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  1. Not long now. Excited to get my hands on it.
  2. retroed

    Nintendo Switch

    From Out of Print Archive's Twitter post:
  3. Thanks @Laine. Quick and painless, tip dropped and collected, and back to my island. Job done.
  4. retroed

    Edge #345

    My sub copy of #345 hasn't arrived, and I'm unable to request a replacement issue on the website.
  5. My gates are open but I might be afk. Anyone here is welcome to come over if 278 Bells per turnip sounds good to you. Dodo code is 4Y0FN. Nook's Cranny is straight up, behind the Plaza. I only got my 3 star rating yesterday, so please excuse the current blandness.
  6. 278 here this afternoon. Any good to anyone? I can't go open my gates right now, but can in a little while.
  7. Popping back over to offload my remaining turnips if you don't mind, @shirubagan
  8. On my way, @Boobni82. Edit: cheers! Left you a tip.
  9. Thank you so much @Larsen B! Left you a 99k tip in amongst the rest of your loot. Much appreciated.
  10. PM'd half an hour ago, would be great to hop over at some point this afternoon.
  11. I bought Assassin's Creed: The Rebel Collection on sale for £27.99. I've started Black Flag and it runs incredibly well in handheld. It looks fantastic. Docked is good, too. I put a decent amount of time into the game at the PS4's launch but never finished it. Plus, the added bonus of Rogue, which I have not yet played.
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