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  1. I’m back. Yes, quite. See your original post in this thread. Not nice, is it.
  2. Interpret it as you will. The irony of your post I responded to, warranted no more of a response imv.
  3. See above. Also, rarely have I needed to or want to fart about. My sense is that the PC gaming space has stabilised a lot in this regard over the years making such issues a bit overstated, as more devs and pubs have committed to compatibility, etc.
  4. But if it runs better than on console originally, which has always been the case for me, then, all good gravy.
  5. I've been NVIDIA for about 10 years now and not been on the receiving end of this.
  6. For me it's often about knowing that I have that multiplatform game on the platform that offers the best technical realisation of all, that will get better over time as well. And as the PC version of a given multiplatform game is often the cheapest version too, I'm amortising the hardware investment with each game that might otherwise be bought on console. My PC isn't super-top-end, but delivers enough for me to be satisfied based on the rest of my system, my budget, my time, etc. When next-gen comes out I'll make another value judgement with view to upgrading or not. As ever with these things, YMMV.
  7. Quite possibly yes, but perhaps not to the same degree. Just need to run the numbers and make a decision accordingly. Lamenting the need for upgrades when clearly interested in the technical aspect, definitely doesn't really add up though.
  8. PC isn't immune to it, but no technology-driven medium is and nor is entertainment in general. Given market forces are what they are then, I do question the value of lamenting them so much. OP's ROI may have been better had they just got a PC, rather than do all the selling and re-buying that they did.
  9. Yeah, their also posting TLDR text-based article versions like the previous days, would be very helpful. I imagine their business model needs those video views though.
  10. DF is great. A medium using technology, like games, absolutely warrants deeper technical analysis - to inform purchase decisions, how products in said medium are made, etc. The technological side of games isn't the only consideration driver of course, but it's natural and appropriate for a technical-analysis platform like DF to exist.
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