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  1. Sirloin

    Cricket Thread

    Cracking IPL game today. Check out de Villiers and Khan’s catches if you fret the chance. Moeen batted well also. Kane Williamson was fantastic, didn’t deserve to lose.
  2. Sirloin

    Football Thread 2017/18

    Wouldn’t be shocked if Puel left Leicester either.
  3. Sirloin

    Cricket Thread

    Surely the way to utilise the bowlers is to bowl Shadab Khan and watch England fall apart as they can’t play spin? If Amir is fit it’s a good new ball attack as well. Would not be surprised if Pakistan nicked a Test.
  4. Sirloin

    Cricket Thread

    I’m going the first day so it’ll rain that day at least. Should be a good match, glad to see Buttler back, think Stoneman is lucky to retain his place and Bess should be interesting to watch. Think England will really struggle against the Pakistan bowling, and that Pakistan will really struggle against the England bowling. Could be a low scoring thriller.
  5. Sirloin

    Cricket Thread

    Need to get through them before the ball gets old.
  6. Sirloin

    Cricket Thread

    Might rain in the afternoon today so they have a chance at a draw, which would be huge, this is a decent Pakistan side.
  7. Sirloin

    Cricket Thread

    Yeah Ireland have done really well to recover after their first innings. Could easily have capitulated. Another 50 ahead and who knows?
  8. Sirloin

    Football Thread 2017/18

    Stoke don’t even look interested in trying to stay up, they just seem to want to draw every game 0-0.
  9. Sirloin

    Rick and Morty

    At the speed he writes it'll be out for 2043.
  10. Sirloin

    Sport vs politics

    Lots of horrible people own big football clubs, Terek Grozny are owned by the head of the Chechen parliament and close ally of the president who like to run concentration camps for gay people. That nutcase in Kazakhstan that names everything after his Mum owned ones of the big clubs there as well.
  11. Sirloin

    Football Thread 2017/18

    Wouldn’t be surprised if Barca binned off Suarez in the summer, only 1 goal in Europe this season.
  12. Sirloin

    Cricket Thread

    “Dwayne Bravo is the best death bowler in the world” says Talksport 2. Goes for 18 off the first three balls.
  13. Sirloin

    Cricket Thread

    Of all the wierd things about the IPL, I think Sunil Narine suddenly being the best opening batsman is the weirdest.
  14. Sirloin

    Golf - Good Walks Spoiled

    Can cover him for like 900 quid at present prices.
  15. Sirloin

    Cricket Thread

    Mark Wood getting some tap in the IPL.

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