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  1. asnozz

    KOTOR 3

    Was KOTOR part of the Star Wars extended universe that Disney axed? Or was that simply referring to the books that interacted around the time of the films?
  2. Somehow I managed to get one of the 20th Anniversary PS4's - I had to keep refreshing on the submit page until it went through (I must have tried about 100 times). It's shipping to my companies office in Houston, I'll pick it up on a trip there in April cant wait!
  3. Does anyone find it odd (other than Microsoft trying to push the future not the past) that they havent tried to make the original Xbox games work on the system? Yes I get it.. it would have been nice to have 360 games working, but that's a dream due to the IBM processors in that system. The original Xbox (xbox 1 ho ho ho) on the other-hand had x86 developed games and in theory wouldn't be a massive development leap to get them running on another x86 system. It would be a feather in their hat that could have stopped the mass exodus of core gamers over the PS4. It might have stopped me feeling s
  4. try 'Chuck', I recently started watching it and have been really enjoying it
  5. We all know in our hearts what the best looking console is ~
  6. lol, typical .... just as I bought the japanese version (in Japan at the moment)! maybe I should buy Yakuza 4 in japanese at launch, that'll guaranty that it'll come in english (due to my bad luck) lol
  7. walking around town in the first Shenmue. Yes, it was limited (real-estate wise compared to the second), but they captured the feel of Japan perfectly.
  8. hehe you get my crap joke. Remember its 'playstation' not PS2 or PS3
  9. cant wait for this Any word if they have sorted out the problem with arcade games being tied to your online gamertag and not the console? Tried to resolve this when I got my elite (using MS's online form), yet I still have to be signed online for them.
  10. sounds about right lol oh well, each to their own
  11. asnozz

    Game Boy Micro

    i have a japanese copied boxed (I think) which i suppose I could sell.. hmm (warioware)
  12. has anyone imported Kenzen? Im quite tempted
  13. just got a mgs gun grey ps3 from HK and one of the analog sticks on the ds3 is bust whenever i am in a game i get the camera spinning (right hand stick), it makes motorstorm unplayable due to a fixed side person view (because of stick). Any idea how easy it would be to fix? Sony wants no part in it (I knew they wouldnt, damn them lol).
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