women)

    Also, every hobby is chock full of bastards. Even flower arranging probably has a sect willing to spit in the faces of anyone who disagrees with how the Hibiscus should be used to best effect. Gaming just happens to be a larger group than most, and targets actual children more than many other pastimes.
  8. Kayin Amoh

    Yakuza 6 - Baby's Day Out

    One of my absolute favourite things about Yakuza 6 was how when you're in the bar drinking with the locals, you can try to turn every sob story they have into a conversation about you and your past exploits. I can't remember exactly how they went, but something like... 'She's fallen in with some rich asshole, probably works in real estate or something...' 'Hey, I was a real estate broker!'
  9. Kayin Amoh


    Don't watch much anime these days, haven't for a long time, but Ajin is fantastic. This is an out of context action sequence which could be construed as a spoiler, but in and of itself spoils nothing. Satou's a pretty great villain, though those with an aversion to CG may be disappointed by the fact that it is, in fact, all CG. Not on the pitiful depths of the recent Berserk series, though - it's decent CG for a whole series. https://streamable.com/ocwe That and Megalo Box are my main recommendations from the past few years. Nice music, too.
  10. Kayin Amoh

    Final Fantasy XV

    I intended to do this, but my PC doesn't run it that well unfortunately. Shame,. I loved it. Just such an awesome vibe from start to finish, and they nailed the road trip/camping aspects perfectly.
  11. Kayin Amoh

    Dead Or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation

    Sexual content doesn't bother me a great deal. Chun Li's arse occasionally flashing up during a high kick is never going to give me a brain hemorrhage. I do find it questionable that only the youngest, childish and most idiotic characters (Nyotengu/Helena aside) made it into Doa X3 and all the other western characters with anything resembling a hint of independence / being slightly over 20 years old were excised though. And there's a character in there, prominently featured in advertising, who looks and acts like she's an actual child. Everyone has different triggers, and that, admittedly, was my absolute breaking point. I despise her so much I can't even say her name without wanting to spew my eyeballs out in disgust. I'd have no problem with a game like this featuring most of the cast (I didn't complain about the concept with Doa X one or two, even though they weren't exactly great games - heck, I was all for them as far as gaming as a medium is concerned) , but recently it's been focusing on certain archetypes in a way that pretty much puts me completely off the series. I
  12. Kayin Amoh

    All things Yakuza!

    This. I'm convinced if anyone wobbles into the thread and is all like 'oh, it was okay, but I don't see what the fuss was about' there's an actual piece of their soul missing, or they're not human or some shit. It should really have been the Voight-Kampff test in Blade Runner.
  13. Kayin Amoh

    Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    I'm fighting a power cable right now and it's the worst boss I've seen since the PS1 days. The battle system, despite being overloaded with absolute shit that's of little to anyone, is completely failing to convey what's actually killing me. Okay, so I'm trying to use chain attacks when it hits 50% health since that's where it goes apeshit and I die from whatever (looked it up, apparently it's spike damage coupled with an AOE). Unfortunately, my idiot friends keep changing to the wrong blade before I can trigger the orbs I want so I don't have a lot of options - I waited about ten minutes for tora to go back to his other blade form so that I could start a combo with the earth element, and he laughed at me the whole time and stayed in fire mode. I can't see any way to change them over, either, and there's all sorts of annoying afflictions getting in the way even when they're playing ball. So I finally pull one off with three orbs, hopefully enough to kill it or at least inflict major damage. It fails to break even one orb, wastes the combo chain and everyone dies from lightning overload. Then I spent several attempts hoping the useless bastards would play ball with their blade choices because I have no idea how to swap between their equipped blades mid-fight if you even can. They didn't, and you can't bring up the help sheet in a battle to see what the controls are (because everyone inherently knows how intuitive swapping your target mid battle by holding down R then tapping X or Y is, of course.). I didn't have much trouble with the first game or X, but this one seems stuffed full of bullshit that has a negligible effect on battles and fails to properly explain anything that actually needs explained in a coherent, user-friendly manner. I've since learned that orbs are attacked at random unless they're the opposite element, which does 2 damage instead of one, but I can't be assed trying again right now. It's so poorly explained that I'm in disbelief.
  14. Yeah, was only really after a new Splinter Cell personally.
  15. Kayin Amoh

    Devil May Cry 5

    I'd have been massively impressed by the sheer balls of Capcom if they'd revealed DmC 2. My respect for them would have increased a hundredfold - and that's barely Nero, it's DmC's Dante with a touch of spraypaint. I was glancing at the trailer side on initially, and I was sure that it was Kat driving the van at first. Looking forward to it. Not as much as I'd have been looking forward to DmC 2, but still.

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