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  1. Every so often I stare out of the window and wonder what Santner feels today after he ducked under the final ball of the NZ innings and didn’t even try to hit it.
  2. Nothing as a tie is a voided market. Was on the hook for 300 quid.
  3. If I were Kane Williamson I would be going mental and swearing at everyone. Don’t think anyone would begrudge him calling everyone spawny twats.
  4. You were pretty bang on! England were incredibly lucky. The Boult catch, the overthrows. Either one of them is unlikely, both together is ludicrous. They fucked that chase. Even when Stokes and Buttler were in they were letting the run rate slip.
  5. That’s the single most amazing over I’ve seen since the last time Stokes was in a World Cup final.
  6. They can’t leave more than 10 from the last.
  7. Need Woakes to do something special. Think NZ have this now.
  8. Run rate is OK, it’s the wickets that are the issue. Can’t lose another for 15 overs while still going at 5.5 really.
  9. No, but England are looking very nervy. Root seemed to lose his head totally. Need Stokes to be Root and Morgan to keep it ticking over.
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