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  1. I'm open. Please mind the flowers! My island is a rural mess and my house is a mess 3F2P7 I got a message saying maintenance mode is about to start soon?! I'll be AFK turnip at 323
  2. I have Turnips at 324...any interested in selling? I can open up for a couple of hours if so
  3. That island is about to get smashed I imagine
  4. exactly im very tempted also....mainly so i can have my living room space back again!
  5. Would you mind updating us with the price after 12pm? That is tempting right now...
  6. Turnips at 98 for me. Where are those 400s?!
  7. Yeah it's bloody great. Worth the wait.
  8. definitely keep some, you can shake them and sometimes you get things like furniture.
  9. Mabel sisters shop is worth the wait!
  10. @Mr Do 71 thanks for the Turnips man very much appreciated, very jealous of your lighthouse!
  11. Any chance for me too? Mine are 110!
  12. I'm aiming to hard on the Turnips. Got nearly 500k saved. Fingers crossed for a good price.
  13. tomorrow is turnip day again, come round fast!
  14. Awesome island there I feel like you must've had the game a week before everyone else!!
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