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  1. Triple A

    Monster Hunter: World

    bug or something you unlock?
  2. Triple A

    IGN writer busted copying other people's reviews

    is there an echo in here?
  3. Triple A

    Monster Hunter: World

    yeah it’s fucked. apparently there is a fix but i would rather not go messing around until they fix it officially (they have acknowledged it and confirmed working on it)
  4. Triple A

    Monster Hunter: World

    i wasn't really using the charge mechanics properly. the B B B B B head smashy combo was my go to kill move lol. and great swords are my back up weapon for sure - that was my very first weapon type so already have one part-upgraded
  5. Triple A

    Great scenes in disappointing movies

    the worst bit. Made me want to chin Baby. Such an irritating twat. And breathe... May I offer the sniper shots in Wanted for your consideration;
  6. Triple A

    Monster Hunter: World

    just saw arrekz/youtube video on hammers - man i've been such a noob! but now i will be smashy smashy. can't wait to get back on this. starting to want to hunt with randoms though, and online isn't working so well for me - hope they get it fixed soon. has anyone had much luck with Kaldaien's HDR mod? i don't use HDR myself but apparently it helps for non-HDR displays too - buggered if i can get it to work/see much difference though. it could be my TV settings that are wrong now.
  7. Triple A

    Monster Hunter: World

    anja set get, for both me and cat features. right, off to smash the face off something else a bit later.
  8. Triple A

    Edge #323 25th Anniversary Edition

    myfavouritemagazines.co.uk/edge25 as in the ad above, takes you to the website homepage and searching 'edge' on the site, doesn't bring the boxset up yet either. waiting for general sale of the issue before posting the page?
  9. Triple A

    Great scenes in disappointing movies

    Twister the movie
  10. Triple A

    Monster Hunter: World

    after getting used to some of the game’s lobby and menu idiosyncrasies, this is bloody brilliant. currently farming anjanaths so i can upgrade my massive head smashing hammer. capcom ninjas did amazing work with the engine, art & textures and animation imo.
  11. Triple A

    Mission: Impossible - Fallout (2018)

    i came out of this yesterday having enjoyed myself but knowing the film would not age well. hot and current casting, check - i bloody love both ferguson and kirby, and really like cavill too despite his poor dialogue delivery. he does ‘smug pastiche agent of few words’ nicely, similar to his role in The Man From U.N.C.L.E. envelope-pushing stunts and setpieces, gotcha - although, like black panther, the chase in the middle was better than the battle at the end. story though, i mean come on - i get that it is meant to be a bit tongue in cheek, but there should be stronger internal logic and flow etc. etc. etc. - enabled by more critical thinking from the writers and director on how it all functions and fits etc., during pre-production. writing the setpieces first is so obviously cart-before-horse as to be amateur/student level work. reminds me - i must see the first MI again soon!
  12. Triple A

    The Devil Wears Prada

    guilty pleasure. made me love emily blunt.

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