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  1. Nintendo make smaller games all the time. We've a new Warioware coming, for example. I think it's more Nintendo would like Metroid to be a Zelda level seller, and thus both has to try new things and bow to market expectations a bit more.
  2. Germany have a shocking lack of edge for the possession they had.
  3. This is a cheap way for them to bring it back. If it does well there'll be more. Room for a lot of DLC even ahead of other games too. Advance Wars essentially perfected the Famicom Wars formula and every one since has been worse. I'm not sure this is a bad idea anyway, because short of big anime boobies I'm not sure how they improve it.
  4. There's no title. It's late 2022 at the earliest. Either this is 5 years of development condensed into pure brilliance, or covid has really screwed them up.
  5. I think that second goal could only have been scored against Scotland. The keeper was off his line and Scotland shot from too far out, but c'mon, it's scored almost from the half way line and its windy. Play another 100 games and do the same thing and most players won't even bother to shoot.
  6. I played XII recently, it has some amazing characters with an okay story and grade A PS2 era bullshit. I enjoyed it, and it at least required some tactics and challenge, but I'd much rather play a SNES or PS1 one. Alright, not VIII. They need to use VI as a template for a new one. In retrospect it's an oddity. There's no "main" character, everyone's story is important. The baddie wins. It's a steampunk aesthetic. Something in that sort of ballpark would be great. Anyway, I watched the trailer for the Souls like. WTAF? Kkkkkkaaaaaaaoooooosssss.
  7. kensei


    I suspect most of it is legal but unethical. Sharapova's ban was for a substance I think was a grey area (though I don't think she's ever been the same since she came back?) and Djokovic has his pressured oxygen egg, which is likely out of the reach of all but the absolute top players and if it does actually improve endurance would be 100% banned if it was a pill. Nadal's name was linked to the blood doping stuff, and Serena Williams did lock herself in a panic room when a tester came so it'd not shock me if there were more standard stuff going on. Only a rigorous testing system e
  8. Given in the last episode I'm wondering if
  9. Comics are a visual medium do I don't think you can ignore the visual aspect as part of what's appealing. I think I posted the Kindly Ones "Dream, give me your hand" sequence which has always stayed with me. It's both the inevitable conclusion of everything that's went before in a single moment AND a really striking visual. There's no way the show can recreate quite the same image now. Thing is, nothing outside the medium is going to quite recreate that image. The Kindly Ones art got flack at the time as I recall, and it's utterly amazing and my favourite. And still i
  10. So this looks great and will be there Day 1 but it just looks like Souls and I've played a lot of Souls at this point. Hopefully the gameplay reveal shows a lot of new stuff.
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