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  1. Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee is great.
  2. Yeah, it’s my favourite series of the last few years. Final season is amazing.
  3. I don’t think it’s that close to the books beyond broad strokes. Enjoyed the new season a lot, hope it gets renewed. Wonder if they are going to do a time jump, I suspect not, which might make the later books awkward.
  4. They are releasing a season pass thing with a load of new civs and game modes. Not sure how much it will cost but I’m obviously going to buy it.
  5. I had the complete opposite experience, went and played around with BF1 for the first time really and it’s nowhere near as good. That might have been 80% of every server seeming to play sniper but still. The gunplay was much, much worse and I actually hated going back to being able to spot players at will.
  6. Sirloin

    Cricket Thread

    2005 really was the best Ashes series of recent times. And Michael Vaughan has had the quickest descent into twatdom.
  7. K-League isn’t bad. Probably the highest standard in Asia. At least it’s better than the Belorussian shite I’ve been watching the last few weeks.
  8. You need to have four tiles in a diamond with above Charming appeal, and I think one with Breathtaking. The Breathtaking one is normally a mountain, and you can have three mountains and one normal tile in one, so it’s worth keeping for,actions like that spare. If you select the Conservationist then any eligible Parks should get highlighted. I often settle lategame cities just to place Parks. 4 era score per park as well.
  9. I think Culture is the easiest, well, religion might be easier, but it’s very tedious. With culture you want to target certain key wonders, and also you want to keep an eye on where you can place National Parks and resorts. Tile improvements that give tourism are incredibly powerful as well, like the La Venta heads or the Easter Island statues. Religion and culture go together very well.
  10. Sirloin

    Cricket Thread

    I didn’t have a massive amount of interest in it, but I would have watched all the games no doubt. Been a weird April with no IPL and going to be a long summer with no Tests to anger me.
  11. I play a fair bit still and it’s actually alright at the moment, they’ve killed it off at the point it’s in a reasonable state from a gameplay point of view. It needs looooads more maps though, and the whole Chapter thing was a complete mess. If you want to kill stuff long range with a medic use a carbine or the MAB/ZK.
  12. Sirloin

    Cricket Thread

    Watching that with hindsight is amazing as you can concentrate on Warne getting less and less Australian with every ball. Shocking decision that lbw though, should have been given.
  13. Sirloin

    Cricket Thread

    I like being able to post about England cricket safe in the knowledge that I can’t get anyone out by saying they are going along alright. Stokes is going along alright here.
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