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  1. Guillermo del Toro's The Shape of Water

    Why ruin a film like this on a plane? I think it was Mad Max Fury Road my brother first watched on a plane. And he could get tae fuck saying 'I'll never have time to watch it!', with his 4 days off every 4 days. It's such a shitty way to watch anything. I somehow don't like Fury Road anyway, and couldn't be bothered protesting, but you only get to experience this stuff the first time once. Just the lack of respect, and the need to simply cram it in whatever way. When you love Breaking Bad and Richard Bacon, who used to work from like 12pm till 2pm four days a week would say he watches episodes on the train commute from London. It's one of the best shows ever, y'know, like one of a dozen maybe out of the many many thousands made. yeah I know thousands of people do this daily and often mention it on the forum. it's usually a marvel film though so I don't care. Anyway, Shape of Water is wonderful for its elegant direction, its vibe, music, and relationship between Hawkins and Jenkins' characters.
  2. 20 years ago today - PAL N64 Launch

    Beetle Adventure Racing is amazing ! The emulator I have is great for nearly every game I've tried except that. N64 carts for £6 on amazon, really worth it. Wouldn't say its aged better than Wave Race 64 because nothing has.
  3. The Man Utd Thread

    Yeah I'm not including the attacking players of Arsenal in with the other clubs there. And definitely not looking back 10 years, just 5. Basically from 2013 onwards. Do think there has been a strong team spirit to Arsenal though despite everything else over the last 5 years or so. Maybe an Arsenal fan would say the only players who want to leave are the ones with the desire to win and the club isn't matching their ambitions, maybe they'd say it says a lot for the other players complacency. Maybe it's that a lot of the squad has been together for a long time, under the same manager, there's a homeliness to it. Martial is moody, Rashford is moody, Lukaku is playing and is moody because he never thinks he gets enough respect. Giroud left, but as a barely used sub seemed happy. Walcott also left, but seemed happy...maybe that's more about complacency, but I mean if there's a cause all the players believe in maybe some are willing to sacrifice. Under Ferguson's winning years Solskjaer summed up the selfless spirit. Pochettino is the only reason Lloris is still at spurs, without the promise of progress he'd be at PSG I think. There's some discontent with wages now, also being fuelled by the media, but it doesn't seem like any want to leave. Walker did, Rose might. Tldr United's approach to signings kills the collective. And why wouldn't young hungry strikers be moody playing in an ultra defensive team, shunted out wide for the 150 minutes a month they might get to play, under a manager who hates them. Didn't know about Wilshere, I was just thinking in terms of being able to go on loan again this season but deciding to stay and fight for his place in the team, despite competition being greater. Suppose every player under the influence of an agent from the outside appears greedy. Maybe he isn't one of the last remaining passionate die hard one-club players around. tbh I don't know why I post about football, I barely watch it and am really disillusioned with it. Gonna sound ridiculous but...Sunderland have been in turmoil for years, i just think there's an emptiness to a club when it buys players with no reason or purpose, and they are just there to earn a wage.
  4. The Man Utd Thread

    I just don't get the lack of compassion and care for a £30m teenager who suffered a double leg fracture. Just as he comes back from spending a year out recovering Mourinho comes in. It's not even that Shaw's apparently high wage demands were turned down by Chelsea that would be reason enough for Mourinho to hold a grudge against him, I genuinely think he resents talented players who according to him don't sacrifice their skill for the defensive cause, and it's exacerbated by his lack of talent when he was a player. He's basically expressed these sentiments himself. He doesn't find joy in creative players expressing themselves. There always seems to be attacking players keen to leave, why? I thought with Welbeck he must have been really fed up to just be so willing to unattach himself from the club he grew up with. There doesn't seem to be the same affinity to Man United as other top players have with their club. Wilshere for instance refuses to leave Arsenal. A lot of problems there but there's been a real team togetherness in the last 5 years. Pogba's reasons for returning were unconvincing theories about 'unfinished business', when he just wanted the prestige of being the most expensive signing ever and be among the highest paid footballers in the world. Never hear of the attacking players of Spurs/Man City/Chelsea/Liverpool wanting to leave, except in unique circumstances like Barcelona come calling.
  5. The Man Utd Thread

    I didn't see the Brighton game, can't find Shaw specific highlights. How was he? Not got a the telegraph log in... The thing with Mourinho is that..it's just football. A game against Brighton. He's a left back. Mourinho talks like he's a commander of troops in trenches and Shaw is the one lad who when everyone else is charging on to the battlefield he's hiding. Every player can play bad but when you see, 'Please Mr, take me from the pitch'. That is what I thought." The language of 'Please Mr'. What is that? Imagine any other current top manager saying that about one of their players. I...can't.
  6. 20 years ago today - PAL N64 Launch

    F-Zero X perhaps?
  7. Yeah kerraig why can't you just, instead of pointing out the faults of the film industry on a videogame forum make a modern revenge masterpiece starring the most talented in demand actor on the planet. I mean honestly.
  8. Star Wars: The Last Jedi - December 2017

    I'd ask him; 'there is absolutely nothing in Safety Not Guaranteed that suggests you could competently direct a film with giant dinosaurs, just how good was your pitch to the producers?'
  9. Harvey Weinstein and other Hollywood predators

    lol really? It's my brother's birthday today. He doesn't follow the news or watch films, I shall let him know he shares the day with a monster. this was one of the ..most surprising revelations... https://www.theguardian.com/film/2018/mar/07/three-woman-accuse-korean-director-kim-ki-duk-rape-assault
  10. Wow, really? I'd just never heard of it until today, there was a Macaulay Culkin marathon on channel 5 with a few of his films, and i looked at his filmography again. Culkin playing an evil kid was more a revelation than when I discovered Virtuosity and wondered how i never knew it existed, like some kind of Demolition Man mixed with Hackers/The Matrix from a parallel universe. m EVIL HAS MANY FACES ineedtoseethisfilmm banthissickfilth
  11. Did you though? I can believe 'i enjoyed', but got more from? As in content? 80% of a new Marvel film is made up of the previous dozen. Or is it got more from it in a I am already heavily invested kind of way.
  12. lol 'Kevin McCallister tries to kill Frodo Baggins' is a Letterboxd review, not a tagline. Like We Bought A Zoo being 'a feel good film about a family's struggle to enslave animals.'
  13. do you have to make a new thread about this. yes, yes I do Are there any other films that can be summed up in one line and make you want to watch them.
  14. Hmm. They've still made the effort to travel to the cinema though and find the time for it. I don't think the Unlimited card is bought by casual cinema goers either ?
  15. this sums it up whatdoesitsumupidunnobutispentagesbadlycolourcodingit

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