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  1. It wasn't just the jump in graphics in the arcades, it was the choice. SNES or MD games were expensive - you only maybe got a few a year, maybe you played through more with your friends. But you walked into the arcade and there were 50, 100 games to choose from, probably ranging from 8 but graphics to full 3D. There was also magic in watch some people - free too. I remember in a campsite on holiday watching someone do Wardner front to back. Must have cost a fortune to get that good. Or watching someone knock out all comers in Street Fighter or MKII. No YouTube, No Evo. That dude was probably the best you'd ever see. MAME gives a healthy dose of retrospect on exactly how shitty a lot of arcade games where. But when it was good, it was very very good, and it was axing at the time.
  2. Early N64, which is weird as early 3d hasn't t aged particularly well. But I remember Game having Mario 64 on a big screen before the N64 game out and being blown away, particularly when Metal Mario. I genuinely thought games couldn't look better than Lylat Wars (as twas then) when it came out. It was slike being in a Sci Fi movie. And the rumble! There's been graphics that's impressed me since, but nothing quite like that leap.
  3. What the fuck is a Waifu simulator doing in a Fire Emblem game? The last one I played was Path of Radiance, which I recall being very straight laced fantasy. There didn't seem to be full on Persona objectification (boo, look if you're going to do it, go all in) but still all these things are essentially psychopath simulators: 1. Cold, dead eyed protagonist 2. The game pushes you to be superficially charming and always give the "right" response 3. Really you are using them for their patronage - access to special gear, loot, skills or stats 4. Main character gets to a point where they control what they do, including how they dress 5. You have no need to maintain the relationship Sometimes clocking the relationship gets you some sort of little memento. Look the game isnt making explicit, but you are definitely murdering those people when the game ends and keeping the trophy in your special room. I'd like to see someone make the whole thing rock hard for the craic. The game randomises who likes you. There's just one, maybe two in the cast. Some of the others will get to a certain level and then dump you. It doesn't matter how many trinkets you give them, they just aren't into you. 80% of choices will fuck things up, and can lead to a toxic breakdown for the relationships in your team. If you keep messing uo, it'll change the dialogue so you feel like you aren't sure if anyone likes you. The rewards are great, but need constant work to maintain, and a deeper set of rewards if you do. Good luck.
  4. Just done, Golden Deer route. Hugely enjoyable but I don't think they quite 100% nailed. First mistake was I went Normal / Casual. Permadeath stresses me, but I didn't appreciate how fundamentally your tactics change as a result of it. Death Knight? Fuck it, plough through. That said I was diligent about side quests and the life sim, so it still would have mattered about four times in total. Nearly every unit could one hit kill. This led to some perverse effects. Skills don't care, double attack one shots. Battalions, don't care except occasionally on beasts, double attack out performs it. Gambit? Why bother, double attack outperforms it. Occasionally I'd hit a unit someone needed two goes at, so just weaken with a range and dead. Lythisea when you get the staff is just fundamentally broken. The life sim stuff is fun enough but really only for part one; part two needed to fundamentally change the monastery and add new things and didn't. I wonder if less routes would have helped here and a bit more focus. The monastery was nice enough as setting, but given what's been pulled off on the Switch I suspect its capable of something nicer and more dense . Plot sort of tapers off to in the second half, at on the route I was on. The war threads that tie into the Three Houses is strong, but all the additional stuff is a bit weak. It teases mysteries without particularly strong resolutions, and goes a bit generic anime without much in the lick of sense. The characters were pretty good, if not particularly deep and I stuck mostly with my initial house and few recruitments and you get to know them all by the end. Which leads to...
  5. I get not liking Smash, but "not a fighting game"? Any high level play videos on YouTube are insane and on a vanilla 1 v 1 mode it's as technical as any other fighter, just in different ways. Modern first person shooters leave me totally cold. I wish someone would update the Goldeneye / Perfect Dark formula. It's absolutely ripe for it.
  6. This confuses what good cinema is, I think. Empire is such a tightly wound piece of cinema. It starts with everyone together, splits them up and brings it all back perfectly. The timing of its reveals is perfect, it's brilliantly shot and it never fucks up the tone, even in moments of levity. The Last Jedi is a mess in comparison. And for all that, The Last Jedi's themes are superficial. And I'm not sure it really gets Star Wars, either. It's goodies and baddies - the Empire isiterally Space Nazis, and the Dark Side is menace just by existing. "Ooohhh we need to have something in the middle and stop fighting " has always been a shit idea, even Rebels abandoned it. At least RoS avoided that particular trap.
  7. kensei

    Nintendo Switch

    Given what else has come out in Switch, EA could probably build their current engine to scale to Switch (and a bunch of lower spec PCs) if they wanted. They just don't want to. Surprised Konami aren't filling the gap though. The Switch has a lot more varied software than previous Nintendo hardware.
  8. Nintendi's store. It was reduced recently but has went back up.
  9. I just finished this on the iPad. I need somewhere to say holy fucking shit at the sting right at end of the final sequence. GoT worthy. Great game this, though they really didn't give a fuck about soft lock difficult levels in the 90s, didn't they.
  10. When they say "last update", does that rule out more DLC too?
  11. The control system is an integral part of the game. Change it and it might be great, but you are playing something else.
  12. @Fry Crayola I assume its financially driven, especially given present circumstances. Otherwise its a bit classless from Ireland.
  13. The Romulan Star Empire is massive. Fair enough they lost their home system and capital to a Supernova which would be disruptive, but that shouldnt have precipated a general collapse. You'd imagine the scheming Romulan would have plans for similar scenarios. There'd need to be a combination of factors to get there - internal unrest (possible given previous events seen in TNG), external threats (fair enough, we don't know what is happening at their far borders, and the Dominion War would have had an effect) and the Supernova. Perhaps there is a interesting story there. But the show is completely schizophrenic as to their portrayal.
  14. The PS5 won't overturn a 20% TFLOPS difference because of higher clocks, but it will make a difference that probably gives you a bit back. It all depends on workload. Against that, the fact it will throttle matters too. More testing needed if you want a smooth experience. It's not just the speed of the SSD either, they've seem to have spent a fairly insane amount of their engineering budget to ensure there are no bottlenecks. They suggested that it might free up more system memory as less needs to be stored there and that seemed plausible. Games can also lose frames due to I/O blocks. Maybe it let's you be a bit freer in world design, but if so it's more like to be seen in exclusives. Seems very likely that Xbox will have the tippet toppest frame rates and resolutions. No one should kid themselves on that. But it's a little more complicated than Xbox One vs PS4. Those were very similar machines. These appear to have differing design philosophies. So there'll probably be a bit more variation in and between games. Digital Foundry might have a bit more to do.
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