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  1. kensei

    Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

    From definitely should, rather than constantly tweak Demons Souls systems for all time. Most of those are minor changes, though.
  2. kensei

    Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

    Except different enemies have different timings. My suggestions: 1. Just remove the fucking Kanji. If people can't read the attacks, fix the animations. 2. Remove health entirely and just have posture. Either allow permanent posture damage or make it go up faster the longer you go. 3. No gourd seeds, just resurrections which don't get blocked. No need to manage your health. Losing posture is death. Remove the mechanic where you get more fucked the worse your posture in - it gives you no good options at low posture. 4. Everyone hits harder. Part of the issue is it takes so fucking long to kill even grunt enemies if you aren't landing parries. Some bosses take ages to get nowhere. Speed the whole process up. I'd take dying faster if it meant killing faster. 5. Either your last resurrection,ultiple resurrections or a limited use item means on resurrection you don't get health, you get a timer. You won't die until it's out, so you always have a chance to get some time against a boss. Reduce poise if needed to prevent you tanking bosses. 6. You can do more than 2 health bars once as a gimmick, but other than that fuck the fuck off. It's no craic at all, From. 7. Ensure you have sufficient options and health at the start of the game. Jesus, Dark Souls did this perfectly and every subsequent From game has fucked it.
  3. kensei

    Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

    It's the easiest thing in the world for them to do too: NG-. If you have a PC, mods will effectively give you easy mode.
  4. There's a "rank all the episodes" thing on the Guardian. Top 3 basically as you'd expect, but some truly weird choices there.
  5. While there were weaker strands in 5 and 6, there remained some properly well plotted stand out moments. Those seasons feature Jon as Lord commander, the walk of shame, Hodor's big moment and more. Seasons 3 - 4 were the peak but the dip in 7 and 8 are much more significant. Well might be over egging it
  6. kensei

    A song of ice and fire

    I think it diverged too much anyway. much anyway. There'll be some of the same beats worked in, but I doubt it'd have went this way anyway. The 'winner' makes zero sense in the book context, and I can't see it happening. I'm unconvinced by because I suspect there is more to the "Mad King" than we've been told to date. Books Targs have a history with visions, and I expect something drove him mad rather him being an out and out bad 'un. Maybe even Bran, trying to do something. It'd add another layer on a story we've already got a few perspectives on. Would really like Winds now please. Kinda half hoped for an announcement today, but that was a crazy hope.
  7. The first third was about as good as it could have been After that though, just a fucking mess
  8. kensei

    Star Trek: Picard

    Wouldn't have happened at Star Fleet Academy in my day. I blame grade inflation. They need to bring back selection and 'O' Levels.
  9. kensei

    A song of ice and fire

    The last thing we hear is Brienne shouting a word. I think between an interview and a sample Winds chapter it's confirmed
  10. kensei

    Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

    There are! Loads of them! For example, in Fountainhead Palace It never really tells you though, so you either hit lucky or a guide tells you. But for such a significant part of the game, the prosethic doesn't get nearly enough attention. This feels a lot like a v1 experience to me. Too much Souls left over, lots of systems feel like they could be refined, occasionally confused design principles - stealth everywhere, then subsequent boss is impossible for no practice. Feels like there's a more refined sequel waiting to be born.
  11. kensei

    Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

    I'd actually started the chain for that item by accident, so looked it up because I knew I must be heading towards the end. But someone hadn't moved yet, so I bombed on. I always dip in and out guides for From games anyway as I know there'll be obscure stuff and places I get stuck. Bah. I've enjoyed the bits I've enjoyed a lot. The difficultly spikes I've hit remain miserable, and while I'd be faster second time around I'm not confident that I'd easily take them out. I'm just not good enough to hit the parries consistently or not fuck up by confusing a Miriki with a sweep. And you take so much damage early on, and do so little. Even harder sword based enemies can still give me trouble if I don't concentrate. It's the lack of early game options that I dislike. Later, prosethics, items and upgrades open up more variation. It becomes more Souls or at least Bloodborne-like, I think, in that there's a few ways to tackle people, and you can at least kill some optional bosses and minibosses to level yourself up and take some of the pressure off. Plus there are more beast like bosses, which tend towards BB style gameplay. So I would definitely recommend it, but I don't think it's anywhere near the original DS or Bloodborne.
  12. Even Tories would have a hard time going from "I'll not be Queen of the ashes" to brining every person in sight. She's not just destroying her city, she's destroying her self image. If people can buy it, great. Didn't work for me as presented.

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