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  1. mash


    Loved this. But then again I am a sucker for diabolical conspiracy thrillers. Reminded me a lot of Rosemary's Baby.
  2. Cheers chaps. Decided to check this out based on this thread. It's great, getting Lost vibes, which is no had thing. Also like the fact each episode is only 20 minutes or so, it means I can binge on them without being knackered in the morning
  3. mash

    Your retro youtube videos

    I bought HOTD on Japanese import with black lightgun when it first came out. Probably the most disappointed I've ever been. And this is from someone who loved the original iteration of Daytona
  4. mash

    2001: A Space Odyssey

    Why is it a 12 ? Original rating for 2001 was U
  5. mash

    SOLO: A Star Wars Story

    Guardian gave it a very positive review. Looking forward to it.
  6. mash

    Game On - "Tea Martin"

    Neil Stuke was a better Matthew than Chaplin. Chaplin didn't make sense, far too good looking to be considered a loser struggling to get a shag. The writing was better in the 1st season though, don't really remember what happened after that. Where does the time go? I was in uni when it came out now I'm middle aged.
  7. Just finished this as well, it was flipping great. Whilst it works as a standalone you owe it to yourself to have watched Karate Kid first. loved the way it subverted the original with Johnny being the poor kid and Daniel living the life of priviledge. I also liked the fact there wasn’t the distinction between who was good and bad, both were flawed and capable of being assholes.
  8. mash

    Bad films with terrific music

    It’s a great film, I prefer it to Tarkovsky’s version. Which is a bit gruelling to watch tbh
  9. For me the soundtrack was probably one of the best things about Suspiria, it evokes such a brilliant atmosphere of dread. Can’t see how they’ll match it. Where the original can be improved is in the plot, there’s that really clunky bit where Udo Kier gives Jessica all the shot she needs to know and then a couple of scenes later it’s all over. It’s all rather abrupt and feels rushed.
  10. mash

    Fahrenheit 451 - HBO remake

    Hmm, not sure about all the technology and fighting scenes, the book was quite sombre, the trailer makes it look like a Joel Silver production.
  11. mash

    Altered Carbon - Netflix Cyberpunk

    Haven't read the book which would probably explain things, but how did humans get to the stage where they had stacks built into their bodies? Is it an operation done when young? or are we grown in factories ala Brave New World? And if it was a post birth process then why have the religious people got stacks?
  12. mash

    Sega Saturn for Beginners

    I doubt whether the Neo Geo could have handled the Xmen vs games as well as the Saturn. The Neo Geo's strength was it's monstrous memory.
  13. mash

    Movies of the 90s

    I thought Chungking Express was relatively well received, it got stellar reviews if I remember. Anyhow count me in the fan club as well, it's such a fabulous film. Who didn't fall in love with Faye Wong after watching that film?
  14. Didn't get one on launch. Couldn't afford one. Managed to get one when they did the 1st price cut which was May 97. Also managed to get Mario 64 from some bloke outside Electronics Boutique for £20. Evidentially he tried to sell it to them and they'd offered him a pittance. If memory serves me correct this was round about the time of the general election in 97. As I remember staying up all night playing Mario and keeping tabs on how Labour were doing
  15. mash

    Panzer Dragoon Saga - Disc One

    Yep. It's the first full disc. Got it back in the day from Sega Saturn Magazine, loved it, and continued my adventure on the full release. Sold it for £30 to CEX soon after. Saw it recently on sale in the Tottenham Court Road branch for £280. I did wonder if it was the same one I sold all those years ago,

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