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  1. As I recall, the PS2 was weaker, but its architecture meant it could do effects that the other platforms couldn't do, and when people got to grips with it you got some very good looking games and a lot were 60fps. The Xbox was just brute force power and well ahead in technology terms like programmable shaders. Advantage of coming out later too. The GC was the value build. It was less powerful than the Xbox but had a very elegant architecture that meant it often competed in graphics terms. It was something like £129 early in its life which was absolutely incredible when
  2. I have an S and am pretty happy with it. However if you can get an X, it's going to be the better long term bet because any performance issues or problems will hit the S first. It's basically a Gamepass / companion machine to my Switch for me and for that it's perfect.
  3. The CPU has very slightly less grunt so there might be a few extra hitches if something is really CPU bound. It also has less memory and less memory bandwidth, but then again, no need for 4K textures. I am not surprised the resolution is lower than expected, or they are trading resolution for performance. Lack of feature parity does though - its pushing a lot less pixels. Plus presumably they can also scale ray tracing resolution?
  4. Thing is once the generation is in full swing I really doubt we'll see true 4K 60 on the X or the PS5 for triple AAA titles. So 1440p 60 on S seems a stretch especially with lower clocks and memory bandwidth. 1080p seems more likely, with a bit variation depending on title. Some indies might go higher than 1440p. There may need to be some trades offs in features too and again I expect Switch-like variation from crap to "How is this even possible". The Switch has proved out the scalability of modern engines. The CPU is still a big jump, and the GPU remains very powerfu
  5. Short version: Git gud, noob. I love Souls.
  6. This strikes me as by far the most likely explanation; single core performance is usually underrated for game performance. In theory given the extra grunt of the Series X it should be possible to tune / architect around that. But it depends how easy that is in the various tools and engines. If PS5 is lead platform, developers might not bother if Series X is good enough.
  7. Friendlies should have been cancelled but smaller associations need money, and football needs to show games to get money. So the Nations League should have went ahead. They are playing European competition so any cross border arguments are bollocks. "International football is a waste of time" almost always comes from big nations, who UEFA and Fifa have been pandering to for 30 years and making it more or less impossible for them to not qualify. Great job there. Look at the absolute outpouring of joy in Scotland.
  8. No actually says that, and companies are absolutely right to point out the ask Apple makes is excessive and an abuse of monopoly power. Plus why shouldn't they argue from their own self interest?
  9. It's best to consider Souls form as normal health and having a body as double health. Dying pushes you towards black tendency and makes things harder too, as I recall. Tendency was a pain in the ass in the original and also linked to online state so you'd have to go offline if you wanted to control it. Have they made any changes here to make it less insane?
  10. I think you're missing my point. There are a few titles I might notice frame rate hitches, but largely I don't care if I do.
  11. *frame rate and resolution talk* *looks at Switch* *Hugs Switch* I'm really glad I've never trained myself to need 60fps or particular resolutions. Series S seems great and smooth. Then again, I lived through the N64. Everything seems smooth and sharp.
  12. @Fry Crayola I think NI's golden period has likely passed. But that isn't the point. The point is that they did it with substantially more limited resources than the Republic has available still, they did not do it trying to play tiki taka and while they weren't exactly a beautiful team, they weren't horrific on the eye. I also think you are selling the last ten years short. Qualification is always hard for Ireland. There is a persistent myth around Irish sides that they should magically be playing better football than they have been - right back to Charlton. Good but not world be
  13. We qualified for the Euros in 2012 and 2016, made the playoffs for the WC in 2018 and blew a few golden chances at 2020 qualification despite the same dire panel. There have also been signs of life in the under 21s. There are styles of football between the sort of passing game Kenny wants us to play and hoofball. NI have been successful with a more counterattacking style. If you haven't got the players, you haven't got the players and I'm not certain Bielsa could get the current panel playing without the dedicated time he gets at club level. Sometimes you have to cut y
  14. Regardless of what you think of them, their attitude is going to have a big say in how long Kenny gets. I think he should be given to the end of the WC campaign to try and shape his style, but we seriously need a goal on Wednesday.
  15. Given the weird way Euro qualification works, I'm not certain relegation would be an entirely bad thing and really deserved given performance levels. At least we might avoid playing Wales again. I think the Irish press are at the turn. IT still supportive, but mutterings in the other papers. A loss or nil nil on Wednesday and I think the pressure going into the WC qualifier will be immense.
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