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  1. Can someone catch me up on something I just read on Era?: In Forsaken you can actually get a raid chest (free loot) without having to do the raid. Any more details what needs to be done here?
  2. Triple A

    Google Stadia

    This NegativeLatencyPlus© (LOL) thing, is straight from the Phil Harrison playbook. Ever the PR guy.
  3. Chatter circulating regards layoffs at Sony Europe now. Publishing roles like marketing and PR.
  4. Just you wait! New Eva convert here. Boy are you in for a ride, it’s incredible.
  5. Ffs this has its bloody hooks in me again. couldnt wait to get home and start those new weeklies. Loving the new armour mod system, my auto rifle builds are starting to get beastly!
  6. Apparently not bugged - it does speed up after you the double-rate and triple-rate progression booster items from the battle pass, but it's still a slog.
  7. 4K UHD Blu-ray with HDR (or better, DV and/or HDR10+) please, when??
  8. Watching this currently, I know what you mean. She looks a little like an ex of mine as well.
  9. Ridge Racer on PS1 was the one that did it for me. I remember walking into my local import shop and seeing it, the feeling in the shop was absolutely electric. Everyone was buzzing, big crowd in the shop that day.
  11. Yeah getting perfects isn’t always linked to the beat of the music, you need to watch the visuals more
  12. Started this in 2D mode on Switch now, after having rinsed the PC version, playing in 4K60 with orchestral mod. - monster attacks don’t seem to be animated in 2D mode which is a pity - having the game be in 2D really helps you appreciate the high quality of storytelling and scenario setting - scenes gives the feels, especially if you played SNES RPGs and are familiar with what to look out for - this game deserves its scores, it is an all-time classic RPG and one of the very best from Japan - I think I still prefer my PC version overall due to the production quality
  13. I'm beginning to be of a similar opinion. It's a grower that one. Perhaps helps that it's more difficult to get the Gold on Inside, than it is on Begin Again (so, Inside gets more playtime).
  14. I’d love a PC version of this, mainly to see if the load times between levels in album mode can be reduced. That plus framerate options, anti-aliasing, etc. What’s everyone’s earworm track? Mine’s Begin Again.
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