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  1. I take it back. Bielsa saying he's spied on everyone and so what is peak Leeds.
  2. Bielsa resigning would be peak Leeds. Not even Teresa May could fuck up that badly.
  3. kensei

    Have you ever found a game too hard?

    Perversely, Bloodborne wants you to be a lot less cautious than Dark Souls. There are no shields. You get energy back if you attack quickly after getting hit. You can play it a but like DS with the heavier weapons (I did) but it's not really the best route. Also, despite competing it and all the DS games, there are a couple of bits in the middle with regenerating enemies and environmental factors that really sapped my enthusiasm to do it again, so I've never done the DLC.
  4. Pretty sure Man City could send a videogame and a manual to most of their opponents and still.stuff them. I'm not sure it's really that big a deal.
  5. Probably Bielsa with a grenade and a bucket.
  6. kensei


    Cruel. Its not just retiring early, the injury messed up the last two years and probably cost him a few slams. Always likes him of the Big Four. There was always a sense he really had to work for everything he achieved.
  7. kensei

    Nvidia Shield GeForce Now

    The innards are the same regardless of version. Anything GC or Wii that's CPU heavy isn't going to run well, but anything less intense can be upscaled pretty well. Viewtful Joe looks great. Really hoping they'll do a refresh with a better CPU at some point.
  8. kensei


    No one really makes FPSes like Goldeneye or PD any more. The targeted objectives, minor puzzle or exploration elements and frequent need for stealth puts it closer to something like Hitman than a lot of modern FPSes. I always wonder if someone will revive the formula. Even an indie game with short levels and different objectives depending on difficult could be a lot of fun.
  9. kensei

    Nintendo Mobile : Nearly 3 years have passed

    Their President has just said they want more mobile revenue and aren't that fixated on their consoles https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2019-01-06-nintendo-may-move-away-from-home-console-development-says-company-president
  10. kensei

    Why are Nintendo fans so annoying?

    "Nintendo don't innovate / make new franchises/ do what they did before" always, ways boils down to "Nintendo aren't making the games, I, in particular, want". I mean they'd never announce anything tonally different like Daemon X Machina.
  11. kensei

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    That was one of them, but there are a few more too. Having essentially a lot of variation on the basic rules creates an unexpectedly moreish one player experience, but holy crap at the random difficulty spikes.
  12. kensei

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    I have now hit a few World of Light stages that are 3 on 1, where the other 3 have projectile weapons. It's performance art levels of trolling by the developers. I guess there is some spirit kicking about somewhere that makes it bearable, but seriously.
  13. I don't know if I should be relieved and rode our luck to stay top, or pissed we've not put clear air in the last two games. Need to reinforce the squad now.
  14. kensei

    Why are Nintendo fans so annoying?

    Nintendo doesn't want the game to play how you think it should. The relevant comparison is a gun in an FPS game. You get it, you run out of ammo, you move to another gun. It's not DS or the Witcher. They don't want you to adopt a weapon long term, at least in the first half of the game. They want weapons to break and you to adapt. It's super intentional and they know they are going against genre norms. It's okay not to like it. But it's not bad game design.
  15. kensei

    Why are Nintendo fans so annoying?

    Do you have an issue with guns running out of ammo in Halo? It's the same fucking mechanic. It is absolutely deliberate, great game design. The problem with it that it doesn't work in the second half of the game because you've loads of slots and overpowered weapons. Death threats are obviously mental.

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