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  1. i guess that they did it when they wanted to sleep? thinking of the ones that faced the tunnel wall too. yeah freeman wasn’t great. basically played himself/tim from the office. zero connection between his character and his wife.
  2. saw this tonight. liked it overall, but it couldn't quite warrant its feature-length imo and felt a bit padded. some nice ideas in there.
  3. Triple A

    198X - An Arcade adventure

    I will get the soundtrack vinyl. Call me back once they’ve proven the game. Scope seems way too ambitious.
  4. almost finished Safe. good enough and watchable, but it is inauthentic - casting is all over the shop, hall’s accent doesn’t work, and the varying production levels are jarring. another instance of netflix muscling in on a market space led by competitors (in this instance, uk crime mystery/drama) and not quite getting it.
  5. Triple A

    Gaming soundtracks on Vinyl

    got my LE space harrier ordered in time. bloody love that soundtrack, especially some of the boss music which hasn’t aged and has some killer loops! nice idea with the lenticular sleeve this time round.
  6. replaying this on switch now after clearing it on wii u. still amazing and rightfully my 2014 goty.
  7. Triple A

    Mad Max - Fury Road

    It could well be that my earlier message was too rash. Does WB definitely own the sequel rights? I don't think they own the IP anyway (which is held by Miller's production company)? Perhaps these things could have influenced it. Why would WB come up with a, say, 10-year multi-project P&L, if they're not guaranteed the future business. WB also may not have wanted to create precedent for other production companies to come after them with.
  8. I like the worldview of this, but have a question mark over the studio involved. And - do you think Chris Pine is getting royalties in exchange for his likeness being used?
  9. Triple A

    Mad Max - Fury Road

    Given that the project revitalised the Mad Max brand and opened up longer term profit opportunities for WB which now seem to be narrower, they should have just paid him.
  10. Triple A

    God of War (2018) - Magni-ficent!

    omg wibble wibble my mind has turned to jelly - how the hell did they manage to pull that off?!?!
  11. Triple A

    Your Viewing Hall of Shame

    two and a half men. mandatory viewing during dinner after work. bloody love it!
  12. I watched S1 without knowing much about it at all, other than that people were generally loving it and raving about it, and the concept that it was set in a I wish I hadn't even known about that concept. Those who frequent discussion topics etc. without having seen something first, tend to deserve what they get IMO.
  13. Obvious misdirection is obvious, it's the show's main currency after all. This has the whiff of a next-generation PR tactic by the entertainment industry. Unless they are really, really stupid.
  14. Triple A

    A Quiet Place

    This was decent. Some egregious trope usage aside - tight scripting, great performances especially from my fave Blunty, great audio design and the right amount of tension in the right places. Krasinski for Joel in The Last of Us movie? Go see.
  15. Triple A

    PlayStation VR

    i like vr gaming but just cannot be arsed with the setup and all the cables. not worth the hassle especially the sort i get from the other half, when turning our front room into the room of that tech guy from the matrix.

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