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  1. I've lost about half a stone so far, though I imagine part of that is down to the way it encourages you to eat more fruit and veg. I'm making sure I do it for at least 15-20 minutes every day and I try to do some of the more energetic/difficult exercises (Bushtopher's absolutely right about the plank, it's a killer). But even after a really full-on session, the calories-burned total rarely comes in over 200. Worth noting, too, that the downtime between activity adds up - for 20 minutes of exercise you'd probably need to free up 45 minutes of time, including stretches and whatnot.
  2. My 14-year-old loved it, fwiw - he found it totally absorbing and laughed a lot.
  3. He does kind of get rejected by a woman Anyway, there's only one way to read the story, because the 'joke' he shouts in the climactic scene is basically Todd Phillips' pitch for the film in its entirety.
  4. He disguised it a bit when he sang Creep, but it was blindingly obvious from True Colours - which he did quite beautifully, I must say. I do enjoy Davina being all "I know who this is" with absolute unshakeable confidence and then being as wrong as it's possible to be.
  5. Yep, meant to say this, it's worth making the effort to see on the big screen if you can. Tempted to go and see it again in IMAX.
  6. Took my wife to see this today, and we both thought it was fantastic: a completely transportive cinema experience. At one point, the audience was so silent you could hear a pin drop. It doesn't lapse into jingoism or ladle on the sentiment towards the end, as I feared it might. And, well, just give Deakins the Oscar now.
  7. Well, given the (perfectly understandable) complaints about the awards' lack of diversity, it's natural for him to single out the film that he believes could most easily have been replaced.
  8. He's right, though. There are far more deserving films.
  9. Yeah, my son turned to me and just said "er, timing?" I think at first I was too conscious of the negative reviews and so I was a little uneasy with the tone of it, but after a while I just got swept up in the story as it became clearer it wasn't really a satire in a traditional sense (I think marketing it as such is maybe what has caused such consternation). The more I think about it, the more I appreciate it. The "massively into swastikas" line got a HUGE laugh in our screening.
  10. My fave foreign-language films of 2019 were: Burning The Candidate An Impossible Love Woman At War La Belle Époque The Farewell So Long, My Son One Cut Of The Dead Rojo The Gangster, The Cop, The Devil Amanda Haven't seen Monos yet, but looking forward to that and Parasite.
  11. 2100 words and that's what you pick up on, ha ha. I dunno, my memory's terrible and I may well have got that wrong. I *vividly* remember watching ROTJ at the cinema (I remember jumping out of my seat when Vader activates his lightsaber while walking alongside Luke) and I know by then I'd seen Star Wars. A bit of digging shows that Star Wars made its UK TV debut on Sunday October 24th 1982 at 7:15pm. So I obviously saw Star Wars then or thereabouts. It's possible I didn't see Empire until after then, I suppose. I'll have to ask my parents if they remember.
  12. I don't think the individual films are particularly haphazard, but if occasionally they seem slightly at odds with one another, a lot of that's on Disney. Seemingly at no point did they have everyone sit down and thrash out a plan for a trilogy. I think one thing that gets overlooked about TLJ is that, great though it is, it closes off a lot of narrative avenues for a third film. It feels almost like a conclusion in its own right, not to mention it kills off the guy who was supposed to be the main baddie. TROS spoilers:
  13. Yeah, I think the page-turners line is funny enough that it gets away with it. I’m sure there’s another example of what I mean but that was the other gag that sprang to mind. That Poe/Han comparison is a very astute one - like you, I can’t quite put my finger on the reason why one works and the other seems slightly out of place. It’s not as if it’s the only example of Hux being the butt of the joke, after all.
  14. Fair point. I was more referring to the TLJ haters I ended up in a debate with on Twitter the other day who basically insisted there was no way he should have become fallible because "his arc had finished". I get why people find it jarring - and as a whiny kid with crap hair I always identified more with Luke than Han - but I think Johnson does enough to make it work. He felt guilty for letting Ben turn to the dark side and was worried that he was doing more harm than good, and so chose to isolate himself.
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