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  1. I REALLY wonder now what could have been for the Lord and Miller version of Solo.
  2. Well this was absolutely spectacular. Blown away.
  3. thanks for the reminder that this is out tomorrow. it’ll be my christmas morning game
  4. Triple A

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    single player story mode is cracking in this - just what i was looking for in a smash game
  5. Triple A

    Anthem (Bioware new game)

    I got in too, on PC. My NDA precludes me from discussing it though ;-)
  6. Triple A

    Anthem (Bioware new game)

    Smart PR from EA.
  7. skimming this, it’s really interesting. will print and read thoroughly
  8. Triple A

    Devil May Cry 5

    yours makes a noise? well jel. anyway, i was always on board with this game and always will be - it was my fave reveal of e3 etc. but - while the demo was super polished and incredible looking, it is more of the same. i don’t think i was expecting any more, but i do think that actually going hands on at long last has diminished the lustre and prestige of the game a bit.
  9. it possibly had something to do with motion smoothing, but also very likely a bunch of other settings that culminate in a total mess. many modern tvs have a retail demo mode where the picture settings are designed around the harsh strip lighting etc. in stores. colour in particular will likely be way off where it should be. which to take things a step further, is why tvs especially nice ones, shouldn’t just have the correct motion smoothness setting, but be fully calibrated. i guess tom wants to get one message through at a time for now though. related - my new sony oled is isf calibrated and actually has motionflow set to 1 and not 0 (not for games mind), so, it’s not totally off like tom says you should do, but not on so much as to create soap opera effect. he's deffo right in principle though. some slight motion smoothing is often needed on oled tvs, which don’t handle motion as well as plasma tvs. when it is on 1 on my tv, it actually increases detail without introducing artefacts etc. often associated with such frame interpolation algorithms. it varies by tv model though and can even vary between different panels of the same tv model.
  10. Triple A

    Battlefield V

    i can't shoot for shit in BF either lol - am starting to pull off more headshots when using a pad, but i know i'll never compete with the many PC players using kb+m - the DNA of BF being a PC game originally, is still very clear. clearly the games are catering to different tastes - BF feels more sim-like and seems to be going for that approximation of a frenetic wartime experience where you can be taken out in a second, while destiny feels more RPG-like with its use of shields, the size of reticles and so on that cater to a pad/console audience. i don't think there's much between either game, re: the quality level at which the guns handle and reload etc. and i like the way BF seems to hold a bridging position between the more twitch nature of COD and other PC-originating shooters, and the slower style of console-originating shooters.
  11. Triple A

    A great gaming track a day

    Plok's beach track still totally blows me away
  12. Triple A


    deathtiny mode is really well done - enabling a nice flow to the game if you’re a low-to-mid level player, but still with enough depth for the more experienced high-score chasers. and the stereo arrange version of the soundtrack is incredible!
  13. Triple A

    Battlefield V

    went from this to my shooter stalwart destiny 2 in a single sitting - i know they’re of differing design goals but bfv really feels a generation ahead in terms of tech and fluidity of control. very impressed with DICE actually.
  14. Triple A

    Battlefield V

    yeah reckon so although it could be less of an engine issue and more of a technical direction decision - my (hot) take is that they've had the engine pump out so much in some areas e.g., physics for destructible environments, lighting, etc., that they've dialled back other areas.
  15. Triple A

    Battlefield V

    am running maxed out 1440p on PC, and pop-in with supplementary environment elements is very evident for me

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