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  1. Bayonetta 1 & 2 - Nintendo's Witch

    A real one. I don't think that's possible any more, sadly.
  2. Monster Hunter: World

  3. Monster Hunter: World

  4. Bayonetta 1 & 2 - Nintendo's Witch

    I'm still baffled as to why they hid the fast cutscene skip behind a button combination.
  5. Binary Domain

    Playing this again on PC. Been years since I last did a complete playthrough, so much so that I wasn't aware of the weird Xbox One pad bug it's developed. You now need to unplug the controller and plug it back in once the game starts, or your controls are messed up. You know that thing where you really like a thing, then you go back to that thing years later and it's aged worse than you have, with your horrible haggard face and sunken eyes? Not the case here. This game is the most action packed action blockbuster ever made, and gaming in its purest, most action packed form. It is, as they say, packed full of action and action packed. I'm playing on No Mercy which seems to give enemies about ten times the health they usually have, so the Tsar Runner boss on the highway took about half an hour to kill. In most games this would be awful. Here, I found myself physically vibrating in a weird manner from all the built up tension as the truck was something like half a prayer away from being blown to bits as it limped triumphantly over the finish line. And the dialogue's a delight, even after all these years. I'd forgotten how good most of it actually is, and being called 'Magnifique' after blowing two dudes in half with a shotgun is simply the most uplifting experience imaginable. I'm now in the Amada building, and dear God. This is what I want out of gaming, now and forever. It's actually ludicrous how well paced it all is once it gets going, and the setpieces are some of the best in the business. If I had to say just one complaint about the whole thing - which I don't, but I will - it's that Dan's a but rubbery when getting assailed by rockets. He can be stunned and bounced around just a little too easily in some of the crazier sequences. And I don't give a damn, because this game is best.
  6. Might go for the commander, then. I'm wary about having to learn anything new full stop, but... yeah, this looks like a good midway thing. Thanks, @Qazimod and @Mr. Gerbik! Too much of the staple combo patterns seem to be locked off without easy access to mids, so this might help out some.
  7. Perhaps. I've got a TE but never use it since I never adapted to a stick and find it annoying that I go from semi-competent to 'what is a fighting game' in about four seconds flat after making the switch. Any recommendations?
  8. The online is bloody weird at times. I've seen a lot of odd teleporting, at least on PC. I also wish I could find a character that's well suited to the pad. Too many trials and the like require medium punches and kicks peppered throughout their combos, which I relegate to the triggers and can't really use at the same time as Dpad motions during busy moments. Wanted to check out Menat, but her immediate low level combos require the soul reflect which is both mediums at once. Can't do it.
  9. It doesn't really do a good job of explaining it in game, but you fight Rashid once a week for each gem. You'll notice that this is fight 4 (Quick and immovable 4, or whatever the challenge was called), so the previous 3 are gone. At least for now. It's pretty dumb, yeah. Quite why they couldn't just have a 10k fight with the entire costume on the line available is beyond me, but hey. Sakura's fun for the first time ever incidentally. Never got on with her before now, but that V Trigger 2 cancel into the dive kick > shoryuken > super is good times.
  10. Titanfall 2

    While I understand that some people only go grappling hook, I can't play without the stim. That sudden rush of speed is simply too important to me, more for fun than application. Vroom!
  11. Monster Hunter: World

    It's really a weapon to buff up your fellow hunters, with the added perks of seriously rocking out as you do so and being able to smack monsters over the head with it. You can set it up so that multiple buffs trigger in a row when you start pulling off your encores, and the sheer madness of the weapon's pretty appealing overall.
  12. Monster Hunter: World

    It's basically a hammer you can jam out on. I'm game!
  13. Monster Hunter: World

    (Watch them make me look like a fool as they decide to put into the main game as-is!)
  14. Monster Hunter: World

    They mentioned that the beta matchmaking was an offshoot of internal testing and network configurations. No way that'd make it into the full game.
  15. Titanfall 2

    Ha, I thought you knew it was a perk as opposed to a weapon, so I omitted that fact. It's amazing the vitriol some people have against it. The lock on time is fairly extensive and any half decent player - even me - would easily kill someone in their sights for that length of time before the lock ons allow for a straight kill. However, some skilled players practically shit themselves in anger talking about it just because it locks on. Then crazy people defend this, because they're not aiming straight at their target. I liked the smart pistol. Never got as many kills with it as I did with the R97, Eva-8 or their ilk, because I love running around the gameworld so much. It's super awesome for picking up points off the grunts, but in no way was it overpowered against other players. I don't have many epic moments saved (done plenty of them), but this one was very nice indeed:

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