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  1. Elysium - 5/10 Just didn't work for me, preferred Chappie and District 9. Elysium just felt stupid.
  2. As a fun and silly comparison I've been looking at the Canon r5 and the soon to be released fuji gfx 100s. Anyone else seen those two? If you can have either which would it be and why?
  3. I love bullfinches and haven't seen one for year now Have been getting visits from this ring necked parakeet though Have officially name him Ralph
  4. Having read the book about 6 months ago I have been looking forward to this. I enjoyed it! It managed to set a good tone. Hopefully the quality continues.
  5. Can very much relate to much of this; loving the act of creating but also still wanting some form of recognition. Social media is highly frustrating, what does and doesn't get likes, I think there is a lot of people buying fake followers, and people who repost the same photos that do well again and again (this actually seems to be a genuine technique to increase followers). The whole networking, commenting on other peoples work so they do so on yours, posting on a very regular schedule I find very difficult, I don't have a constant stream of high quality work and am probably just not social en
  6. Basically this for me. Started OK but drifted off, too many long monologues, needlessly drawn out character backstories. I wanted to be scared! First series was great mind you.
  7. Second this, just finished and enjoyed it.
  8. Cheers! Agreed about the lower third, I think I need to stack a few more images for the cityscape so I can increase the exposure without too much grain. Shot with a dji mavic pro 2
  9. this is a touch experimental, done with a drone and multiple shots then composited. i wanted the cityscape but then having all the lights streaming upward. it almost worked, I think there was movement between the streaming shot and the multishot hdr for the cityscape.
  10. had the same, had 300 ish this morning, waited for the pm price and...... 189...
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