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  1. Loik V credern

    Should we expect better games on next gen hardware?

    Going back to GTA, i kinda realised my descriptions were like The Sims where you explore different ways to kill people. I'd like in GTA for it to become so normal for characters to exist in the world that you're no longer driven by the thrill to interact with them. I want there to be politicians, tv presenters, actors, journalists that appear on the tv news, in papers, on the street, for it to all exist alongside whatever you're doing in the main game, for the two to intersect based on the notoriety of your crimes. I'd like there to be a politician who you really like and you're asked assassinate him (rolleyes perhaps but yes) but you're compelled to genuinely try to save him and try to work out who is behind the attempt. How does a game allow for that level of freedom? If the game sets hidden possibilities based on fixed outcomes would it not work like in any film you've seen, track down people, interrogate, do surveillance, piece together clues. Is this naff? I'm so bored of Drive to point A Pick Up Whoever or Whatever, trigger cutscene, then Drive to Point B while random mate chats shit. Then enter warehouse no. 268, and spend hours clearing it. Then a helicopter appears -oh no! Pick up the drugs and drive to point C! I want you to be able to become a gangster then half way through see how vicious others are and either become an informant or take them all out yourself. I want to choose to be a cop from early on if i want to. I want basically multiple routes through a game with fixed characters. So a lot of things play out the same but you can alter certain things and can get a different perspective. One of my favourite things about Splinter Cell is that as you sneaked around in realistic office buildings is that it heightened the reality of it. No one was an enemy, they were security guards on their night shift. They'd go out for a smoke, or sit sleepily at their desk or patrol. I didn't need to 'do' anything, just observing with this extra layer of reality was fascinating. It helped the lighting was stunning, the animation of Fisher's deft ninja like crouch movement was so lifelike, and every person was tall, huge like in Goldeneye. That's the first game that highlighted this kind of thing to me - the invisibility cheat allowing you to watch guards scratch their bum or swat away a fly. It wasn't like they did this in this mode but that they did it all the time, you just never witnessed it. I didn't need possibilities in Splinter Cell, i liked its linear contained puzzles, of trying to reach the exit door without killing anyone and using trial and error to get further each time. I struggle with open world, where options factor around destruction and killing anyway - here's some enemies, kill them but however you like. I prefer the restriction of options so i reach a point where it seems impossible. That's a great feeling. With GTA it's not about open ways to kill but layers of interactivity. You were thrilled in GTA to be able to run over pedestrians just because Driver denied it you. It's not the act but the anarchic freedom of it. I couldn't even make sense of GTA 4, it took ages to adjust to it. I couldn't understand how i read about it having stand up comics in the game but it ended up being a promotional clip of Ricky Gervais' stand up that i accessed on the tv? I thought the whole point was for you to be able to be there and be a heckler and well yeah kill, everything ends in killing, can you kill a comic on stage? I thought after Vice City allowed you to chainsaw people on the dance floor this was following that.
  2. Loik V credern

    Football Kits 2019/20

    The Bayern shirt looks more creased than it is.
  3. All the great directors who made the iconic originals using practical special effects on the day of shooting and then returned to the same films wouldn't or couldn't make them the same way again (Spielberg, Scott). Other directors who relied so much on practical effects like Tim Burton and Terry Gilliam don't work the same way in their modern films. The industry changed and so did their methods. They have a story, a vision, and go to their special effects guys and ask them how do we do this? Then as now, and just go with it. I want those who knew the importance of realness and the magic of effects shot in camera on the day would carry that lived-in quality to their modern films but they never do*. If they shot with film they now use digital because it's more flexible and cheaper (Lynch, Tsukamoto). I love catching an unknown film from the early 00s and thinking it's so humdrum and dry and real it feels so much like a late 80s indie film. Stuart A Life Backwards from 2007 has that feel about it. So divorced from modern filming styles, so refreshing. *Gilliam tried, he wanted an animatronic wolf in The Brothers Grimm but they struggled and he still pressed for it until the point they said they'd need to do it using cgi, which Gilliam eventually accepted. And it looks shit, and this was only in 2005. https://qz.com/674547/hollywoods-special-effects-industry-is-cratering-and-an-art-form-is-disappearing-along-with-it/
  4. Looks exactly as i thought it would really. Like a bad tv show. We do forget the terrifying horror of the original. The completely brutal end to every Sarah Connor in the area, it made it real. It filmed from the ground as he stepped out of his car with his boots. Yeah...grounded it literally. It showed Sarah's lack of care in the world breezy innocence as she rode her moped to her waitress job. The contrast and her incredible will to survive is one of the most believable transformations in a horror film i think. And then in Terminator 2 even more phenomenal and another worthy reason to make that sequel. Her arc complete. Nerd nostalgia doesn't really remember true horror, which is at first alien and unknown. In what moment will the creators of this film think to recapture the concept of the Terminator. It's now a purely superficial thing. It's just a given it will be scary cos he's the villain. Get an average guy to stare meanly at the camera and transform into liquid metal oh no he can't die, oh yeah he can replicate himself now a bit yeah that's cool. Nothing is really earned. The only sequel worth watching now would be one [where the crew travelled back in time and] filmed in 1989.
  5. lol I'm so out of the loop, i can't even follow videogame language anymore. (... ) What does 'rare drivers' mean? And while I'm here, what is 'multi-level gacha'? And i don't understand what 'stamina system limits races available on an hourly basis' Is it all pay more, get more?
  6. They talked about this on the cast of kings podcast, saying 'uh so did Drogon see this throne with swords in it and see its mother with a dagger in her and put two and two together!?' I thought Drogon knew Jon was responsible but being a Targaryen it couldn't harm him, it came close then in the last second just couldn't, so vented its fury just away from him that happened to to be where the throne was. It didn't intend to melt it. I'm not thinking Drogon had any thought process like 'that throne has brought the end of my mother, it brings nothing but ruin it must be destroyed!' So Jon to mope out of there like the wettest of wet men admitting to his murder rather than skulk out and if anyone asks about Dany say 'er i think she just went on a little ride with Drogon should be back soon' before running to the nearest boat.
  7. Loik V credern

    Should we expect better games on next gen hardware?

    Maybe if increased power can be focussed on smaller areas. P.T. was immediately striking to me for this reason, as was Mirrors Edge. Or think back to the opening of Bioshock. Larger and larger worlds spreads the power too thinly to make the kind of impressive leaps we expect. We should have GTAs by now that shrink the world to one fifth of its size but contain a genuinely flexible story where decisions and actions alter your course, and it's not merely a case of 'if i kill that guy now he won't be able to turn up later to give me some missions'. But the game positioned as a flagship title intended to provide the player years of gaming prevents it. If i am a criminal who has a lead detective on my case i want to find out who that is. The maximum reality a game can provide is showing every character lives its own life, it doesn't revolve around you. I want the detective to have a place of work, a home, a family, working hours, i want to watch him leave his house holding a cup of coffee as he kisses his wife goodbye, I'm imagining pure America suburbia Face Off type wholesome goodness. I want to hire a private investigator that will provide updates and notify me of his whereabouts. I want to find him sat in his car, with heavy stubble, at 3am, half asleep, under a bridge in the pouring rain. I want to shine a light that wakes him up. I want to fire my gun so he races out of his car. I want him to have people close to him i can kudnap and kill ro mess him up some more. Like a cop partner or young daughter. sorry this is dark but i want to see him mourn and i want to see him go to his dead child's funeral so i can be there to plant remote explosives inside the coffin and detonate before he gets chance to give a speech. Games try for reality in cutscenes, with professional voice acting, motion capture, high tech uncanny valley facial animation and stuff but all they need to do imo is in-game make every character have a life that exists for real outside of you. They have a history, they have financial and relationship issues, they have a daily schedule. They have a house and you can play knock a door run at 3am if you want. Or set their sofa on fire, sit legs crossed on the grass outside and wait and watch them jump out of the window. It goes back to Fallout 3 for me, i got fed up with trolls and ogres running after me for miles like they had nothing better to do, it was like nothing had changed since 2d platformers where enemies walk back and forth in a line and touching them harms you. I think even ogres should have families, a home by a swamp or something, an ugly wife and ugly kids that they sacrifice for food when times get tough. In GTA i want to go into a bar, and maybe there's only 5 bars in the whole city that you can enter but lets do it properly, lets have frequent drinkers, lets have pool games, lets have bets you make that when you lose you can't pay, and you sneak off to the toilet and lock yourself inside. And you're too fat to climb out of the window and accept the brawl instead. And you kill one of them and the police knock on your door the next morning and you kill them too and you dig a hole in your garden and hide them under it but so badly that you wait for anyone else to visit to notice this obvious human shaped mould sticking out and still no one notices so you pull some arms and legs out and invite your next door neighbour around and kill his dog in front of him before remembering what you brought him over for. Then you watch him frantically go back into his house and call the police. You cut the brakes on his car, climb a tree, have an okay standoff with the police, 'please sir can you climb down from the tree', then wait for your neighbour to drive his car up the road, miss the turn and crash into another car probably seriously injuring the other driver in the process. The cops turn and leave you, you jump from 40 feet and break both of your legs, scream out in agony, then crawl inside your home to your fridge where you empty it of frozen decapitated heads and have a tidy up.
  8. Loik V credern

    Gaming things a younger you would never believe

    Me? On a mobile and another cheapo rollercoaster thing in a shopping mall. It is amazing for sure, genuine wow at being locked in, and that was while sat at work going through 3d menus and scenery. Which in a way that early 3D naffness i like as being an authentic expression of the excitement of the possibilities, if that makes sense, as opposed to measured professionalism where it's like everything is known and understood and the outcome is just really polished. I've not yet bought PSVR because of cost though, I've spent the equivalent amount on lots of pointless stuff over the years so I could afford it. With film as with games though, the middle has disappeared. You get big budget games that take 1000 people 6 years to make and have no personality to them, then indie stuff made by 1 person that also take 6 years but have lots of personality. That kind of nurtured, lovingly crafted game I'm less interested in though still. If VR is just added immersion for the same type of games we already get then there's no point for me. It has to be a kind of reset, less games of a fully fleshed out concept fixed in a genre and more of a flailing idea that kind of explodes as you experience it. I mean literally a blank room where as you move a figure starts to take shape that is your character and where you simply interactive with walls and mess around would be more involving to me than the established recognizable setup of a genre that is known straight away. More expressionistic and surreal than story driven and immersive. Maybe that's all I mean. Most times I speak about modern games it's like i'm shitting all over them, i don't play or read anything so wouldn't know. The sheer volume and variety has to go up for me, there can't be 5 year development cycles, there has to be an immediacy and urgency to the medium, like an explosion of creativity where several fresh energetic voices appear out of nowhere to reshape it, and it all happens within a few years rather than spread over decades. An exciting period in music or film has these times where you're looking at just a few years, entire bands appear and disappear within 4 years. I don't know what punk, hip hop anarchy looks like in videogames really. Maybe distill graphics more, use sound, music more, be interactive, i think early 3D games are more exciting now than modern games are because of the ways they needed to find tricks to impress you, the approximation of realism. The way textures are used, spread over, the crude polygons, it's fascinating i think because it's genuine. The immediacy i kind of want has come through some mobile games where i'm not even bothered about the control scheme which is usually limiting, it's more the ingenuity of the designer finding simple mechanics and rules to build on. But many are ruined by monetization. The next stage in videogames, the revolution, hasn't happened yet or might never. A single box, no console cycles, move away from technology, a constant source of experimental titles with no prior exposure at all, made in secret in 6 month development cycles. Videogames have created loads of iconic distinctive games and the ones that are genuinely unique even if flawed are special, and thinking of their ideas repeated waters them down. But still, there are too many games that create an opening and then just put a full stop on it.
  9. Loik V credern

    Gaming things a younger you would never believe

    Technology moved so fast from when I started playing to the emergence of 3D that there wasn't any time to digest it or think about it. Originality and variety was just fundamental to what games were, it's all I knew. And Sega Rally to me at the time was photorealistic. I don't get any sense of wowness from any modern games, Resident Evil 4 in 2005 was probably the last. Possibly Silent Hills actually, and before that Mirrors Edge. Yeah..did really stop and stare throughout that a lot. For both it was evident how they were using technology to focus it in a really strong particular way, it's not done in a processional way, because they're both linear and limiting. I think a younger me would never believe that certain genres and styles would just die, how one single game could shape the future of a genre. Like I kind view the FPS before and after Halo to be different and Goldeneye the anomaly i never knew was. We got Perfect Dark and i thought that was just the start. It was basically Doom and Quake were linear horror games, and then Halo was open and not about linear horror but battle and war. Half-Life added cinematic storytelling. I never saw how increase in cost would mean certain genres can not justify their reason to exist because everything has to sell 5 million to be profitable..a younger me would not be able to make sense of that angle, there was just an abundance of stuff, the concept of cost and profit just didn't factor in. How online and mobile gaming would turn videogames into a form of addictive consumption...the pure monetization of what it means to play by inserting in so much accumulation of digital stuff and irrelevant rankings and honours, again anathema to what videogame were so hard to make sense of now. I kind of think of how COD/GTA became a low cost form of entertainment for casuals, i think there was a way videogames became that for the mainstream player who are squeezed financially. If you think of cost to go paintballing or go karting or whatever and this is an endlessly replayable alternative, along with preowned boom and recession it makes sense to me.
  10. Loik V credern

    The Batman - June 2021 - New Batman to be cast

    Peter Bradshaw has had a go at it https://www.theguardian.com/film/2019/may/17/batman-returns-forever-and-robin-tim-burton-review
  11. Loik V credern

    Declining Sales. WTF Is Going On?

    How do people have the storage space to download so much? Do you buy extra storage? Just delete games? I'm having to delete save files of physical copies of games as it is to fit the handful of downloaded games I've got on there, just the regular ps4.
  12. Loik V credern

    Lost - The Full Series Thread

    I genuinely want to erase my memory and properly rewatch stuff. I know, you're thinking that'd get rid of all kinds of happy memories as well...i can't think of anything. There was a guy at work who swore he could instantly forget anything he watched or knew about. Tell him the entire spoilerific plot of a film and he could watch it fresh the next day. He also swore the Earth was flat though. My dad at the moment can't recall any films he watches recently. They seem to make so little impression he doesn't record any memory of them. I think Lost should have ended at season 5. You're introduced to the man in white and man in black, and anyone going into it I'd advise to stop there.
  13. Loik V credern

    Detective Pikachu movie

    I really liked this, eager enough to go to the cinema to watch it as well. I was fascinated by how they would integrate the Pokemon into the world and got a kick out of every instance of it. I always liked the cartoon and wished for Nintendo to do a 3d open world Pokemon that would replicate it. In a way this fills a void. /filmcast were really muted on it, as were little white lies. Which seems so harsh. It's not so brilliant as the first trailer, it's not that funny throughout and i wish there was more world building, but it nails every Pokemon. Their dark edged bouncy rounded look really works. It felt fresh with it, after years of superhero films that use each character to create spectacle and become boring with it when Ditto was transforming into different Pokemon at one point it was genuinely thrilling and seamless. Given that the director was responsible for lots of terrible films that are visually rubbish, boring and terribly written it's impressive. been mentioned? One big thing I'd love a sequel.
  14. Loik V credern

    The Batman - June 2021 - New Batman to be cast

    Batman Returns > every other comic book film
  15. Loik V credern

    Minor changes to games that would make huge differences

    Pro evo online has loads, it's probably boring to repeat them again. See opponent choose their team as you do. So you can create derbies. So you can see they're picking Juventus and can choose against picking Royal Excel Mouscron because you can't be bothered with the effort required. More than 20 goal replay save slots More than 3 formation save slots (fuck this is annoying when you want quick team select) Longer replays so you can see the start of a passing move. More replay angles than just tv camera or super zoomed in super low down.

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