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  1. Goose reviews

    Hi Goose, if you have Amazon Prime video could you please give us your thoughts on Beyond the Seventh Door. Thanks.
  2. General chatter - discuss anything here

    Here's a good two player game thread: I bought Patchwork and Jaipur based on recommendations in that thread and really enjoy them both. Splendor and Biblios both play up to four but I think they work best as two player games. Splendor has a decent app too. You can play all of those within half an hour/forty five minutes. Onitama and Hive will probably be my next two player purchases, both are quite highly regarded and come rllmuk recommended iirc.
  3. General chatter - discuss anything here

    Didn't receive any board games for Christmas but I bought Fungi for my housemate - He owns a piece of woodland and forages for mushrooms and enjoys card games so it seemed a good fit. Catan: Cities and Knights for my gf (who introduced me to the hobby) - Catan was her first proper board game, she's competed in the tournament at the UKBG expo in the past, and I knew C&K was her favourite expansion. Codenames: Duet for my dad and stepmother - They love word games and aren't particularly competitive. and King of Tokyo for my ten year old nieces - They don't really play board games and I'm trying to get them into them. They fucking LOVE it.
  4. The Watchtower - A thread for all comics

    I got some nice stuff for Christmas: Monograph is beautiful (obviously) and ENORMOUS, which I wasn't expecting. Looking forward to re-reading all of my Chris Ware books once I've worked my way through it, some time in 2021.
  5. Guess the film from the screenshot

    The Ward?
  6. Fever Ray

    I really like it! Although A Part of Us is a bit nothing and IDK About You hasn't quite grown on me yet (but I think it will). Fucking love Mustn't Hurry.
  7. Guess the film from the screenshot

  8. Guess the film from the screenshot

    American Graffiti?
  9. Rainbow Six Siege: Free Weekend Live! Play now!

    This is £12 on Steam btw. Is there a character limit for thread titles?
  10. Rainbow Six Siege: Free Weekend Live! Play now!

  11. Best New Music of 2017

  12. Best New Music of 2017


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