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  1. Ah ok, my memory of the film is hazy. I thought he basically stopped teaching her after that and that's why Maybe that was the second lesson then, did he verbally number them? It just seems like
  2. I figured the third lesson was
  3. Because that goodwill didn't translate into Fable Kinect sales
  4. They also can't use the original theme tune as it was plagiarised. If this thing is even remotely real (which I don't think it is) it won't be MGS. Where did you get this information @Orko?
  5. I don't think anyone was expecting her to be changed. That's not a realistic expectation in game development, especially so close to, or after, the game's release. Just that the issues are raised and hopefully people learn from it in future.
  6. Define "got away with". Quiet's characterisation got tons of criticism.
  7. The ones I use most (now that I have clothes for most hazardous weather) with a focus on cheap ingredients and simple to remember recipes:
  8. @Graham There should be a clearly visible spot to stand if you've found the right area. @meatbin You find recipes around the game, but not anything you can actually record and keep with you unfortunately. You just have to remember them or keep a copy of the dish in your inventory so you can check the recipe there.
  9. Eventide is by far the highlight of the game so far for me.
  10. Steam Secret Santa 2017

    So happy to receive Portal Bridge Constructor! I already enjoy those types of games so I was one of the few who were genuine pleased to hear they were doing an Aperture themed one! But then I see another notification ... Fucking Divinity 2!? Bloody hell thankyou so much Secret Santa! Your unbounded generosity has absolutely made my day!
  11. In retrospect, "The Return Of The Jedi" was kind of a deceptive title wasn't it.
  12. Can't wait to see Trump's tweet celebrating EA's monetisation of Battlefront 2 and saying anyone who disagrees with it is sad or fake news.
  13. Let's talk about Loot Boxes

    Looks like Activision/Bungie saw EA and thought "Yeah let's do that"

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