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  1. stoofle

    Your Retro Grail Items

    Only composite from what I remember
  2. stoofle

    Pokemon Go

    The "excellent throw" research gets you a ditto this time, so worth tracking down.
  3. stoofle

    Synths and Similar - an electronic music gear thread

    Glad you're enjoying it, there's plenty to be exploring with the two of them together! I'm trying to convince myself that I don't miss it.
  4. stoofle

    Synths and Similar - an electronic music gear thread

    I started with the 0-coast and really enjoyed it, but quickly went full modular so it doesn't get the use it should do. I got it to pair with my minilogue partly because of the different approach to synthesis. I was thinking of selling it if you're considering getting one!
  5. stoofle

    Master System Appreciation Thread

    I think almost all PAL games run fine at 60Hz with few exceptions. Most notably for me, the New Zealand Story doesn't run properly on a modded MS. It does however run fine at 60Hz when run on a megadrive with MS converter. I have a spare master system 2 with a switchless 60Hz mod if you're looking to buy one!
  6. stoofle

    Pokemon Go

    Really? That sounds odd. I managed to do the same on my very first 5* raid (articuno) and tapping on the gym after clearing space took me back to the catch screen.
  7. stoofle

    Pokemon Go

    Walk 10km with an eevee as your buddy and earn 2 candy (the two candy is important, bonus candy distance events mess it up), and then if you evolve it during the day you get an espeon, and an umbreon at night. Eevee must be your buddy when the evolution takes place, but you can walk the 10km, switch to another buddy Pokemon for a bit, then switch back to eevee when you want to evolve it.
  8. stoofle

    Splatoon 2

    I expect Bob Loblaw will be on Sheldon's case about the name pretty soon. It's probably up on his law blog already.
  9. The mythical Pokemon (mew, celebi, jirachi, etc) are only ever available as event Pokemon. They did a run of all of those last year, but you should grab them when they do them again. This year's legendary events are helpful if you want to get both cover legendaries bit only play one of each pair. With shinies it's just up to you really. Again, some of the shiny legendaries can't be encountered in standard gameplay. Pokemon sun and moon don't have a national dex, but bank does so you might prefer to keep them in there if you're paying for it long term. The bank dex shows you your completion across any games you've used with it.
  10. stoofle

    Synths and Similar - an electronic music gear thread

    I started out in synthesis fairly recently with the monologue, and whilst it was lovely in lots of ways I sold it for a minilogue. The lack of polyphony just felt too limiting given that it was my only instrument at the time. The only thing I've really missed is the ability to transpose a sequence with the keyboard. That was about 6 months ago and I've since gone full modular, so be careful!
  11. stoofle

    GameCube Appreciation Thread

    Only if they make it with tiny discs the size of two pence pieces. As for Japanese games, Mr Driller Drill Land is brilliant. It's got 5 fun variations on a theme plus standard Mr Driller, but the whole thing is super polished. There are issues with save files on non-Japanese consoles though, so it's worth checking how your chip handles that.
  12. stoofle

    Pokemon Go

    Tap on the quests icon, and swipe over to the side that says 'special research '. There are 8 stages to do. Some of them you'll have done already (get gold on a certain badge, get to a certain level) and complete as soon as you get them, but others such as catching a ditto need to be done after you've reached that stage of the research.
  13. stoofle

    Pokemon Go

    Its not the best water type, but its not far off, and it's quite nice and bulky. It's also one of the nicer gen 3 designs so yeah, i think it's worth it
  14. stoofle

    Pokemon Go

    I guess it could be useful to save them if you won't be able to quest some days but don't want to slow up your progress along the chain.
  15. stoofle

    Pokemon Go

    The chain doesn't break if you dont claim for a quest on one day day, it just gives you stamp on the next day after that you complete a quest.

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