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  1. Loik V credern

    The Man Utd Thread

    United are playing as if they're inhibited by severe lag when playing pro evo online.
  2. Loik V credern

    James Gunn fired for old paedo jokes

    Yes, let's create an entirely new thread to contain one post in it instead of continuing the discussion here because the consequences would be catastrophic.
  3. Loik V credern

    James Gunn fired for old paedo jokes

    Yes, because it really matters.
  4. Loik V credern

    James Gunn fired for old paedo jokes

    Go on then, elaborate on how it has 'aged terribly'.
  5. Loik V credern

    James Gunn fired for old paedo jokes

    Well not you specifically, there should be an 'all' in there. The praise in the dedicated thread is overwhelming. From fans invested to others not as bothered, critics on the little while lies podcast were describing it as a powerful revelation. It's not bullshit to say i watched it based on the acclaim and I was curious...that's true. It's only Mark Kermode of the critics i follow who was muted on it, and held back saying how terrible it is by just suggesting how exhausted he was by it. It's not an action film, it's not anything. It's another big blue/purple guy as a space villain not unlike Apocalypse in the last X Men sequel (which everyone despised) who makes no sense for the entire film as each character takes it in turn to try to say something profound and meaningful. It seems to require deep investment to not find it intolerable nonsense. Again, it's not an action film. There's a few stretched out scenes involving whoever punching each other. Then a shit battle on a field. Nothing is grounded or belongs to a consistent world. You're all comic book mad if you're bringing up the absolute pinnacle of the genre as something that is now somehow old tat and been surpassed. They're not even comparable. I wouldn't even bother to compare any actual new action film to Terminator 2, like I wouldn't Die Hard or Predator. They will never be surpassed, ever. What next? yeah Thor Ragnarok is better than Commando it's so cheesy yeah it doesn't work anymore it was a classic up until 2015 but everything has changed now. Mr Gerbik's whole post was denigrating Terminator 2 in favour of Infinity War.
  6. Loik V credern

    Football Thread 2018/19

  7. Loik V credern

    James Gunn fired for old paedo jokes

    Yeah but you're all so hyperbolic in your praise like you've watched something truly earth shattering and then others pop up with 'i generally hate comic book films...however, i LOVED this!!' that I'm too curious and then a possible cinema going day comes up and there's nothing else on and..it happens. I don't really complain about them often, either. Depends on how intolerable they were and how they're used to denigrate legitimate films of merit.
  8. Loik V credern

    James Gunn fired for old paedo jokes

    WELL, I'm not nearing 40 yet. Nowhere near. I watched Terminator 2 when i was about 6. I bought all the toys except the only one that still eluded me which was John Connor on his motorbike, who was the coolest person in the world to me at the time, i can remember seeing it in a Woolsworths store and made my first friend at primary school based on our shared love for Terminator 2 and Action Man figures. Superhero films are mostly an aggravating noisy endurance for me to sit through anyway, there can't really be any comparison between an actual proper film with some semblance of life and realism to it to a stupid cartoon, and fans ought to appreciate the distress it causes to do so. No one will recall Infinity War in 30 years time after you've all been further bludgeoned by hundreds more of these hideous things. I agree Terminator is better than T2, in the same way Alien is better than Aliens but they're different types of films. It's more pure, lean, nihilistic. Terminator is obviously more 80s than T2 was the 90s. I don't think either have aged. Not comfortable with the unnecessary kicking T2 is getting. Its action chase scenes are peerless. Its direction incredible and bold. Its use of cgi iconic. Nearly every single scene is legendary.
  9. Loik V credern

    James Gunn fired for old paedo jokes

    Edited my post to include iconic, timeless when describing Terminator 2. Capitalism has reached its ugly peak and produced and shaped people who will do things that appear incomprehensible to everyone else not into such degrading behaviour, so it fits that those declaring their love for Infinity War is another facet of the bizarre world we've constructed, however unthinkable it is along with those dads who murder their children.
  10. Loik V credern

    James Gunn fired for old paedo jokes

    Infinity War is one of those rare films that can be excruciating bollocks yet cast a spell upon the audience convincing them of some epic conclusion to such tepid nothingness as though they're following the journey of Frodo and Sam as it nears its dramatic end and not jumping from the knobhead dialogue of one self important posturing gimp to another as they all have their individual moment to ruin cinema. Invoking the iconic, timeless brilliance of Terminator 2 is reprehensible. People need their brain rewiring because they've really fucked up with letting such a film vomit such shite all over them.
  11. Loik V credern

    PES 2019

    I can see how that would be annoying for anyone invested in master league. I get irritated by little things, like showing a replay of an offside and having to watch the gold PES scuzzle in your face every time which is here to stay forever and ever i suppose. If only there was an option to switch it off in the menu, an addition that would take 5 minutes to implement. If i could just have an hour in a locked room with the director of the series.. Remembered the other day Dortmund weren't in the series for years. For whatever reason, it's a shame when that team in 2011 were one of the world's most exciting teams that they weren't featured. Extra gutting if you played in that team and loved pro evo, if there's any footballer out there you doesn't only play Fifa. I had some pros last night, the first was trying out that magic through ball stuff i think, and generally just messing about. It's not just the efficiency and lethal directness of pros but i find their kack in anticipating and intercepting is always so jarring and hard to adjust to when 95% of other players don't bother. I had one half with no shots, and to have less possession in a game when they've not just ball hogged means I've been the lesser player. Maybe there's other tricks to score 25 yard strikes because I'm not finding it easy. Most of the goals i score are simple low passes past the keeper, which has always been a sure fire goal. But it would be nice to score a thunder bastard sometimes when you feel like being more aggressive. Again in real life it varies wildly. De Gea can fingertip save Mata's corner of bar/post free kick many years ago but every week you see more central shots go in. Mainly because the keeper has moved a second before or his view is impeded. The game doesn't calculate these things, it seems. Is it just me? Does anyone score much from 25 yards?
  12. Loik V credern

    Mark Kermode's Secrets of Cinema - Tuesdays 9pm BBC 4

    i know, there are less complicated ways to say Gravity is an awful waste of a film that has nothing going for it.
  13. Loik V credern

    PES 2019

    I didn't know about advanced through balls, thanks. That pass is pretty epic. I don't really know about any of the advanced settings really. I do the R2 dribbling but mostly just play simple. These new pro evos aren't bothered about tutorials and video exercises like the ones on the ps2 were. Unless there's some i don't know about in the menus. Been replaying the other pro evos afterwards to best see how they compare after really getting into this new one. The slow turning which i always mention as a negative is something you adapt to. I think that's why people have such differences in opinion on the games. It can be what bothered you before doesn't now and you can no longer see the issue, because you just play around it. It can feel slow yet other times fast. It's weird. So pes 2017 felt like it had most in common with 2019 in terms of turning, it's just the defences play so tight and deep and are always in with the interceptions, and coupled with the superman keepers there's not enough reward for build up play. Pes 2018 slows it down, reduces defender strength and keepers ability. Both games have dry, plain muddier graphics. The new one is so crisp and vivid. It shouldn't matter but it's so stark. The difference with these new keepers is their ability to cover the goal. They never made flying fingertip saves in any of the games pre 2017. I think what bothered me about 2017/2018 was their knack at covering the floor as well. All the way through the 00s you'd know a certain goal would be scored if you raced towards the keeper and tapped shoot as lightly as possible so the ball rolls under him. In 2017/2018 they were kicking out like the best of De Gea. I think a major improvement would be not variety in animations but less expectation of seeing ridiculous saves. I've never really noticed much difference in keepers. I've seen wonder saves from the most average one. (Which tbf can occur in real life as well, if average keeper means any that play in the premier league, which might not be fair). In real life, players don't neccessarily need to hit the side netting or shoot into the corner to score. Kane gets quite a few goals hitting low and hard. The one against Courtois where he shrugged off a Chelsea player and hit the ball underneath him shouldn't have gone in from how far out he was. Messi's champions league final goal vs Van Der Sar, and another near post strike vs Neuer. All pretty central outside the box, the keeper set. Just enough power to fly past before they have chance to get down. Recreating those shots in the game i think the keeper saves each one. i think wonder saves in the game should be rarer, basically.
  14. Loik V credern

    IGN writer busted copying other people's reviews

    Maybe the games he was meant to give his personal opinion of just left him with nothing to say.
  15. Loik V credern

    PES 2019

    Yeah, i noticed this yesterday but not the previous days I've been playing it. I just assumed I'd damaged my ps4 from falling asleep while playing it and leaving it on for hours before it goes to sleep. Can usually be 30c in my room but it's been cooler the last few days.

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