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  1. Data Discs selling Ikaruga vinyl on Saturday. Really nice art prints with this one.
  2. Oh you spirit lifter you! I'm at the point now where I hope AMD give them a good hiding next week.
  3. So an e-mail I got from SCAN today said I've gone down 2 places in a week within my queue, to no.25 - at this rate only three months or so to go then!
  4. Gamersheek now sending e-mails out to some of those who pre-ordered with them; Hey, We wanted to send out an email about the Playstation 5. Unfortunately we were not allocated enough consoles to fulfil every order and we did our best to allocate as fairly as possible. If you are receiving this email that means that we are unable to confirm your console for launch. We are in constant conversations with Sony and we will continue to try and get a console for you as quick as we can. As with all retailers the demand for consoles was astronomical and t
  5. Gutted that he left the Fortnite train, and is now sniffing around after the next big craze game, cos he likes money. I’m not sure he’s coming back for the right reasons.
  6. Today's dick-teasing update from SCAN; 20/10/20 - Today we have received shipments from ASUS and MSI for both RTX 3080 and 3090. We will be shipping these out by the end of the day. On top of those we have also added 6 new confirmed shipments to the tables from EVGA, GIGABYTE & ZOTAC covering this week and next week. We continue to chase down the outstanding TBC shipments to give you the best information we can. Thank you for your patience and support. I await my e-mail with bated breath!
  7. In an additional dose of irony, some of the listings have photos showing Supreme stickers next to the GPU box. You know, Supreme, that brand-du-jour of those-who-like-to-scalp.
  8. resetera pointed me toward this nifty twitch page - but, does anyone know if there's an equivalent for Europe or UK stockists? (yeah i know, 'stock'ists lol)
  9. Given this about 30mins or so after going in relatively cold, aside from seeing some rave review scores and a few screenshots. It’s pretty special even after playing for just a little bit. I'm being bombarded with brilliant ideas!
  10. Yeah, gives you a notification that you can't have it, when in the basket screen after adding it
  11. Robo did a massive fart that looks like Murphy, and Lewis got taken by surprise by it.
  12. I reckon I just missed out with scan’s last delivery. Of course their next delivery’s timing is tbd
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