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  1. Triple A

    Konami 50th Anniversary Collection

    A HD version of that game would be incredible
  2. Triple A

    Love Death and Robots

    same here. ep1 felt very juvenile. like a video game cutscene (tbf they all do to a degree and i am sure that is the intention). ep3 was awesome to look at, loved the mix of styles. looking forward to seeing more though.
  3. There's also a cheevo called I Believe I Can Fly!
  4. On The Toilet has a certain ring to it
  5. There's a lot of people berating V on resetera - bollocks to them I say. Freshest action game character in ages.
  6. It's as if Disney & Marvel knew what they were doing!
  7. Sons of Sparda mode is rocking my world. They've tuned this game so nicely it would seem.
  8. And done (Devil Hunter difficulty). What a ride! Best bit for me was
  9. Really enjoying this so far, no surprises there! Playing as V is amazing imo - great character design, breathtaking animation and I love the control mechanics too. Quality and innovative.
  10. Triple A

    Your favourite video game music

    Just found this most awesome arrangement of Magical Sound Shower on resetera. OMG it's incredible.
  11. Triple A

    Fleabag - BBC3 Comedy

    I like this show a lot, but for a bit of balance against all the love, fucking hell it’s smug. Like, worse than Catastrophe smug.
  12. Triple A

    What is your comfort game?

    Right now, Tekken 7. Easy to stick on for a few matches and then leave. Trouble is that I keep doing so and have now racked up the hours!
  13. Triple A

    Alien Isolation

    now why would SEGA/CA be doing this now I wonder

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